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07:14AM | 09/08/02
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Well I've bought an older home recently, it was born in 1962, it is a great house and I love it! I've lived in the home as a renter for 2 years before purchasing it, and I considered this a plus..I know exactly whats wrong with this house. My first renovation project was to have the old central heat and air ripped out and replaced. I decided on a nice Rheem system. I searched for contractors that dealt with Rheem products, after reseaching the BBB, and checking those ref. I felt sure I was getting a good deal. Thats is until they were here 3 days. The lack of professionalism I have dealt with is outrageous. They fell through my ceilings 3 times, never covering the holes before leaving for the day . As I find out when I come home from work. The helper of the installer decided it was too hot in the attic so he turned my old unit down to 50 degrees to cool the attic I'M guessing. My electric meter was singing. Well I turn off the unit because it has frozen up. I live without a/c for the weekend because of these holes in the ceilings (that I have now covered with plastic) Did I mention I live in Texas? AKA hell? I don't use the unit because it only works over time to compensate for the draft in the 3 holes. These are not small holes either, the smallest is 2x2 feet, the largest 3 1/2 x 4 foot. Okay this job was suppose to take 2-3 days, well they've been here nearly a month. A few days ago I decided no more work will commence until I see the owner of the company (which by the way I have had a hard time finding) The supervisor of the job "doesnt know how to reach him" I ask him for a cell number he only states "I know it but I dont , does that make senses?" Ugh NO I state. Anyway he tells me the owner will meet with me on a Tuesday, ok I think, this is great, I will get something done here. Tuesday comes and goes and so does Wednesday (yes I called to see where he was, supervisor says he doesn't know) Well, loosing all faith in the compnay I call the Rheem distributor for this area. I'M concerned about the quality of work, because now, my new unit is freezing up every day. Okay, Now the owner decides to call me on Thursday and tells me he will be over with "another guy" to check the system. Turns out the Rheem dist. guy is concerned also and wants the owner to meet him at my house to inspect the work done by his company. They come, they inspect and things are corrected. The owner is extremely agitated at me (I know why) As he walks in my front door I ask him what happened to our appt. on Tues. and Wed.? Why didn't you call to reschedule? He only states "I'm here now what does it matter?" Guys, it only goes down hill from there. I did however loose my southern manners at that comment stating "I have dealt with your employees incompetence for 3 weeks, I have damage to my home, my electric bill has increased $100.00, and I have been held prisioner in the home all day everyday for 3 weeks because I couldn't leave your employees alone for fear they might wreck the place, and buddy I dont need your attitude on top of it." This didn't phase him. I have gone through every employee at this company I believe, three fired for the damage and the others, well I have eliminated them as we go due to improper installation of product, unsatisfactory work etc. Now my concern is how do I recover from the damage they caused? Do I file on them through the Ins, or do they have to? The patchwork they did on the ceilings is horrible, I have 1/2 inch seams, in some spots the tape bubbled, and they didn't even finish out some work. I found on my roof that the vent pipe they installed was never secured? the flashing never nailed down or sealed it was 6 inches above the roof, it was just dangling there.
( I fixed that because it was suppose to rain) What should I do next, the owner of the company has told the supervisor the job is finished? The owner is "out of town" Geez my gas meter is apart? they have some gage on it, it isn't reassembled? Is this dangerous? My only light in this tunnel is the fact I haven't paid them a dime yet. Did I tell you the owner made a sarcatic comment as he left "I guess I bug you for the money you owe me till its fixed" I said "well I would hope not!" Geez, what do I do now, someone give me some advice. Oh, did I tell you the owner turns out to be an attorney? It just keeps getting worse. So much for the BBB and checking those references.


07:59AM | 01/15/03
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Wow! I thought my situation is bad! Ripped off for $12,500 by contractor! Now in lawsuit. Filed Civil Court 8 counts including fraud.
As far as I can see you have only a few choices. First I would file complaint with the "FTC" and "BBB." May not help you but, atleast may prevent someone else from making same mistake.
Find a new contractor to correct mistakes. As I see it your throwing good $ after bad keeping these guys around. Then I would sue! Even though owner attorney, he still has to answer for his employees actions. Could get expensive. If you don't want to do that, do what I said. Get it done by someone else, put it behind you.
I doing my remodeling job myself. Never intended to, have no choice. I know this is probablyt not what you wanted to hear but, best I could do. Good Luck!


09:05AM | 01/18/03
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You are all fired up as any proper Texas gal should be over something like this!

The only solution I can see, in the face of incompetance like this is;
Documentation first
Notification second
Repairs third
Payment never maybe

Photos and notes to show the judge or arbitrator
You've already gone the second mile in notification IMO but it is normal to certify a letter to him stating that he will have it all finished and fixed to your satisfaction within seven days or you will take such and such action.
Then you hire someone else to do it right. You deduct that cost from what he thinks you owe him. Do it right and he won't owe yuou anything.
Then file a claim in small claims court against him for ruining your home and life. First to file always has a leg up so don't wait for him to file against you for non-payment.

Breathe easy. You will have used the money that was going to pay him to fix things so you aren't out cash other than the aggravation. With luch you can recoup something for that before the judge.

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