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04:04AM | 08/27/08
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Im looking for a drop in 27 inch electric range smooth top. The only one I can find is a GE coil top which is what I have and I hate cleaning it.My range is 20 some yrs old and would like to update my kitchen without cutting into my excisting cabnets.Any help would be so appreciated...Not having any luck on the Internet..


09:15AM | 08/27/08
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GE is the only appliance company making a 27" range *of any kind* and it looks like they're only available in coil top element configuration only. Sorry.

- 27" Drop-in Ranges


When replacing older built-in appliance you often have few choices unless you want to remodel your kitchen at the same time. :(


Dan O.

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03:51AM | 08/28/08
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Thanks Dan for your input I had a feeling that GE was the only one.I guess I will have to look at a remodel and quit wasting my time on something that does not excist.


09:22AM | 08/28/08
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** I guess I will have to look at a remodel **

If you do I suggest you plan on a regular free-standing range as it will be much easier to replace in the future when the time comes again.

Good luck!

Dan O.

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01:07PM | 05/31/13
help! I need a 27 inch stainless steel drop in range


11:09PM | 07/03/13
This person should consider putting in a 27in oven and then modify the countertop to install a separate 30" cook-top. This is what I am considering. The cost is more than just biting the bullet and buying the 27" drop-in but the other option of modifying cabinets would be more costly an option. I am surprise an appliance manufacturer hasn't come up with a stove that could have a full-size cook-top and a 27" inch oven to slide into these kitchens. Seems like an easy item to do then people such as us could just cut the countertops to fit this new modified style range into place.


10:20AM | 10/23/13
I have also been looking to replace my 27 inch drop in and finding it disturbing that there is nothing to choose from but also thankful to GE for at least having one. It does seem like GE or some other Manufacture would make a smooth top.


02:19AM | 11/16/13
My 20 year old Kitchen Aid slide-in stove with flat radiant top just died. Decided to replace/update to stainless model. Current "standard" size is 30" current is 27". Can only find a few 27" size, but only with electric coils. I do not want coils ever again after using the flat radiant. What are we supposed to do? Small kitchen limits remodel to fit a 30" range. Why the industry-wide size increase?


11:19AM | 12/04/13
I am having he same issue. Home Depot has a glass top drop in but not in stainlsss- just black, white and beige
I am considering a 24 inch free-standing and having my contractor add trim to fill in the sides and we are doing new counters so we can close the gap.


04:35PM | 01/05/14
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I am having problems replacing an old GE drop in range as well. It is for my mother who is 90 years old. She is legally blind but lives alone and can see enough to maneuver thru the house and care for herself. I am desperately looking for a 27inch drop in range with knobs for both stove and oven. So far I have only found one with knobs for the stove and digital for the oven.
This has been one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Why wouldn't GE carry a smooth top 27inch with knobs for all ???


12:26PM | 02/12/14
27" drop in electric range


02:42PM | 02/25/14
I have the same problem. I'm going to put in a 27-inch oven in the 27-inch spot. I'm running countertop over the oven, having the electrician put in outlets on the wall, and using induction hobs instead of a cooktop. I will also have room to use a griddle or crockpot. It gives me 27 more inches of countertop.

I have an induction cooktop at home and love it. I also don't want to buy an old coil stove, especially for the price GE charges..


03:27PM | 06/22/14
Did kitchen remodel after which my 30 in electric stove wouldnt fit..HELP PLS!!!! Contractor suggested 29" stove..Duh?!? Can anything be done with 24"? Shhouldn't the contractor have corrected the error? The stove fit before!


09:06AM | 07/15/14
I too am looking for an affordable 27" drop in electric range to fit an existing space. The GE model listed previosly is over $1200... I can't believe there are so few options.


05:23PM | 09/28/14
I have been waiting and looking for GE to come out with a smooth top 27" electric range for years and years now. When we bought our home, we didn't know the stove was only 27" wide. Not until we decided to replace it with a beautiful stove that was convection and smooth top and had two ovens. I was in love with it, and then we measured. WHAT? The new oven wasn't going to fit? I started looking, and found out that GE was the only manufacturer, and THEY DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE WANT IN A 27" RANGE. I've written them and was told that they consider a 27" range as a replacement stove for rentals, and don't believe people have them in their homes. BUT who would want to pay the price they charge for a 27" drop in range for a rental? It's over priced at most! They must make a lot of money on their old technology.


08:11PM | 07/28/15
Do you know where I can get one that's repaired?


08:39AM | 09/10/15
Instead of doing a complete remodel, keep in mind, you may be able to get away with a single cabinet change. Example: If I have an 18" cabinet on one side of the range, I may be able to replace that with a 12", stain to match and cut down the top. Now I've just gained 6" of space allowing me to go to the 30" range and save a fortune in remodeling. The difference can be made up with a cabinet spacer... Good Luck.


04:59PM | 05/18/16
Where did you find a 27 inch drop in electric range with a flat top with knobs or electronic controls? Trying to replace my 20 year old GE and running into the same problem everyone else is.


03:20AM | 12/03/16
Think I'm just gonna "bite the bullet" and get a 30" cooktop and 27" wall oven. Might be a little more expensive, but less than having to knock out cabinetry to make room for range. Also, replacement costs could be cheaper if only one appliance goes bad in future.


09:14PM | 04/21/17
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Does that work? Does the 30 in stove top fit in the space? Do you have to build some framing around the 27" wall oven?


07:56PM | 09/15/17
This is for my rental. What a dis by GE to say electric coil in only black or white is OK. I can get more for rent and make a nicer home with a glass cook top and stainless steel oven. THAT would be worth the $1300 they want. I have zero options because there is no space except 27".


01:39PM | 06/06/18
We are running into the exact same problem as everyone else. Only two 27' GE models to choose from which are coil top in black or white. Neither of these match our kitchen. We barely have enough counter/cabinet space as it is so don't want to cut cabinets out. Not really anywhere to put a 27' wall oven.
Its very disappointing that these are the only two models to choose from.


10:39AM | 01/28/19
Zoeygirl11, Lowe's can order you this range in black or white with the smooth top. I was just in there Saturday checking on the same thing. to me they are expensive. Wish you luck.


06:51PM | 02/05/19
I have a ge 27 inch drop in range. 13 months old. After running a "clean oven cycle", electronic key pad dark. unable to open oven door. no clock. oven light works and coils on stove top works.anything I can do to reboot? i tried turning off power for 5 mins. still no go.


03:08PM | 02/11/19
We have the same issue. We cant cut into our cabinets/counters without having to replace all countertops. We aren't willing to do that. Our carpenter is going to place a wall oven (sears or bestbuy oulet store ftw) and a 30 in cooktop woth a 27 inch cutout. He will build the "frame" for the cooktop to rest on and to match our cabinetry. Still spending less than the 2K GE drop in we found!


05:18AM | 02/12/19
I can pretty much guess that we're all here because we all googled 27 inch electric range! I need a drop in but I was thinking of having the wooden part on the bottom of where my current range rests cut out and the kickplate and trim removed so I can get a slide in BUT NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE makes a 27inch slide in. I'm glad to read that I'm not the only person who's also thought about getting a 27 inch single wall oven and then building some kind of base for a 30 inch cooktop. If anyone has done this and has pictures I would love to see the results.


09:51AM | 02/18/19
What did you finally do to correct your stove situation? I am in it now as I caused an electeical fire in mine while cleaning it.


10:25PM | 02/27/19
gawd FUCKS!!!


11:16AM | 12/02/19
all i want is a 27 inch drop in, in black, just a GE product. Only problem i have is where i buy it, will they set and install?


01:37PM | 12/28/19
Home Depot will not remove or install.
I ordered what I thought was a 27 inch drop in but turned out to be a 30 inch. So beware when you google 27 inch, because when it comes up it is in cubic measure. Deceiving!


07:54PM | 02/07/20
Summit makes a 27" 5 burner smooth cooktop.


12:39PM | 06/21/20
I am here just like the rest of you. I just purchased my retirement home. Problem is the 27" drop in horrible coil top. I haven't used one of those since my first college apartment! Nasty! I have granite countertops as well. I would settle for a ceramic/smooth top. I had induction in the home I sold. I did NOT find anything but the GE coil drop in. I think I will bite the bullet and have the countertops and cabinets modified for a 30". If I did the wall oven and cooktop I would have to modify the countertops anyway. If anyone finds a smooth top 27" I would be all over it.


08:21PM | 01/04/21
We bought a house n it has a drop in 27inch ge stove well today we went to the appliance store to find out they don’t make 27inches so now I’m going to have to remodel my whole kitchen and than find a free standing stove witch could possibly be 10,000 or more single mon of 4 kids that needs an oven to cook on don’t have 10,000 this sucks .


08:04AM | 04/10/21
Just wondering if you ever found another 27 inch drop-in range. I'm having trouble replacing mine coil or no coil.
They're just not available. I'm forced to cut into mine counters and cabinets.


08:37PM | 04/17/21
Just wondering, before I contact an electrician, anyone know what to do when you have a 27 inch range connected to a junction box? Home Depot won't install it because it doesn't plug in like a damn toaster. So I refunded my $1600 range for the time being cuz I'm pissed at my home's architecture


08:10PM | 08/15/21
I have the same problem. Have you found anything?


08:12PM | 08/15/21
What is the best answer? I have the same problem.

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