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10:03AM | 07/20/04
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We just moved into our new home about 2 months ago. We have a 3 bedroom back to front split ranch. The middle bedroom has a strong rubber odor. I can't for the life of me figure out what is causing it. The 2 bedrooms and either side, the attic and the family room below have no odor.

We do have a screen in porch - the porch roof is beneath the windows in this bedroom. Could it be from the sun hitting the tar? The roof is VERY old and needs to be replaced. But, when I stick my head out the window - there seems to be no odor out there.

We recently had an electrician install a ceiling fan - he noticed the smell but didn't seem concerned that it was wiring.

We have a forced hot air vent - but it doesn't seem to be coming from that.

It defnitely doesn't not smell like a dead animal....

ANY OTHER IDEAS? Suggestions on how to pinpoint it?


plumber Tom

04:17PM | 07/20/04
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The only thing I can think of is if that room was painted before you moved in. You could be smelling remnants of some type of stain sealer or other oil-based paint. Smell questions are one of the hardest to answer, so I hope this shed some light on your problem. Post back and let us know if you found the answer.


05:54PM | 07/20/04
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Thanks plumber Tom...

Well we did repaint - the previous owner mentioned that the room was spray painted previously.

Also, the wood floor in this room is in bad shape (scratches, peeling poly-urethane, etc.)

Would either of those be a cause? If so, how do you correct it?


09:46PM | 07/25/04
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"We recently had an electrician install a ceiling fan - he noticed the smell but didn't seem concerned that it was wiring."

Was the ceiling fan a Hunter fan?

Hunter fans are well aware of a problem with a 'burning rubber smell' with their fans.

The problem is that there is a rubber band that goes around the glass globes of their light kits.

These rubber bands protect the glass from the turn screws that hold them in place to the light fixtures and these rubber bands also keep the glass globes or shades for rattling during fan operation.

The problem with these "rubber bands" is that they smell like burning rubber when warmed from the lights.

Hunter recommends simply removing the rubber bands and discarding them.

Been there. Done that. Got driven nuts to get the tee shirt over it.

But it is a non-safety problem that is easily ignored or corrected however you appraoch it.


11:19PM | 05/14/14
Wow. Had a Hunter installed by electrician today. Just googled "burning smell after installing ceiling fan". Thanks so much.


03:27AM | 08/07/14
I smelled a "burnt rubber" smell when I opened the doors outside tonight.
My dog woke me up about 2am this morning and I let him outside to use the bathroom. When I opened the back door I noticed a very strong smell that smelled like burnt rubber to me. I went to the front door and the same smell was detected.
I could not detect it until I opened the doors to outside.
Because of my concerns, I called 911 and reported it so the fire department could check it out.
I was kind of embarrassed, as they came and could not smell it. They even had a machine that detects certain odors and it read "0". I don't know why I am smelling this smell. Just curious.


12:46AM | 07/12/15
Same issue, smelling something like burnt rubber. I'm an electrician and I wired my basement. I took every pot light out and ran a thermal camera... Nothing. After 6 hours and pulling all the electrical apart in my basement I found it. It was a metal shelf with a rubber coating on it in the closet. For some reason it stunk. I installed it 3 years ago and it's never been an issue but we are having a hot summer so somehow the heat must be making it stink.....made in China spell. Google it!


07:04PM | 07/26/16
May be from an animal called skunk like racoon.


05:29PM | 05/23/17
This morning my hot water tank just started spewing out water i turned off the breaker box and the shut the water off adter i shut the water off i turned the electricty back on and i started amelling this burning rubber smell coming from the living i turned the breaker box back off and the smell seems to have faded but i feel a little dizzy is this connected somehow to my hot water heater?


01:26AM | 09/13/17
I noticed a burnt rubber or electrical smell in an hallway leading out to a garage. I replaced a fluorescent ceiling canister flood light in the hall as the base of the bulb had a similar odor. Then I removed some old coats from hooks along the hallway. I cleaned a ceiling fan of accumulated dust in a bathroom off the hallway. I also washed the dust off from inside two bathroom light fixtures. I sniffed all around a TV and outlets in adjacent rooms. I ran my hand over walls and outlets trying to feel for unusual heat. I evaluated the hot water heater and furnace in the garage. Finally 2 throw rugs on the bathroom floor caught my eye. I sniffed them and found my rubber burning smell. They had been washed two days earlier and dried in a clothes dryer. They are outside now. I am not sure the rugs will be recoverable but I solved my burning smell.


06:09PM | 02/23/19
My sisters breath sometimes smells of burn electronics; I usually tell her to chew gum.


12:43PM | 04/12/19
Do you have a rubber seal on your double glazed windows?. They can stink sometimes when you open a window.


06:59PM | 07/06/19
I just cut some air vents in the eaves to vent the roof and started noticing a strong burning rubber smell near the back door. Its more noticeable inside the house than outside the back door. The roof is new last year and i installed a ridge vent, so opening the eaves should draw air up and out the roof, but a smoke-test shows air draws DOWN the roof and OUT the eave vents as often as up. I can't understand what might be in the roof smelling like burning rubber except if insulation gets hot? but i'm no stranger to attics and been in some hot ones and i've never smelled anything like this before, so...where the heck is it coming from ? and what is it?


01:18AM | 12/29/19
There's a really bad burnt rubber smell outdoors. I smell the same thing from the front door and all side windows. Any ideas?


03:14AM | 06/11/20
This discussion is definetly about skunk smell. I am one hundred percent sure.


07:04AM | 06/11/20
Check if your dog was skunked. My brother called me up at 2 AM while house sitting for a friend. Said he was smelling heavy burning rubber. Call the cops, they determined the dog was skunked. We never dealt with skunks growing up. He had no idea.


04:22PM | 07/14/20
I smell burnt rubber & can't find it's source. The neurologist says it's olfactory seizures.


11:33PM | 02/19/21
It's winter, 10pm CST and im in Winnipeg Canada. We have a very strong burning rubber smell. Have not used any appliances besides the vacuum and it's fine. Just watching TV. Furnace is fine and no hot spots. Any ideas? Thanks


03:42PM | 05/19/21
Reading these replies, one guy was saying he finally found the source of the burning rubber smell. It solved my problem too. I had thrown 3 carpeted mats outside to be shaken out... everytime the sun hit them the overpowering smell of burning rubber wafted in my back sliding door. Thank you sir!! For 2 days I thought it was my ceiling fan was burning up. Right when the sun would hit my back door, the room would get hot, I turned on the fan and here comes the smells. That same sunshine was also hitting the rubber on the carpets outside. Crazy.


07:23AM | 10/07/21
Yall fuckn retarded

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