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06:18PM | 06/28/03
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I'm remodeling my kitchen and will need to buy a new built in dishwasher. Any recommendations as to what brands or models? My budget allows about $350 for the dishwasher. The reason I'm asking is because when we bought this house we purchased all new appliances (9 yrs ago). Every single one of them had repairs that needed to be done. The portable dishwasher stopped pumping water out. The fridge doors constantly had to be levelled. My oven temperature gauge doesn't always work right. The touch buttons on the stove don't always work and the timer would go off at different times, even when we didn't set it. Sometimes it would go off in the middle of the night. So we used to unplug the stove after we used it. Its a gas stove with electric start and sealed burners. We paid a lot for the stove ($850) compared to the lesser stoves without sealed burners. (At least I think that is a lot of money for a gas stove) I never had the stove repaired, I just deal with it. The timer stopped beeping by itself for no reason so at least we can keep the stove plugged in now. I just didn't want to spend more money on that stove. This started happening about a year after I bought it. We had a repair on the upright freezer too. All of this happened within the first 5 years of ownership. So, I would like to get a decent, dependable dishwasher. We didn't buy the bottom of the line appliances; granted, they aren't stainless gourmet types, they are the basic, everyday type of appliance that the majority of people own. But, we didn't buy the cheapest or the most expensive (the stove was pretty much one of the higher priced stoves in the store though). I am almost convinced to buy the cheap ones from now on and just replace them instead of having them repaired. In fact, I bought an inexpensive washer and dryer about 20 years ago, and I still have the dryer; we replaced the washer a few months ago. So maybe my theory of buying a cheap dishwasher isn't too far off base. All I want is one that is dependable. I find myself saying that "they don't build them like they used to", which is what my dad used to say when we were kids. Its true, we do turn into our parents!


06:06AM | 07/10/03
Hi! Have you looked at Kenmore dishwashers? I have many appliances from them (a fridge, microwave, 2 vacuum cleaners, dryer) and I am satisfied with all those products, which I have for more than 15 years. I currently have a GE dishwasher, and I hate it. It doesn't wash very good, and the motor has been replaced after the first year. Whirlpool also used to make good appliances, but I don't know it it's still the case. I know Kitchen Aid used to be very good when it was made by Hobart, but now they have been bought by Whirlpool. Hope this helps!


08:41AM | 07/10/03
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Frigidaire. We've used ours every day for thirteen years and it has never needed service. Buy the kind that washes on three levels.


05:11PM | 07/10/03
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Thanks for the input. This does help me a great deal. The three level dishwashers are a good idea? I wasn't sure if it was a fad that would prove to be useless. I just started to look at dishwashers in the past month and noticed the 3 level machines. I guess I'll take a closer look.


08:09AM | 07/13/03
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Consumer Reports list these 3 best buys: KitchenAid KUDIO1lL(BL)&Kenmore 1652(2)@$520 &Maytag MDB7600A(W)@$500.BUT,if you can put up with a little noise/loading flexibility for large items, then go for Kenmore 1563(2)@$400 or Kenmore 1552(2)@$330.All washed very good. On repair history, Kenmore had the fewest second only to Whirlpool That's it from the roving appliance reporter! I have been researching everything under our consumer report subscription--We are in the process of building a house. Hope this helps. Oh, Consumer Reports found the ******* brand of dishwasher cleaner was the best--not Cascade...and don't waste your money on jet dry, etc. . .doesn't work.

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