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06:30AM | 02/03/03
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I have an old small (about 15'x20') post and beam type barn that is quite a bit out of square (12-18"). I need to try and straighten it in order to make it's usage safe.

Any ideas? I had thought to try pulling it square by using a come-along or two. I would drive a long post into the ground at an angle, attach the come-along to the post in the ground. Then attach the other end of the come-along to the top of the barn beam/post and gradually pull it straight. When/if it gets straight, block it with some cross type bracing. The barn has three posts, and I had also thought to use a towing strap to connect the other two the post being pulled straight.

Does that sound feasible or just plain crazy?


04:56PM | 04/10/03
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It sounds feasable. One thing is that I would consider is using some cross bracing once the barn is straight. Its nice to see someone trying to preserve their barn. around where i am most people just tear them down and start over. Best of luck!


09:57AM | 07/12/10
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I have a 30 x 60 foot barn with a slight list in two directions. The lower plate in the SE corner is gone 10 feet in each direction. I plan to jack it up and support it on a temporary beam in that corner. Replace the lower plate and put in new 2x6 studs then attempt to gradually pull it back with cables and straps at each corner on two sides, going to and through timbers lagged on the inside and outside of the top plates, over posts that pivot off of the foundation and down to posts. I too plan to use a come-along for applying the force. If I get it straightened I'm thinking of using some heavy OSB screwed onto the inside walls at the corners.


10:20PM | 04/28/19
Did it work? I have a 30x40 down about a foot and listing. Would like to straiten and level. All say it can’t be done. Pole barn, no concrete

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