02:15PM | 01/30/06
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January 30th, 2006 06:17 PMGosh that sounds like alot of work. I have tunnels EVERYWHERE! I wish I could just pay someone to do it right.


We had tunnels everywhere.


When I tried that first few single feeds in several tunnels to no response it mandated a rethink.

Which was successful.

Once I knew what to do I hit them all.

Walk around everyday, 1 1/2 acres, and if I missed one or there was a new one, hit it.

Last year.

Soon enough, was all done.

Methodical, consistent, Key.

Found the right sized twig to poke the holes, used it the entire run, parked it under a tree when not in use.

Some things you have to do yourself.

No one will take care of you as good as you will on many counts.

Right now have to take care of animal(s) in house (wall/attic) problem.

Property was previously well balanced.

No problems.

Katrina took a lot of animal homes and ripped the house a bit.

So the homeless animals looking for homes. With us.

Possible rat, probably possum.

Got the catch em alive traps today; did see a possum come from under the deck... he doesn't live under it, likely that larger critter I heard in attic last night... Know nocturnal track, will catch the sucker.

Professional exterminator had advised poisens when he saw the insulation hanging down under the place.


When something dies in your wall as a result of the professional's advice, you know to go your own way, find out as much as you can, and grab the bull by the hor.... er, the rat, possum by the tail...

Before can close up all possible entrances/repair Katrina wind mischief, must catch... don't want them clawing their way into the house proper with normal exits closed off...

Country living, ain't it grand. Well yeah it is.

Under normal conditions all was dang spiffy.


Still is.

Just more work to it right now with the upset.

k smith

08:50AM | 02/16/06
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07:43AM | 08/14/06
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Once you have killed your grubs, the moles will start searching for food, thus destroying you yard in the process. they don't have the same boundries that people do, there is no real way for them to know where to start looking for unpoisoned soil without random search. Hopefully, they find the neighbors yard.


06:45PM | 06/28/10
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I have moles in my yard, I tell you what they are destroying everything.

I followed their tunnels and they seem to be living under the patio, the cement stoops (steps) and are tunneling all aroubd the foundation. SO, I happen to have some traps a roomate left behind and I started tracking them down. I set 2 traps tonight one right off the stoop along the edge of the foundation where it was a straight line. I also tested some of the tunnels using a 1/2 inch dowel to see how big and deep the tunnel was where I wanted to set the trap. Within 1:30 min about dusk, SNAP got 1. It was like catching fish. I had set the trap (double hoop type)very light and pushed it in - over the tunnel very carefully trying to not disturb the dirt or cave it in. Where the paddle trap relase arm touches the ground I had to cave in the dirt some. But you see, I knew it would re dig thru that area because it was a major hiway for him to get to the branch tunnels. Sure enough he came out for dinner and got a to go order.

LOL This is my first try, I read the forums on a few sights and went at it. I just took the advise I thought made sense. Now I am not saying my yard is cleared, but now I got a taste of trapping these creatures I'll be on them like white on rice.

I'll let you know how this battle goes and I have 2 acres to control.

Funny thing is the neighbors do not have moles as bad as I do.

Must be the grubs, bub.


01:27PM | 09/12/10
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When you say you used stick just plain stick to punch in soft spot where you think tunnel is? Other places say clear grass and make entry and cover back up. I have used the pellets and bought a spiker, only to find once its placed they never go that way again. Plus the spring is so tight I cannot set it myself. I can't move it if I see another spot really fresh. So how much bait did it take?



09:41PM | 09/12/10
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Hi, Just a follow up on my mole situation in my yard. As I said in my previous post, I was new to this but the moles were really tearing the yard up badly. Follow my directions in my earlier post but you have to do it daily. stomp down ALL the tunnels you can find, evry day or even better, every couple of hours if you have time. The moles will re clear a tunnel if that tunnel has led it to food in the past. Just watch for the new activity and set your trap or bait. Moles don't live in the middle of your yard folks, they just eat there. Look for them to live under a tree or a bush, sidwalk or patio of even a slab foundation. I had moles in every one of those locations. After I got the first 2 moles, I was hot after them, I was relentless and I got rid of all the moles, about 7 on 1 1/5 acres. I also put grub control down and watered it in so they didnt have anything to eat. My persistance paid off, no moles since june. If you need more details, you can find me here and ask.
563 holey moley


09:41PM | 10/03/11
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I had many moles in my yard! Only thing I found that killed them off was Talparid, sold on E-Bay! Tried Home Depot and Lowes products, think it helped them to reproduce LOL. Tried the Talparid [about $45.00 for 20 worms], but, end result, 2 boxes later no moles! By the way, had someone come in to trap them out, didn't work, and very expensive! Use the Talparid, usually only sold to exterminators!
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