10:17PM | 06/29/03
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I am going crazy fighting this smell issue... I bought a house 2 years ago and had some cheap contractor do a finishing of my basement. The house had prior termite problems before so this guy decided to use the copper green product on the bare wood before covering with drywall... this product says exterior use only but this guy ended up using it anyway... when I showed up at my house, it was already too late. I wanted the ceilings to look nice so they used recessed lighting...

Well, since then i've been having a lingering smell coming into the room... and it's been 2 years!!!! it drove me so crazy (and sometimes dizzy) that I decided to tear off all the drywall and clean that stuff out of the wood. I scrubbed the wood 3 times with lacquer thinner, twice with Simple green full strenght and then rinsed it... now that it is dry again, I can still smell some of that stuff and it is driving me crazy. I decided that I wouldnt use recessed lighting when I cover the ceiling but still I want to make sure I eliminate most of the odor.
I was thinking about spraying some odor neutralizer and then painting all the bare wood with BIN primer before covering with drywall and insulation again. I read that stuff is used in heavy duty fire restoration jobs and that it blocks the smell.
Is this making sense ? what is the strongest product that I can use considering that I will cover the exposed area again ?


05:38AM | 06/30/03
Hi! I hate to say that, but the only way to get rid of the smell, is to remove all the wood and start over again. The product he used soaks into the wood and stays there, no matter what you do (except sanding the wood to about half of its actual size). If you are worried about termite damage, there are now some products that are safe to you and the environment, but that prevent termites from eating the wood. You will also want to clean or throw away whatever the treated wood touched; drywall, insulation, foundation walls, etc. This product is very toxic even for exterior use (that's why it is being banned) and I can't believe a contractor used it for interior use. Consider yourself lucky that you are still healthy. I hope this will help you!


01:58PM | 06/30/03
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That is baaad news... getting rid of all the wood is not a possiblity... the whole house is built on top of it!

Now all the wood surfaces that the liquid touched were be covered with drywall. I removed all the drywall and insulation that touched it already. If you touch the wood, it doesnt smell like it anymore; it is just a little bit of smell in the air when you close the windows and doors. Can I cover all the wood with the BIN shellac primer sealer and then hide it with drywall ?



10:24AM | 08/23/09
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I am having the same problem. the company told me to wash the wood with a disinfectant. I did and it still stinks.

Anyone have any other ideas?


05:33PM | 11/08/09
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I got rid of about 95% of the Copper Green smell with the Zinsser brand

Shellac-Base Primer-Sealer, which is used to contain smoke smell. I also saw it advertised to get rid of mildew, pet odor, and other smells.


04:25PM | 07/26/11
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I know this is an old thread but this is a very current issue for me... Same issue. Copper Green in basement. Calling the company they act like they have never heard of the issue... He told me to use an air hose.. huh? This was used on the lower framing wood that nails to the concrete... The wood has all been removed but over spray has been in contact with walls and floor of my foundation. Ive tried $2K worth of Zinsser Bin Shellac and so far no help. It seems that the smell/over spray has some how gone into the pores of my foundation and I cant get rid of it.. I'm to the point where I just want to move out. Have any of you had luck resolving your issue after this much time? Im outta ideas and out of money battling this stuff. I wish they could un-invent it.

Please help !!


03:50PM | 08/18/13
We are also battling this smell in the bedrooms of our children! Our contractor used the 'improved' version of Coper Green, Green's Copper BROWN to aid in combatting mold in the walls caused by a foundation issue (which he fixed, but sprayed the GCB for good measure). The smell is killing us! Unable to move our kids back into their bedrooms; they get headaches from the fumes even after two weeks of ventilation. Does anyone know if the new BROWN version of the original is just as difficult to remediate? This is so upsetting for our family.


12:44AM | 01/19/14
Sue you contractor for being such an idiot by applying it inside the house. It says for "interior use" on the container.


08:19AM | 01/20/16
We are getting ready to close on a house. Needed subterranean termite work done boring spraying etc. instead the contractor, used by the sellers, hired an unlicensed guy a few weeks ago. Instead of boring he sprayed Copper Green Brown all over the crawl space of the house. Even had extra so he sprayed more then he thought it needed. We did the final walk through yesterday. It still smells horrible weeks later. Is there anyway to get rid of the odor? Is this newer version toxic in the crawl space? There are 2 doors leading from crawl space to homes bottom floor/mother in law unit.


11:25PM | 02/23/16
You need to first remove it with acetone then paint it with zinnser shellac based primer to lock in the smell.

I had this same problem 3 years ago when I bought my house.
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