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05:36PM | 10/10/03
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Can anyone please help? My well water stinks like rotten eggs. Is there anything I can do myself to get rid of the odor? I thought I remember hearing something about cleaning it with a bleach method once, but can no longer remember exactly how to do it. Any suggestions? Thanks.


04:42PM | 10/16/03
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Yes! You need to have your water tested as it come from the well. It may be caused by the system in your house or may just be 'bad' water from the well. Once you find out what the source of the smell is, you can treat it. Consult a water 'expert'.


07:49AM | 01/21/04
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That smell is sulfur, which a water guy told me will not harm you. if you put it in a container and let it sit out or in the fridge, the smell goes away after awhile(if you want to drink it). I would get a water softener.


05:45AM | 01/23/04
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We use a water softener and could add filtration in line if we had the same problem. We also have well water - though ours doesn't have the sulfur/odor problem, this should prevent damage to all the appliances/etc. in your home. Shop around before settling with any one water softener (or company).


06:14PM | 02/05/04
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We have a new well (dug in Feb 2003) and we have the same problem with the hot water. The well guy says iron sulphur is the problem. We have a culligan water softner and it doesn't make a difference in the odor. We've talked to several different companies and they all say the same thing. There isn't a whole house filter that will remove ALL the odor from the water although some might help. You can install a clorinator in your well head, but that won't entirely take care of the problem either. They all suggest removing the annoid (spelling) rod from the hot water heater. Of course that voids your warranty, so I'm living with the smell. We've tried shocking the well 3 times, it works temporarily but comes back. Our problem apparently originates from the fact our well is drilled on a farm, near an old feed lot, and also has a high water table. If you try filters etc, you might ask for a money back guarantee is they don't cure the problem. Good luck, and post again if you suceed so we can all learn.

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