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10:52AM | 08/16/18
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I believe this flooring was discontinued about a year ago. I need 650 sq ft so 38 boxes. Anyone?


03:48PM | 10/14/18
Just wondering if you ever found some. I started my kitchen and didn’t realize they discontinued it. Now I’m trying to figure out what I should do.


09:14PM | 10/21/18
I have 25 cases, debating if I"m going to use or go with something different. May be interested in selling. let me know if interested


08:03PM | 10/24/18
I need 11 boxes wasn’t able to finish my kitchen I’m in a pickle anyone have any ideas


03:55PM | 10/27/18
Does anyone know when they actually discontinued it?


07:01AM | 10/28/18
I would love to buy a box! I’m 6sq ft short! I would be happy to pay store price plus shipping.


09:42AM | 10/28/18
If anyone has more, we really need about 240sq ft. We did half our space, thinking we would have time to save up and then finish the rest. And they DCed it! I’m devastated :-(


06:45PM | 10/29/18
Just found out they don't make it and started a kitchen and addition need 300 sq ft worth. Any ideas?


01:03PM | 10/31/18
I also need just one box and am willing to buy it if anyone has any available!!


05:56AM | 11/08/18
I found three boxes at Lowe’s on discount. I didn’t realize they were totally discontinued until after the purchase. They are up for sale.


02:52PM | 11/14/18
If anyone has a box up to 4 boxes for sale please call 260-388-1275. Leak ruined an area. Thanks


09:08PM | 11/18/18
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I have 23 boxes. Willing to sell. Buyer must pay shipping. Let me know. In Tennessee - close to Chattanooga.


01:31PM | 11/23/18
Wbsherlock—-still have available?


01:33PM | 11/23/18
Buddy-still have available?


05:50AM | 11/27/18
Looking for 5 boxes. Please let me know if you still have available to sell.


02:30PM | 12/09/18
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I need 1 to 2 boxes, will pay your cost for each box, shipping and your time.


11:01AM | 12/10/18
Looking for 20 boxes or will sell 3 boxes. Contact


06:19AM | 12/21/18
Hello all. Looking for 8 boxes. Anyone still have some available? Thank you so much. Water damage to mine. If you have some available and looking to sell please email me at


06:20AM | 12/21/18
Hello all. Looking for 8 boxes. Anyone still have some available? Thank you so much. Water damage to mine. If you have some available and looking to sell please email me at


01:41PM | 12/23/18
Hi. I’m looking for 2 boxes. Did you happen to find some? Thanks. Todd 609-610-8298


07:48AM | 01/09/19
Looking for a few boxes of this Pergo Max Manor Hickory. Please contact me at if anyone has any to sell.

Thank you!


06:18PM | 01/11/19
Have a couple boxes I would sell


09:50AM | 01/13/19
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I as well started a floor last year with this floor, started other half yesterday and I am 2 boxes short. if anyone has for sale please call Brian @ 757-325-7841,thanks


01:58PM | 01/16/19
Hey I'm about 20 square feet short. Anyone still have any? If. So please call me (Mike) 2089966399 or email me at


03:15PM | 01/17/19
I need about 221 square feet of Pergo Max Manor Hikory if anyone have this amount or more please call me @ 719 231-1243 or e-mail me thanks in advance.


10:39AM | 01/28/19
Looking for 3 boxes of the HS manor hickory. 2057530870


11:55AM | 01/28/19
I need 2 boxes. Hs manor hickory. Email:


11:56AM | 01/28/19
Do you still have the HS Manor Hickory?


01:55AM | 01/30/19
Looking for two boxes. Anyone?


11:01AM | 02/03/19
I'm looking to buy 15 boxes of hs manor hickory. Putting an addition on and need to match up. If anyone had any please call 607 244 6466. Or email


10:53AM | 02/11/19
Hello all. Does anyone happen to have an extra box they’re looking to sell?
Thank you


07:07PM | 02/14/19
Anyone in Texas have any?


08:54AM | 03/04/19
In need of 3 boxes.


08:55AM | 03/04/19
In need of 3 boxes please email at


07:38AM | 03/06/19
I need 4 boxes. Please email


06:12PM | 03/07/19
I need two boxes please call me manor hickory
9316295800 Tennessee thank you in advance


08:12PM | 03/23/19
In need of 1-2 boxes. Please email me if available
Thank you in advance.


09:35PM | 03/24/19
I have 3 boxes just found out it was discontinued and can't finish project with this I'll have to go with something else contact if you're looking to purchase


05:39PM | 03/27/19
I have 2 boxes of pergo hs hickory 8 mm laminant planks. 1 boxvhas been ooened but all planks are there. You can email me at if still needed.


09:46PM | 04/04/19
We need as little or as much Pergo Max HS Manor Hickory laminate flooring that anyone has. Please! We have water damage. We will buy whatever they have. Please call Jennifer at (501) 278-1891 or email Jennifer @ if any one has any.


01:46PM | 04/15/19
I need 4 boxes of Pergo Max Manor Hickory. If anyone has them please contact me at 727-244-9150, or Willing to pay retail and shipping.


11:14AM | 04/22/19
Anyone out there have extra hickory manor? We’ve done half of a space and didn’t realize it was getting discontinued, we need 350 square feet. If it’s out there...
Message me at- or



12:40AM | 04/28/19
If anyone still has any Pergo Max Handscraped Manor Hickory laminate available for purchase, please let me know! You can email me at H_RobinE@ I'm willing to pay full retail plus shipping or come pickup if you're within a few hours of Chattanooga, TN! Thanks -Robin


06:14PM | 05/03/19
Has anyone had any luck finding the closest match to Pergo Max Handscraped Manor Hickory laminate? We've done both our upstairs hallways, and want to add into the bedrooms, but it's now discontinued. We can go with something very close to it in color texture, has anyone been successful finding a close match?


04:52PM | 05/08/19
In need of this product! Please email me


04:52PM | 05/08/19


06:53PM | 05/08/19
Need 4 boxes. Ohio


12:59PM | 06/12/19
I am also looking for 3 boxes. call me at 443-694-0234 if you have any to sell.


03:35PM | 07/25/19
I need 4 boxes if anyone has some. Please email me at


10:37PM | 07/30/19
I have 6 boxes left if anyone needs I’m willing to sell


03:07PM | 08/16/19
To: BV019920

Do you still have the 6 boxes of the pergo hs manor hickory available?


06:46PM | 08/23/19
Looking to buy some. Email at


12:08PM | 08/25/19
Need 2 boxes of Handscraped manor hickory please email me if you have it. Thanks!


08:37AM | 08/26/19
Need 2-3 boxes of manor hickory please, email


04:21PM | 09/03/19
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We are almost done with our Kitchen remodel. We bought this house a year ago and didn't realize that the flooring was discontinued until a few days ago when we went to find 3 more boxes. We are desperate to find some (or we would have to replace three full rooms). Will pay for shipping! Thanks so much! call 509-869-2105 or email


09:18PM | 09/07/19
I have 10 boxes available. My daughter decided to go a different route with her project, has been in my spare bedroom since we purchased it. Email Mike at


04:12PM | 09/24/19
I am in need of two boxes. Will pay for boxes and shipping. Please contact me at 309-657-1450.

THANK YOU and I hope to hear from someone.


Text or call


05:36PM | 10/09/19
I’m searching for Pergo hs manor hickory. I need 3-4 boxes. Does anyone have any left?


07:49PM | 10/10/19
@bvo17900, can you email me at
If you still have the pergo hickory manor

Thank you


07:53PM | 10/10/19
I'm in Ohio, I need 2 boxes if anyone has any to sell. Email me at

Thank you


07:54PM | 10/20/19
Need 1 box if anyone has one they don’t need figure shipping to 97499 and I will get with you about were to send it thanks in advance


10:32PM | 10/29/19
I was lucky enough to locate two boxes at the Brooklyn, Ohio Lowe’s store. When I called they had 15 boxes and shipped them to me in Arizona for Free. (They are not on the floor they are in the back) The people I worked with were beyond nice. If you are able to get a box please pay it forward to someone else and post how many the stores have left.
Thank you and I wish everyone luck on finding the Pergo hickory Max.


10:34PM | 10/29/19
I should also mention it did take about 3 weeks to get them.


12:00PM | 10/30/19
I'm also in need of 6 boxes. Will gladly pay original price plus shipping. Been looking since April of this year. Would greatly appreciate a call and offer! My phone number is 850-225-9007. Email is Thanks so much.


08:36PM | 11/20/19
I need 9 boxes. Please email me at Will purchase and pay shipping.


06:12PM | 01/24/20
I have 11 boxes of this flooring for sale. Purchase price plus shipping! Message me if you are interested!


09:11PM | 01/25/20
I am looking for 2 boxes of hickory manor 8mn Pergo max. If anyone has any please message me!


09:19PM | 01/25/20
I am looking for 2 boxes of hickory manor 8mn Pergo max. If anyone has any please message me!


09:28AM | 02/09/20
Member Since: 02/09/20
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looking for 2 boxes of pergo max manor hickory to finish floor if anyone has any will pay full original price and shipping ty


05:29PM | 02/10/20
Have 9 boxes available. Contact 865-765-6407 if interested.


06:58PM | 02/16/20
any one have any flooring


09:06PM | 02/25/20
I am still looking for 2 boxes of pergo max HS manor hickory! Please reach out if you have some! I keep missing! 518-495-4758 or willing to pay!


03:49PM | 03/10/20
Member Since: 03/10/20
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I am looking for a few boxes of Pergo max HS manor hictory Item # 636287 Model # LF000777. Had a leak and need to repair a small area. Live in Florida, but will cover shipping.



05:07AM | 04/02/20
In need of this flooring to finish bedrooms. In Chattanooga area. Please email me if you have some at


08:47PM | 04/06/20
Looking for several boxes of the HS manor hickory. Anyone have any available? We’re located in Florida


09:31PM | 04/07/20
I have 4 boxes of this flooring For sale let me know if anyone still needs it. I am in Missouri


03:36PM | 04/13/20
Hi there- am looking to purchase a couple boxes of flooring. Am located in KS.


12:54PM | 04/15/20
Hi, do you still have any boxes remaining? Looking for 1 or 2 boxes..Thanks


01:23PM | 04/15/20
Not sure if anyone still needs any Prego max handscraped manor hickory, but I just replaced the floors in my house and have about 330 sf. It was only down for about three years.


01:26PM | 04/15/20
Continue of BV022139

I live in SC close to the Charlotte NC area.


08:25AM | 04/16/20
Bv022139. Please reach out to me or 8432970677


08:25AM | 04/16/20
sorry 8432970678


10:39AM | 04/16/20
Hi I am looking for 6 full unopened boxes of the pergo handscraped manor hickory flooring #636287 LF000777 to do a kitchen floor repair. All 3 boxes must be same lot please. Please contact me if you have any for purchase @ I live in eastern PA.
Much appreciated, Cindy C


10:41AM | 04/16/20
Edit BV022145 all 6 boxes need to be same lot


04:22PM | 04/20/20
I’m in need of one box please call 276-233-5040


04:26PM | 04/20/20
BV022139 I saw you post and am
In need of this flooring you Have please call
Me at 276-233-5040


09:20AM | 04/23/20
I need 1 box of floirong and also need the piece that goes into a doorjam to separate from another room. Does anyone have any they can ship?
Email is Thanks


12:43AM | 05/15/20
I am in need of like 2 or 3 cases of this flooring for a repair. Does anyone have some they would like to part with.


02:23PM | 06/21/20
BV022139 Do you still have any of this flooring available? We are doing a kitchen remodel and addition and are very interested in purchasing! Email is


12:25AM | 07/08/20
Anyone have any flooring still available?.please email me. Could really use 1 box for hallway repair Thanks. Email: please help. GF is getting frustrated.


10:17PM | 07/15/20
I have 31 boxes available for sale. I purchased them when we were remodeling, but everything took longer than expected. Would anyone be interested? I am willing to ship, but would really rather ship it as a single lot.
Please email me at if you are interested in the entire amount.


03:55PM | 09/07/20
I am in need of 2-3 boxes of handscraped manor hickory. If anyone has any please contact me at Just need it in good condition. I live in Florida. Thank you


02:35PM | 10/17/20
Hey I am looking for some Pergo flooring #636287. 8mm. LF000777 if anyone has any I would like to purchase them please email me at


07:43PM | 12/04/20
Hello. I know its been a while since anyone has replied to this thread but I have 21 boxes and won't be using it. Willing to sell. Let me know.


08:37AM | 12/22/20
@BV023956 I'm looking to buy. (All 21) Could you email me price details?


09:53PM | 12/28/20
Hello BV023956 Are these 21 boxes still available ?


04:14PM | 12/29/20
Hello I am looking for some Pergo flooring #636287 8mm LF000777. I will need approximately 20 boxes. I’m located in KS. Does anyone have that many boxes available? Please email me at Thanks!


08:57AM | 01/07/21
Looling for 1 box Pergo manor hickory to finish my living room floor. Contact me at will pay shipping also. Desperately need it!!! Terri H. THANKS EVERYONE!!


09:11AM | 01/07/21
Terri email Typo error on my last post. Looking for 1 box but will buy more if available. Will pay all shipping costs also.


09:24AM | 01/07/21
Please contact me at or 570-394-4696


09:37AM | 01/07/21
Please contact me at or 570-394-4696


08:28PM | 01/09/21
Looking for some boxes if anyone has any available. Will pay to ship! Please email me at Thank you!


10:08AM | 01/16/21
I am looking for several boxes of Pergo HS Manor Hickory LF000777 #636287 please contact me if you have some to purchase


10:10AM | 01/16/21
I am looking for several boxes of Pergo HS Manor Hickory LF000777 #636287 please contact me if you have some to purchase


04:03PM | 02/13/21
I need about 20 boxes if anyone has it.


03:21PM | 02/26/21
Folks - I need one box and happy to put your kid through college if anyone has one. Contact -


08:38AM | 07/04/21
I am looking for 2 boxes of Pergo Manor Hickory laminate along with stair nose to do 10 steps. I did my living room a few years ago and want to match my steps. I can go with something very close to it in color texture, has anyone been successful finding a close match? Please contact.


06:05PM | 07/07/21
I need 10 boxes please if anyone has any email


08:26PM | 07/08/21
I have 420 Square feet of Pergo HS manor Hickory laminate flooring for sale. Email if interested.


04:16PM | 08/13/21
I’m not sure if anybody happens to have two boxes extra, but I’m willing to pay for it and shipping! The floor installer measured incorrectly and now I only have half of my living room done! Please help!


04:18PM | 08/13/21
My email is if anyone can help with those two boxes. Thanks!


08:40PM | 08/15/21
I have 17 boxes of used HS Pergo Manor Hickory Flooring. Email if interested.


05:08PM | 08/26/21
^5 boxes left. Email if interested. Shipping out of Columbus, Ohio.


02:49PM | 10/30/21
I am looking for about 10 boxes of manor hickory #636287. Does anyone have any?
Please contact


02:23PM | 12/13/21
Looking for 5 boxes. Please contact me at


08:28PM | 01/17/22
I need two boxes if someone has some please text me 8438588442


05:39PM | 02/26/22
I need one box and I am will to pay shipping.
It’s manor hickory.
Please email me if you have any


06:08PM | 05/20/22
Model LF00777 #636287
HS Manor Hickory Flooring
Made in the USA

We are selling 292.00 SF
If interested, please email


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