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08:31PM | 01/29/02
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We just had an inspection done on our house that is for sale and they found water under our house. What can be done to remedy this situation????????


04:19AM | 01/30/02
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More info on our problem:This development we live in was built on old farm land and the soil is mostly clay. It appears as though when it rains a lot (we live in Oregon) the water table rises and the water comes up from below the house. There is a small amount of water under the plastic sheet covering the dirt and some small puddles on top of the plastic. there is also some deeper (3 inches) around small sections of the foundation. What can be done to fix this problem??????? I have talked to several neighbors and they also have found water under their homes

Jay J

10:17AM | 02/01/02
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Hi arringtj,

YOu have to realize that it's really, REALLY hard to answer your question from here. I can't see what's going on.

The Home Inspector is suppose to give you estimates for the costs to 'repair' or remedy the situation. ASHI-Approved Home Inspectors do this (for sure.) If yours doesn't, ASK them, or get an ASHI-Approved Inspector.

Water on TOP of the plastic isn't good. I don't know if water is 'running' onto it from another location, or if it's the result of condensation that's dripping on it. You need to look for rot. If you see rot, run from the house! If you don't, keep looking around.

The landscaping needs to be sloping AWAY from the foundation. Gutters need to be installed at all roof edges AND they need to be properly installed. Water should be running INTO the gutter; NOT over, or behind it. The downspouts should be free and clear of obstructions and NOT damaged. They should also extend at least 3' away from the foundation.

Do you know if the house is in a flood plain? Is water draining onto the lot from a neighbor's lot? Have you asked yourself why the water is 'collecting' on your lot during a heavy rain (irrespective of the neighbors)? Talk to your Inspector and the Municipality in which the home resides to find out more about mitigation-measures and if the lot is in a flood plain.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God Bless America!

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