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08:11AM | 12/03/01
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I need to drill a hole in each corner of a piece of plexiglass that I have. I tried doing it this weekend but the plexiglass just broke off at the point where I was drilling. Is there a special way to do this? I tried going real slow. Thanks.


11:30AM | 12/03/01
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Dear Indiana,
See your request under paint and plaster,


03:20PM | 01/07/03
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yes there is a you have to start with a small drill bit and work your way up to the size hole you want..second you can't drill to close to the edge or it will break everytime...i would go in about 1/2" or so from the edge and drill there...


04:07PM | 01/07/03
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Did you make sure your bits are sharpened? I had that problem just a few weekends ago. As soon as i sharpened the bit it went right through with no trouble. Or try cutting the piece of plexi about 3 inches too big, and then drill the holes where you need them and then cut it down to size.


03:40AM | 01/08/03
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How big a hole are you trying to drill? As stated above you may need pilot holes if it is bigger than 1/4". I have drilled plexi many times. It drills similar to wood. If you go too fast it sort of melts. Drill a bit and pause a couple seconds, drill some more. Make sure your bits are sharp.

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04:17AM | 01/08/03
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Also, make sure there is something solid (like a wooden board) under it for support as you drill.

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02:53PM | 01/09/03
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At work we use a ssoldering iron to make our holes! Smell bad for a while but no cracked plexiglass!

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