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06:31PM | 11/20/03
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can anyone tell me if there is anything that can be done with the foundation to take oder from the house? I have a smess that seems to come from the floor occasionally in two seperate areas of the bacement.
I do not know what kind of Gas this may be but it is not good I am sure.
We are in a low area (Bottom Ground) floor has proper rock undernieth w/vapor barrior (plastic) and is tiled out with plastic 5 or 6" drain tile?
I am afriad this may be some type of a plumbing problem as well ... has anyone ever had a new PVC pipe crack under a floor?
what would not make sense one of the areas that get the smell is nowhere near sewer pips below or above the floor "aprox. 30' from any". (just thinking with my keyboard) any ideas?


02:26PM | 11/23/03
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Most of the time, smell comes from a drain of some kind. I am supposing that you have a normally placed drain in the floor. That would have an S trap under that concrete which should contain a couple of ounces of water to keep odorous gasses down. But what happens is that if the drain has not had water run through it fopr awhile, the moisutre forming the lock in th trap has evaporated, lettin air move freely,

The solution is to pour water into the trap every couple of months. If the water you use has a little clorine or disinfectant in it, the better.


04:17PM | 11/23/03
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Thank You for your reply! your right we have a floor drain and add water regularly. I figured out the problem but not well pleased it will be a little expence.
To others that may have this type of problem our floor tile has somhow been placed close enough to our leach field that when a larg amount of water goes through such as our large bath tub or wash machine there is enough movment to cause the gasses to come back up through the floor tile causing the oder yuk but glad to have figured it out.

and again thanks for you help : )

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