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09:42AM | 03/05/05
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I have a 8 yr old craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener that moves in the close direction even when the door is closed. This occurs I activate the opener via wallmount or remote. Manually, the door operates binding and the senors appear to be ok. I suspect I have a code problem. Any solutions? Thanks. TD

Jim D

11:02PM | 03/06/05
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T4781FD - hi, can you please answer a couple questions about what's happening?

1. Does the door stop on its own when you close it after it's been opened by the garage door opener (GDO)? Or, does it keep trying to close after the door's contacted the floor and then open back up?

2. At any point, does the door stop and then the light on the GDO starts flashing - and you may hear a loud clicking sound?

Offhand, I'm not thinking it's a code problem...depending on the age of your GDO, it uses magnets to sense the stop points at both ends of the door's travel. The magnet at the "door closed" end may have gotten moved and the GDO doesn't sense it when the door's closing. The other thing I'm thinking of is some type of failure in the circuitry where it doesn't "see" the door open signal.

Post back with the answers to the questions and hopefully we can get you fixed up. Regards! Jim D/West Point, VA


08:28AM | 03/08/05
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On my Craftsman opener, the limits are set by adjustable contacts, that make connection to another contact, which is moved back and forth by a screw action as the opener operates. If the wire on one of those contacts has broken, it might explain your problem.


03:32PM | 03/08/05
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The GDO is 8 yrs old. I cannot open the GD via the remote or the wall unit. When I activate the GDO, the sprocket/chain travel in the close direction, even though the GD is already closed. The problem occured approx. one week after my next door neighbor and I were experiencing frequency problems...we were able to open each others GD with our wall units and/or remotes (this lasted approx. 5 days). Still need help before I buy another GDO!

Thanks. T4781FD/MI

Jim D

12:12AM | 03/10/05
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T4781FD - thanks for posting back. You said when you activate the GDO, it moves in the "close" direction. Have you let it continue to operate for a few seconds to see what it does? Does it then try to bounce back open, or does it stop its motor and the light starts blinking on & off rapidly/GDO makes loud clicking sound?

I have an old Craftsman unit at the house that's done this as well...if I let it keep traveling in the "close" direction, the unit reversed direction about 2 seconds after the door contacted the floor. The GDO pushed on the bracket and it looked like it wanted to bend, but then the circuitry sensed the door was closed/its path was obstructed and it reversed. It recently quit doing it after some drastic weather changes, and I can only troubeshoot it on the weekends...but I rarely open that door (2 car garage with 2 separate doors).

Letting the GDO operate a few seconds after the door contacts the floor may help determine if the door close limit contact has a broken wire (thanks, RPXLPX!), the magnet is malfunctioning, or if the circuitry inside the GDO is truly bad.

You and your neighbor's wall units must be wall units are hardwired to the GDOs. It is possible the interference you both experienced with each other's units could have caused the circuitry in your GDO to fail, although your unit's door obstruction circuit should've kicked in as I described it above after 2 seconds or so of the GDO pushing the door closed after the door contacted the floor.

I'd recommend examining the door limit hardware up on the GDO track/ RPXLPX stated, it could be a broken wire that's not visible from the floor, a contact that's shifted position, or something else easy to spot and fix. I'd also try the GDO again and see if it reverses direction if you let it go for a few seconds. If you see/hear something that concerns you (e.g., the bracket starting to bend out of shape, smoke from the unit, etc.), you can shut it off by hitting the remote button again. Or, you can position yourself on a ladder and unplug the unit from its outlet. Be sure to position the ladder so it's not in the path of the door as it opens. Let us know how you fare - regards! Jim D/West Point, VA

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