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01:24PM | 02/03/02
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While I realize that this is not a difficult problem,
I coulde use some helpful info. on this topic.
What can I use to remove old chaulk from the
area where shower doors and tub meet? Also
what is the correct product to re-chaulk the area.
Obviously I need something water proof, but
I don't want to be able to see the chaulk.
I will be asking for help in the future, as I am
starting to do a lot of projects myself. ( Useless
mate, if you know what I mean )


07:18AM | 02/05/02
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At your local hardware store they can offer you the right caulk for the job and advise which you need.
Important to get one that won't mildew, is made for bath/shower environments.


02:02PM | 02/22/02
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The best way to remove old caulk is to use a utility knife to scrape it off. You may use a hair dryer to soften it, if you want.

However, if you want to apply new caulk, the best tip is to use Windex {the plain variety).

First remove all traces of old caulk, then put in a continuous bead of silicone or tub and shower caulk. Spray Windex and use finger to push the caulk in and remove excess.

Works for the Silicone too !!

[Learnt this from a Detailer]


10:24PM | 09/28/02
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when you purchase the correct type of caulk it will probably com in both white and clear.


03:42PM | 11/24/02
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If you don't want to see the caulk and do the best job, take the whole unit out carefully. Then clean all the parts while keeping track of what goes where and which end is up.
Then lay a bead of caulk along where it attaches and re-install it into the bead of silicone. It will act as a sealer and a glue/adhesive.

If you elect not to go to this trouble and use the advice above, cut the tip of the caulking tube at an angle and as small as you can do to apply the bead to the joint after cleaning it and letting it dry. Too big a hole will cause you to apply too much caulk and you'll have a smeared up mess.


03:44PM | 11/24/02
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If you do run the bead on the surface and aren't confident about doing a clean job, get some masking tape to apply along either side about 3/16" back and then caulk. After smoothing the bead with your finger and removing the excess, peel the tape off before it sets up.


11:48AM | 02/03/03
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also dish soap on your finger will keep chaulk from sticking to your finger


12:55PM | 08/13/13
When Chauking says mold resistance does the mean will not blacken? Have a tub area that has been done twice both times Chauking has turned black.Wrong Chauking used both time? your input would be appreciated.


08:40PM | 11/19/13
You spelled it wrong, lol chauking???

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