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01:56PM | 03/03/03
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Hey all

Phone jacks in house on one number Had 1 jack wired for separate number for computer

Got dsl cancelled 2nd line and now that second line jack only has dsl no dial tone so now fax machine doesn't work....

NID has one junction labeled Data and has orange/white and white/orange wires connected Other connection labeled line 2 and has red and green wires connected

How do I go about getting a dial tone on this dsl jack?

and why doesn't it get a dial tone since I have to have filters on my other jacks for answering machine and phone ? I understand that they both run through one line at different frequencys hence the filters, but I don't get how this one jack only gets dsl while all others seem to have both

Confused in Portland

Thanx in advance


Jim D

11:15PM | 03/03/03
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Jim D

11:17PM | 03/03/03
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Vikky - hi, I don't have DSL and no experience with it (too rural to get DSL yet), but maybe I can help you a bit with what I do know...

You said you now have the DSL service running to the jack that used to be the second line in the house (for computer modem use). All the other jacks have some sort of filter device to allow your answering machine and phones to work.

If I understand DSL correctly, it's a broadband type of service that can carry both data and voice at the same time on the same line. The data side is always on, which is why you don't get a dial tone. The filters on the other jacks basically stop the data parts of the signal from reaching the phones and answering machine. The lack of the filter on the old computer modem line is to allow the DSL signal to reach the keeps you connected to your ISP at all times. (They advertise it as an "instant-on" connection.) You must have added a special/new modem card to the computer for it to accept the DSL signal. It looks only for DSL and "ignores" the lower-frequency voice signal (including the dial tone).

Is the fax machine you're trying to connect a stand-alone box or is it built-in (a circuit card) inside your computer? Either way, you won't get a dial tone to it unless you run a separate line, with filter, to it. That means it'll also be on the same line as your phones and answering machine. If you're trying to avoid that, then I'm not sure what you'd need to do. I don't know if the fax/modem cards inside computers have upgraded enough to work on DSL lines or not (my computer at home has only a modem card).

You probably need to contact the DSL provider and have them explain how you can get your fax machine working on the lines installed inside your house. If you don't want it on the same line as your phones and answering machine, you may have to reconnect the 2nd voice line you used to have. If you put it on the same voice line as the phones, then one of those interface boxes that routes the call to the proper device (phone or fax) will probably be needed.

I hope this helps you some - good luck! Jim D/Heathsville, VA


12:41PM | 03/04/03
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Hey Jim
Thanx so much for your advice and your time
Bear with me since I can't read your post and have reply screen at same time... can I ?
any way... Yes the dsl and phone are all "in" /on the same wires ( that's why you don't need separtate lines...) and the filters get rid of the dsl "static" on line for phone & answering machine...
These are all in living room and computer and fax are in office. Here in lies the problem... separate rooms separate jacks

The fax/scanner stands alone and runs off a computer program. it all ran well with it's own phone line then I got dsl. this one jack was the one that had its own number. got rid of number and only have dsl... when i unplug my dsl modem and plug in phone= no dial tone

I have a dual connector..that goes into phone line. I plugged it in and plugged modem into one and fax and then phone into other...nothing
Plugged modem back in and it runs fine

Jim D

11:44PM | 03/04/03
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Vikky - you may be able to read this reply and see what you're typing, depending on your screen font size. I set my to the smallest setting (with the monitor in 1280 x 1024 resolution mode), and I can scroll down enough to see your reply while typing. (It's down below the reply area that I'm typing in now.)

Anyway - if I'm following you correctly, your fax/scanner is connected to your computer, probably on a USB port or maybe by a serial cable (9 pins). It used the old 2nd phone line that you had turned off when you had DSL installed. However, was the phone line connected to your computer or to the fax/scanner? I suspect it was connected to the modem card in the computer, and that's how the fax could make and receive calls. The software told the fax what to do while controlling the modem card. And, you've now switched from the "old" modem (56KB type) to the "new" DSL modem.

So, since that new modem is looking only for the DSL data (high freq) signal and is ignoring the voice (low freq) signal, that's why you're not getting a dial tone. You're always connected to the internet, so your computer sees the data and doesn't see incoming calls. Also, without the filter you described before, your phone's not able to see the voice (low freq) signal, so no dial tone is present.

You mentioned the dual connector (splitter?) and the test you did. When you had the DSL modem plugged in on one side, and the phone plugged in on the other side, did you see if the computer was still connected to the internet? If the DSL modem still works (you can hit the internet) and the phone doesn't, then it sounds like all you'd need is one of the filters you described before along with your old 56KB modem card. You'd place the filter between the splitter and the modem card, which would now only serve the fax machine. Hopefully, your DSL modem and your 56KB modem can peacefully co-exist in your computer. If not, you'd need someone on-site that would be able to possibly hook up other hardware (e.g., an external 56KB modem box) and make the proper connections so everything would run.

At home, I have the DirecWay 2-way satellite system and its modems are external. They connect to my computer on a USB port. My old 56KB modem circuit card is still in the computer, and it functions fine - the two systems don't interfere. I can dial out on the 56KB modem if I choose to. I did have to set up my browser to "not dial a connection" so it'd ignore the 56KB modem and use the DirecWay modems. That's why I'm thinking you can have both your DSL modem and your old 56KB modem both hooked up and make teh system work - once you put one of the filters on the line connected to your 56KB modem.

Again, I'm not DSL-literate, and what I'm describing may not easily work without some software reloading and tweaking. Your DSL installer should know how to make the fax/scanner connect and work with the voice (low freq) portion of the line while allowing the computer to use the data (high freq) portion of the line.

I hope this wasn't too confusing...and I hope it helps you reach a solution soon! Regards! Jim D/Heathsville, VA


03:50AM | 03/07/03
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It sounds like need a second jack beside the computer with a filter on it. Call your provider and ask them.


05:40AM | 03/07/03
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<i>How do I go about getting a dial tone on this dsl jack?

and why doesn't it get a dial tone since I have to have filters on my other jacks for answering machine and phone ?

Is it possible for you to trace the wiring backwards from that one jack that isn't working as you expect? Back when you were wired for two lines, which line came through on the jack in question?

Actually, just trace the wire backwards and let us know what you find. That's the first step. You have to be systematic in diagnosing this type of problem.


12:15PM | 03/11/03
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Its possible you have an unbundled loop DSL line, where it uses a dedicated pair for DSL only. You need to talk to your ISP and find out what was installed. I happen to work for an ISP and we resell SBC DSL, which no longer installs unbundled loops, but lineshare instead where you put a filter on every jack that uses the phone and no filter where the DSL modem/router is connected. If you put a filter on that jack, do you still get no dial tone, but the DSL does work on it? Wasnt quite clear on that part. You also need to find out if it is a line share what the phone number it was installed on.


12:48PM | 03/16/03
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Hi, I work for Verizon. I read your post and it sounds like you are saying...the jack that was the old 2nd line is now dead. If that is what you are saying, then you can activate it at the NID or network interface located at the point of entry on the side of your house. That is usually next to your electric meter. If you get a DSL splitter and connect it according to the directions, you can eliminate the filters at the jacks and it will work just fine. If I missunderstood your problem, you may e-mail me at and I would be glad to assist you with your problem.

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