04:35AM | 01/29/09
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Superior walls is like anything else if you dont install it properly and follow Superior Walls guidlines you are going to have problems. I would suggest not only making sure your installation of the walls is done correctly but also make sure your builder is able to understand and adhere to the superior walls guidlines .I have but a certified installer for over ten years and done poured inplace before that and superior walls is far more superior to poured walls if done properly .The guidlines are published for a reason and if they are ignored then you are just asking for problems .The franchise i work for install foundations every day and have been doing business for 12 years .We stand behind our product and have a well trained staff. to see pics of some of my install visit this link My crew prides there selves in proper installation and it shows in our work

"Build Your Dreams on us!!"


07:34AM | 01/29/09
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I believe Superior walls should stamp/mold some of the critical install points onto their product. Once its installed, years go by and other projects get attached (and from the outside, the installer has no idea that the load may place the wall in jeopardy)... To him, he's just putting a load onto a sill plate... He didnt bid-or-plan to do foundation redesign work...


09:28AM | 06/13/09
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not having all the info you need is the problem .i think if you are going to use superior walls or any type of concrete foundation you need to have a person that is not affiliated with the company doing the install to ensure it is done properly .the most common problems with Superior walls is a improper install or not following proper guidlines.this usuallt falls to the contractor but if he dont know then how will he know it wrong. lot of peeps dont like the sealing process but if done properly it is fail safe .companys trying to save money might scimp on proper applying procedures wich allow leaks .HIRE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY BY NOT KNOWING!!!!


05:04AM | 06/16/09
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As an employee of a Superior Wall manufacturer I know just how important it is that the manufacturers instructions are followed. Our company gives the instructions to the builder and requires a signature that they received the instructions and are going to read them. It is also in the contract that they will follow the Builders Procedure Book. This Book of instuctions is given to the contractor at time of order and also put onsite by the installation crew with a sticker placed on the wall above where it is placed stating "STOP read instructions below". Our franchise is willing to be at the site during the installtion of the floor system and inspect the foundation prior to backfill for a first/second time user or until the builder is comfortable with the procedure. Unfortunately we as a producer/installer also have to depend on the builder for the type and how the walls are backfilled, how the floor system is conected, and the stability of the soil that the construction is built on. Superior Wall is no different from anything else you buy. If you don't follow the instructions during assembly they will not perform as well as they should.


05:06AM | 12/04/09
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We have a big oak tree close to the

house and a bowing-in cinder

block wall in the basement with a

long 1/4"-wide horizontal crack in it.

Outside, next to the cinder

block wall, there is a concrete wall

supporting the bricks. The tree is 3 feet away from the corner of the house.

The house stands on top of the hill, the foundation wall is about 9' tall,

so the foundation itself is deep

under the ground level at this side

of the house. There are no cracks in the bricks at all. The house is 40

years old. We had no water leaks

and the basement is dry.

Could you explain in what way do the

roots contribute to the problem?

Can they put enough pressure from the outside to make the foundation wall bow in? Doesn't the concrete outside

wall protect the foundation cinder block wall from that?

We may need to cut the tree down, but

it is likely to cost us a lot, so

I would like to understand more before

I make a decision about the tree.

What ways of solving the crack

problem would you recommend?

Thanks a lot, your help is greatly





05:39AM | 12/07/09
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I know that many manufacturers & franchise companies insist that their vendors follow guidelines. Superior walls may well get a sign off. The difference is that McDonalds will take "real action" to stop a bad franchise. I have never seen an instance when Superior walls took steps against a bad supplier. They should try to protect the end user by refusing to work with with suppliers who provide inferior workmanship. I believe it would be in their best interest in the long run. There are foundations without homes on them in south Jersey...


06:44AM | 05/13/10
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Our problem with superior walls is the local franchise that is partnered with superior walls didn't install our walls properly. We had to completely stop the build and have been fighting with them and their insurance company now for almost 8 months. Still nothing is resolved as of today. I have a lot of pictures and more info on the build website. At this point we can't even put a $$ figure on what this has cost us.
1560 our superior walls i


02:06PM | 06/21/10
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our house is 5 years old and the basement wall and garage floor that connects with the wall are both cracking and bowing. How can this be?

it wasn't cracked until this year.


10:30PM | 05/09/12
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D4Engineering - can you tell us how the installation went and if you are happy with the product? I'm about to buy a home in Raleigh with these walls and have been told they can't be treated for termites - additionally I'm concerned about the possibility 20 years down the road of problems.
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