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04:01AM | 08/06/05
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Had a bolt of lightining hit close to the house yesterday. The house did not lose power and I do not believe the house was actually hit.

All appliances/computers OK except for both of my ***** Craftsman Garage Door Openers. When I hit the remote or use the hardwired "buttons" to open or close the garage (2) doors, the light comes on on the unit (as expected), but neither door opens or closes (i.e. there is no action coming from the motor).

Is there a reset switch? The units are 1/2 HP and manufactured in 1995. Any thoughts much appreciated!

Jim D

05:32AM | 08/07/05
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RedCat1012000 - hi, here's a couple things to try/look at. First, do you have the manual for your opener? It should have a troubleshooting section with possible hints. Second, locate the area where you normally push buttons when programming your remotes - many times, there's an indicator light there. Do you see any indicator lights flashing? How about when you try to open the door with the remotes? Finally, have you tried unplugging the unit for several minutes to allow the electronics to reset? After plugging it back in, try opening the door with the hardwired button first - if it still doesn't work, chances are your opener's taken some damage but not enough to create a lot of smoke or to cause everything to fail. Those are the things that come to mind for me right away. I hope this helps - regards! Jim D/West Point, VA


06:57AM | 08/07/05
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Thanks, Jim for the reply and suggestions. No, I bought the house used, so no manuals are available. I had tried unplugging the units (hoping for some kind of reset) with no benefit. I also did find the indicator light and it responds (blinks) when the remotes are pressed (That also turns on the opener light, but does not generate any response from the motor).

I also pulled the cover and I can see one side of the board. There are no obvious burn marks on the board. The only other item in there is a big capacitor, but not sure how to test any of this. I am tempted just to get two new units, but that’s going to be quite expensive. Might give a local repair shop a call and see what a house call runs. Incidentally, one of my neighbors openers has experienced the same fate, so maybe we can get a “package deal”.

Thanks again for your suggestions.


08:28AM | 08/07/05
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Replacement control boards run around $75 and you still might have problems in the sensors.

So unless it was a real high end version it is not worth trying to repair them.

Then you have a $75 service call. And for $150 you can get a new one if you are able to install it yourself.


09:45AM | 08/07/05
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Yeah, I think you're right. So an earlier thread on a different board. Some poor fellow spent a small fortune on parts and was still no closer to having a working opener.



03:27PM | 08/12/14
This post is old, however I would like to offer my thoughts. I didn't see anyone mention to check the breakers. I have to reset mine each time this happens. My guess is the surge in power trips the breaker and has no affect on the motor each time. Other then the power surge turns the motor active and opens up the door. Clearly the house has been affected. But not damaged. Any thoughts?

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