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07:54PM | 09/05/06
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I have recently purchases a house and am looking to buy a dishwasher. There is no where right now to put a built in dishwasher. I was wondering if it is possible to build a cabinet on wheels and turn a built in into a portable until I have the time/money to remodle the kitchen. Built in ones are much cheaper and I am having a hard time finding exactly what I want in a portable one. Any info would be great.



11:01PM | 09/05/06
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** Can I turn a built in dishwasher into a portable **

No, it is not feasible. Many portable models can however be converted to be built-in.

BTW. Just the hose attachment for a portable dishwasher can run $60-$90. I can't imagine it plus doing all the rest of the work that would be necessary would be worthwhile?

** I am having a hard time finding exactly what I want in a portable one. **

Don't they have basically the same features as a built-in model?

Dan O.

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07:34PM | 09/07/06
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We have only been able to find one portable dishwasher in black. Everyone seems to only have white. Thanks for the info though. I will keep looking for a portable one.


10:19PM | 09/07/06
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** We have only been able to find one portable dishwasher in black. **

You can find several models and at least 2 different makes at the following link.

- Black Portable Dishwashers



Dan O.

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01:38AM | 04/10/16
Yes u can turn a built in dishwasher into a portable! And it is very inexpensive and easy to do. I found a free dishwasher on Craigslist. When to ace hardware and bought a 6ft metal braided dishwasher hose for $16.99 and a faucet quick connect for $8.99. Used the original drain hose and recycled a cord and some castor wheels I had laying around and it works great! So for around $25 to $30 dollars and a little ingenuity u can have a free-standing dishwasher!


01:39AM | 04/10/16
This is what I came up with in just a couple hours.
20160410 003223 resized


07:52AM | 04/10/16
Smart Thinking!!


10:36AM | 05/01/16
I like the conversion. Other articles indicate these conversions tip when trays pulled out.

Have you encountered this? Do you have a solution?


03:21PM | 05/05/16
To prevent tipping you could install a counterweight in the back, that is what the have on portable dishwashers already. Easy solution could be concrete, barbell you don't use anymore, rock, ect. Get creative and it can be free/inexpensive the idea is that when the drawer is full it is heavier than the back of the unit so it tips over. Another solution if you don't want the counterweight could be a clamp to hold the unit in place when emptying and loading, just be sure where you clamp is strong enough


09:54AM | 11/21/16
My portable GE dishwasher is not working and I have no space to put a built in one in my kitchen. Someone mentioned that I might possibly be able to use the housing of the portable and replace it with a built in GE brand dishwasher. Is this possible?


01:37AM | 04/20/17
BV013410, Yes you can use your Freestanding Dishwasher Cabinet to install a standard dishwasher. You don't even need the same brand.
Just save your originals connectors/fittings. Try to buy a dishwasher that's the same size.


09:29PM | 04/29/20
Where do you buy a cabinet meant for this !


08:29AM | 11/09/20
I know this is an older post but I did it! It didn't fit perfectly but works just fine been using it for 8 yrs or so


07:36PM | 03/25/21
I built a cabinet from partical board put a cutting board top on the top. Wired in a 110 cord and hooked up the hoses. Easy.


04:36PM | 06/11/21
I’m just waiting for a 45cm wide dishwasher to come. I’m building a cupboard on wheels. I bought an adapter off Amazon for 15.00 to hook it to my tap faucet . We tried this with a washing machine and it works great. I will just wheel it to the sink when I need to use it.

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