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07:12AM | 08/17/07
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Our GE Profile refridgerator has had a persistent chemical smell for the past 3 weeks, smells almost like lighter fluid or a BBQ grill. The smell started before we had food in the fridge so that is not the culprit, but soon after we had our hardwood floors refinished. The polyurethane smell from the floors was strong throughout the house for 2 weeks after being refinished and has since dissapated, however the fridge still has a lighter fluid-esque odor that gets into the food, ice, etc. Could the fridge odor be related to the floors, or is there a problem with the fridge? Thanks


02:07PM | 06/19/13
I have the exact thing. After saw your post, I believe the smell caused by floor finishing.


03:56PM | 05/31/14
I have this! Did the smell ever disapate?


08:58PM | 06/05/14
I have the same problem and is not related to floor. Someone mentioned possible ice dispenser motor.


09:59PM | 07/13/15
We had our floors refinished and are experiencing the exact same thing! What did you do to fix this? We have emptied the ice tray and cleaned it out,. It's now been about a week post polly. Ice still smells!


05:29PM | 07/24/15
Has anyone determined the time frame for the smell and ice cube taste to clear? Ours started shortly after we had our hardwood floors done as well.


09:38PM | 08/10/15
Same here! Anyone knows how to get rid of smell?


08:25AM | 08/30/15
Same problem here after refinishing. Dying to know how long this is going to last.


08:50AM | 03/26/16
I'm experiencing the same thing after having floors refinished! Did anyone ever figure out what happened??


11:44AM | 04/06/16
Try a tray of charcoal in an empty fridge for a few days or a tray of kitty litter for a few days.


05:08PM | 03/10/18
after hours of searching, I found this. GOOD LUCK

The problem is the evaporator fan motor.the fan will still work but the seals inside of it are going bad and the oil from the motor is spraying on the evaporator coils then heating up making a terrible chemical starts with the ice cubes because it is closest to the ice tray then I makes its way into the freezer then the fridge.also the reason it does not make the water in the door taste bad is because the water never comes in contact with the can buy the replacement fan motor at many different websites and it is a rather simple fix.i hope this helps.


06:56PM | 06/28/18
My refrigerator has the same smell post hardwood floor refinishing with oil based poly. Since everyone seems to be expressing the smell occurred after hardwood refinishing I'm certain it is absorbing the odor from the poly. Called service tech and was told to do the following:

1. turn off the unit for two full days
2. empty ice and foods
3. wash with baking soda, soap and water
4. Leave off with all doors open for TWO FULL DAYS, no shortcuts
5. After two days wash again with soap and water
6. Change the water filter
7. Turn back on
Good luck to all


12:22AM | 10/10/18
We experienced the same smell after refinishing hardwood floors.
Did the advice the Tech gave you work?


08:56AM | 09/13/19
I recently experienced the same problem after having our hardwood floors sanded and refinished. We vacuumed behind the fridge and in all of the vent openings on the back side of the fridge. This solved our problem. Given that the majority of posters to this blog experienced this after refinishing wood floors, I suspect this unit is highly susceptible to wood dust. Hope this helps.

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