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08:41PM | 09/13/05
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We just had a midnight adventure: a frog was hanging out in an upstairs toilet. Does anyone have any idea how on earth it could have gotten there or any idea as to how to keep it from happening again (my mother is extremely frog-phobic)? No windows have been open upstairs, and they're all screened, anyway. If it came in from outside, it was a long, long trip to get all the way upstairs to the toilet, and I feel sure my cat would have caught it long before it got to that bathroom.

I'd appreciate any ideas or help.


07:26AM | 10/28/05
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All houses have a sewer drainage access for cleaning, perhaps there is an opening and it got it there - OR - you have one hell of a cleaver frog on your hands!!


03:55PM | 11/01/06
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And for the record-- that frog was HUGE with weird eyes. I am a first time homeowner and have no idea where I would find my sewer drainage access. Could you please give me an idea of where to look? My two year old daughter is now afraid to go potty!


06:52AM | 04/05/07
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I have the same experience, i saw a frog right there in our tiolet bowl, i was wondering where on earth in came from..i am kinda worried of it that our septic tank might have a leak and soon a snake can enter that...

My husband don't believe me and told me i am just dreaming, but i saw it and i flushed it 3 times..


08:45AM | 05/28/07
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Hello everyone,

The same thing has happened to us this morning. The frog was about 4"x 2" squatting and I have no idea how he was able to find himself in the toilet with the lid down. I also have cats, 5 of them to be exact which as an earlier poster stated "If it came in from outside, it was a long, long trip to get all the way upstairs to the toilet, and I feel sure my cat would have caught it long before it got to that bathroom." It's the master bathroom, the furthest away from any outside door and garage and all the windows are always closed. If I would not have seen it myself I would not believe it. There has to be a logical explanation for this occurrence since it seems to be some what common. Hopefully someone with the answer will post it for our benefit. I can see how someone could be frightened of sitting on the toilet, who would know what creature could pop out at anytime.


07:16AM | 06/13/07
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this happened to me last night only it was a toad. I am almost certian that it came in through my septic. The plumbing works both ways! After falling into my vent pipe he probably followed the sounds of flowing water everytime I flushed the toilet until he found the sewer drain pipe. Then he simply followed the pipe to the source.


09:49PM | 07/22/07
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I just found a frog in my downstairs bathroom. The door was closed and there are no windows or anyway that it could've gotten in from the outside. I've read the previous postings and still don't know where to look to see if they can get in from the pipe lines. Is this just something can happen in any home? or is there something I can do to prevent this from happening again. HELP!!!!


10:55AM | 12/20/07
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Don't have an answer for you, just a sympathetic ear. We had a 2in x 3in frog appear in the toilet bowl last night; first happened 2 or 3 years ago, then again 6 mo.s ago, and now last night.

We're on city sewer and we have confirmed mesh screen on plumbing vents.

This one I flushed back down the drain; previous time I captured the dude (or gal) and tossed into backyard.

If you've learned anything since your post in July, let me know.



11:01PM | 09/01/13
It's either coming in from vent on roof or sewer pipe. Call city to have them check if their line has an opening, and cover the air vents on roof with wire mesh.


02:08PM | 01/31/16
Kids pet?


02:09PM | 01/31/16
Kids pet?


03:38PM | 07/05/16

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