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04:33AM | 12/17/03
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I posted last week about the unexplained dust and my dryer vent situation. I had 2 people out this week to quote re-running the ductwork.

As it is right now it comes up from the dryer for about 5 feet, 90 degree turn for 6 feet, 90 degree turn and then striaght 22 feet to the outside.

One alternative is to rerun it straight up from the dryer (the dryer is in the basement) and run it up and after making a new hole, vent it outside. It would end up venting underneath our deck.

The first guy said he could do that and he would use metal duct work, not the fliexi stuff like we have now. Quoted anywhere between 200-300 dollars.

Second guy very thoroughly inspected our current situation. He also fixed part of our problem which was a lot of duct tape that had been wrapped and re-wrapped over a part of the flexi-duct was kind of "plugging" part of the duct straight up from the back of the dryer. He patched with a metal, peel off back tape. Anyway, he said he can do the re-route but his concern was that since it would be venting under our deck we may end up with 2 problems. Number 1, accumulation of lint which after rain and other weather could result in a mildew odor. Number 2, our a/c compressor is next to the deck and could potentially "suck" in the lint and end up with a/c problems.

His suggestion was to keep current layout and replace flexi duct with metal duct. His quote for either fix was $175.

My husband wants a 3rd opinion since these 2 seem so different. 1st guy was balking about fire hazard, etc. but never mentioned problems with odor, a/c. @nd guy was actually quite impressed with the air flow out of the vent with our current situation but felt that the metal duct would improve it by about 20%.

Will you be our 3rd opinion? Oh, the 2nd guy also said he could still vent under deck if we want and run some sort of an extension to the end or the deck so that it doesn't accumulate underneath. Any help you give is appreciated. I'm hoping to get this dont before I get my ducts cleaned which will hopefully end the unexplained dust in my sons room. Thank you.


07:55AM | 12/17/03
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I myself don't think there should be much problem with mildew providing your deck is open to the air (not enclosed underneath). Vented lint may be a problem getting sucked into the A/C's condenser which could then result in reduced efficiency and may require more frequent cleaning.

BTW. An A/C's condenser should be *professionally* cleaned every 3 years or every year if your live in a high traffic area to allow it to run as well as possible while using the least amount of energy.

Were any of the people you had out appliance service technicians? If not, I suggest you call some local ones to see if they do dryer duct installations to get their opinion. A company which does authorized factory service for the brand or maker of dryer would be the best choice if they perform such work.


Dan O.


07:27AM | 01/05/04
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I'm not a dryer expert, but I do like hearing everyone else's problems. I like the idea of extending the line to the end of the deck provided you don't have a huge deck. Your current situation sounds like a long run with too many turns. Does this new way cut a lot of distance off the run? As far as the lint by your AC, I have dry leaves blowing by mine. It's never a problem. I do have to get it cleaned once in a while, but that's life.

Good luck,


07:43AM | 01/05/04
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Thanks for your help! I did have the dryer vent replaced and now it comes straight out from the dryer and out of the house under the deck. I have the Maytag Neptune washer/dryer and my dry time has been reduced from an average of 55 minutes per load to 35 minutes. I'll keep myself on watch for the lint situation under the deck. But so far I am happy. I still have the white dust in my son's room though and I had our ducts cleaned last week. Hmmm....

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