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09:02AM | 02/05/07
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Help! there are holes on the top soil of almost all of my houseplants in my first floor living areas. The openings are about the size of a quarter and looks as though something has burrowed down into them. Have tried digging through to find out what, soaked with water, etc. but they eventually appear again. Any idea what this could be? Do mice do this?


07:53AM | 11/22/08
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I want to know when you find out becasue I have the same problem


09:56AM | 11/22/08
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they have been known to do leaves and dig holes in flower pots.


03:33PM | 11/22/08
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well I have lived here for 4 years and had the same plants for the same amount of time but never have I seen this until this year. We get field mice all the time and have to put traps out but had not seen any in my plants.


04:33PM | 10/04/11
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do you think it could be any type of large insect? i'm clueless.


10:42PM | 10/05/11
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My first thought was kids doing it. That's been the case anytime I have found holes in my flower pots.


02:21PM | 10/19/11
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that is a good thought danielleb. kids can do a lot of sneaky stuff


07:51AM | 04/24/12
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It seems that you have some pests in your home that do all that damage to your plants. When I had a similar problem with mice, I searched online and found a pest control company. They are specialized in bugs and pests eradication. They didn't use any substances that are dangerous to humans and I've never had mice in my house ever since.


01:17PM | 05/12/13
I have that issue with my Marigolds and Petunias outside. It's a squirrel! He has been caught eating on the Cosmos plant as well. They are fresh out from winter hibernation and they tend to go after leafy plants in the spring, then move on to nuts and seeds in the summer.


01:42PM | 09/25/13
I discovered this today. It's the end of Sept, so it shouldn't be the suggestion of a squirrel, not to mention, the hole is too small...and I have no trees around me. It isn't kids, as I have none. No cats, and the dog can't get on top of my desk. Settled the dirt and filled with water, Nothing. Any idea what it is??


01:53AM | 10/25/13
I have the same problem with holes being dug in one particular plant in my house....a couple days ago when i was looking at the holes , a mouse came up out of the biggest hole and ran off...i thought he was gone , so today i decided to move the plants into different pots...while i was scooping the soil out with a small scoop the mouse jumped right out and onto the floor and disappeared ... It seems like he was trying to hibernate in the soil...I did not know that mice would hibernate either. Since the first sighting of the mouse there has been no change in the soil at all, which is also why i assumed he had vacated the plant pot...I am taking steps to rid my house of mice!!!!


10:48AM | 07/23/17
I also had an issue with mysterious holes in my house plant at night we would wake up the next morning and there would be dirt all around the pot and these holes in their come to find out it was field mice finding a safe place to store food


07:14PM | 06/03/19
But set a trap and got no mice


01:32PM | 06/09/20
Hello! I just started finding the same thing and realized that at night, these huge Beetles that fly showed up on my back porch. I'd find them in those holes I'd find in my plant pots so I started to bring my plants in every night. I don't see them anymore. I'm sure it's the Beetles. And if it's happening inside your home, they get into mine through any open windows or if there's a crack near your AC so cover those up!


01:34PM | 06/09/20
Here's some I caught in my dad's ashtray. Hope this helps!


07:59PM | 08/01/20
I have the same problem with my outside potted plants. I put red pepper in my cactus pot ant a rock in the hole and it went to a different pot. I’d like to know what it is. So far, no damage to my plants.


07:32AM | 11/20/20
I have had flying squirrel issue ,I thought I had a ghost or losing my mind till he landed on my headboard while I was thinking he may be back. There's something besides mice doing this .

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