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08:02AM | 11/24/04
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We are in the process of re-modeling an old will have 2 bathrooms, one with the washer dryer in it. I have a toddler and an infant on the way so I need the brands that are reasonable in price and will last us a long time with children. We are not doing anything fancy, simple white fixtures, but we need everything brand new.

Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thank you


08:39AM | 11/24/04
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Just to clarify, it appears you are asking about bathroom fixture, rather than the washer and dryer, right?

Could you be specific about what fixtures you are looking for and the performance / use you expect. Are we talking about, toilets, sinks, shower doors, towel hangers? A clue, for those of us who need it please.



08:52AM | 11/24/04
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Also, if asking about bathroom (aka plumbing) fixtures, a better place to post the question might be in the plumbing forum rather than this appliance forum. > Ask A Question > BBS > Plumbing



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05:09AM | 11/30/04
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Sorry about that...I need new toilets, shower and tub combo for 2 bathrooms, cabinets, sinks, water fixtures, flooring...only thing i know for sure is the paint. Thanks :)


05:10AM | 11/30/04
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I actually had asked and they said to ask here....maybe i'll get lucky


10:56AM | 11/30/04
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its the taps that should be a concern. there are cheap ones that will leak in a couple of years and better ones that will last many years.possibly your local hardware store could help.

flooring can be a good quality, meaning 10 to 20 year warranty. no laminates in the bathroom unless fully glued to resist moisture.tile is ok but installation is allways important as in making sure the floor is properly screwed down to resist breaking of the grout.(flexing floor).

shower tub combo if it is one piece ,can it fit through your doors? there are good firbreglass ones that come in two pieces and bolt back together for reno's.

toilets are kind of generic. but low flow toilets can be a problem if your waste is large. 3 gallons per flush are good.

sinks and cabinate top. you can get man made (marble look) ones that are one piece and can come with a cabinate if your sizing is a stock size.

and don't forget a bathroom exaust fan. 100 cfm and perferably for less noise are the ones with a motor with copper windings and not a small magnet motor that will be noisy at 4.5 sonnes. a sonnes is quieter at the lower number like 1.5 sonnes.


05:04AM | 12/01/04
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thank you very much, i never thought about the fan or if the tub would fit through the doors...when you are doing a whole house its hard to remember every detail, thank you

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