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09:08AM | 05/19/02
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My spouse and I are at odds over putting in a dishwasher at our current residence. We're on Septic and do NOT have a garbage disposal. Can we run and operate a dishwasher on what we have now?

If so, what do we hook up to, since we don't have a disposal?

Thanks for your help!


12:08PM | 05/19/02
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Yes..You can install a dishwasher with a septic system. Largest problem with septic systems is the use of chlorine bleach. If you use bleach in the laundry,system is already in trouble. Most dishwasher detergents use bleach for cleaning agent. Try Amway dishwasher detergent. It has no bleach


03:35PM | 05/19/02
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Thank you.

So I hook the line that normally goes into the garbage disposal directly into the drain pipe then? I guess that's what I'm a little lost about... Hopefully where we purchase from will be able to install it for us.


05:07AM | 05/20/02
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I've had a dishwasher on my septic system for 16 years. No known problems.
Yes, correct about the installation question.
My only suggestion is to NOT get one of those dishwashers that advertise you don't have to scrape the dishes before washing. You don't want to knowingly put garbage in the system.

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10:54AM | 05/29/02
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installation of a dishwasher is not that tough, but if you are hesitant, then hire someone.

You can get a sink drain pipe that has a fitting on the side that accepts the drain hose from the dishwasher.


01:39PM | 05/29/02
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Exactly what I needed to know. Thanks gump!


10:08AM | 09/11/02
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Go for it, you can do it. I'd never done it before moving into our current house. Had to replace the horrid thing that was there. Take your time and follow the directions. Even though it was a PITA I can step back and say "I did it" (and probably saved $100 to $200 in the process).


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