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06:33PM | 11/10/06
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I am re-doing my kitchen, and I have been given an almost new corian counter top. It is in a large U shape and I need an L shape. I will need to cut one leg of the U off, and then cut the ends to length. There will be about a 6 inch area on the front that will need to be beveled to match the existing edge. Is this possible and what tools do I need to accomplish this. (both cutting & beveling) Is working with corian similar to working with wood? Any input will be greatly appreciated.


02:36AM | 11/11/06
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I have worked with a small amount of Corian. It works fine with normal carbide woodworking tooling.

I don't like polished surfaces so I did a matt finish.

Use the ROS up through 400.

Then cut square of white ScotchBrite and used that with the ROS and some paste wax.

While DuPont does sell pieces large enough for a counter top to DIY they will allow small pieces to be sold and have a booklet on how to work it.

You can get it here.


02:38AM | 11/11/06
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07:27AM | 11/24/06
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You can cut it with a circular saw using a carbide tipped blade. A triple chip blade used for cutting aluminum or brass works best, but a standard wood cutting blade will work if you go slowly and use a straight edge to guide the saw. When you cut off the unneeded leg of the top you will expose the wood substrate and unfinished edge, since only exposed edges are built up to 1 1/2" thickness. You will need some of the cut off material to fill in where it's only 1/2" thick. For this you need color matched adhesive which you can only get from a fabricator, which may be problematic. If you don't mind the seam showing a lot you can use epoxy or crazy glue. Rout off the edge using a router and 45 degree bevel bit. Sand with a random orbit sander starting with 100 grit and finishing with 400, then a red Scotch-Bright pad. Dont use wax-it's not necessary. Good luck with this project.


10:05AM | 10/27/13
I need to cut out a 4 inch backsplash that is already on the wall.
Not enough room for a skill type saw.
Is there a dremel bit I could use?
Any other ideas?


02:35PM | 02/12/14
Need to cut a corain countertop from the cabinet it is mounted on. It would be a end piece and the refrigerator would but up to it. Carbide blade on circular saw? Anybody in the Phoenix metro area that does this type cutting?

David, Moderator

09:58PM | 02/12/14
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The best type of blade to use for cutting corian would be a triple chip. There are also special blades for corian but I am not sure if they are available in the local home improvement store. Instead of having a pointed tip they have a straight tip.
Ken: cutting a top in place will be tough. You wiAt the top of this page is a tab "find a pro". Might be helpful for finding someone reputable in your area.
Not sure about the dremmel.They do make wheel cutters, not sure how deep they cut. I would check at a home improvement store.
Just one little note: If you need to cut a square hole for a electrical box. Always drill the corners so they are not square.
Hope this helps


11:13PM | 09/12/15
HI Ken, Did you end up cutting the Corian yourself?
I have to cut a counter, front to back, so that the small end piece and the cabinet below can be removed to get an oven out of the corner of the kitchen. We then need to put it back together once the new oven has been put in. We are planning to take the sink out so that it is only two small cuts in the front and back vs. cutting across the entire depth of the counter.
Details of who your project went and what you used would be great.


09:35PM | 03/21/16
What is the best way to take off about 1/4 inch edge of a Corian countertop? Can you just sand it by hand?


09:44PM | 03/26/16
can I cut the corian with a reciprocating saw?


11:44AM | 09/05/16
What kind of router and bits do I need to make corian countertop


11:45AM | 09/05/16
What kind of router and bits do I need to make corian countertop


04:32PM | 04/07/21
always cut from the back. If cutting small amount ,use a belt sander. always use carbide cutting tools.

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