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02:53PM | 11/27/02
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I have just finished cedar lining a large closet where I did a lot of sanding and sawing. Now a friend of mine tells me cedar dust is very harmful to the human body--"just a couple of levels below hemlock", to use his words. Does anyone know the facts about this. Thanks



11:16AM | 11/29/02
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It depends what kind of cedar you used. Red cedar causes sensitivity in more people than white cedar.

Cedar grows in wet ground well. One thing that it has to adapt to this environment and fight the bacteria that would rot it out while still young is that it has it's own aromatic oils and some toxic compounds. cedars that grow in jungle areas of the world have more of these than those that grow in colder, drier places. These are the toxins that keep cedar fence posts from rotting and that make a closet smell nice while repelling moths.

If you didn't have a reaction to the dust while actually doing the sanding, you have little to worry about. Most woodworkers who create cedar dust learn eventually that it is good to wear a dust mask.

I have quit using Port Orford cedaar very much because it has irritated the sinuses of my crew members and it landed me in the hospital with a lung irritation that gave me symptoms like a heart attack, great pain with every atempt to breathe in.


08:58AM | 12/17/02
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Ouch! I know that feeling, had it with drywall dust, gave me flu like symptoms and made me sick for weeks. Another wood to watch out for that is extremly hazardous is ebony, its dust has the same properties as asbestos, and proper precautions must be made when working with it.


05:06PM | 12/28/02
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It's interesting. In some tabloid type magazine, I came across an artile saying that twenty substances were just added to the official list of things that are know to be able to cause cancer. it said, "some kinds of wood dust like cabinet makers use" but failed to let us in on the big secret.


08:33AM | 12/02/18
Got a cedar splinter in my eyebrow.. Caused a bad infection, along with a headache and fever.


05:33PM | 12/15/18
Breathing in any dust is bad for you, wear a good mask.


12:13AM | 03/31/19
I'm a woodcarver and my lungs have been worse since working with red cedar.


08:24PM | 05/01/19
Apparently Red cedar makes me feel dehydratred. My lips eyes nose and mouth burn. Not to mention I cant seem to wake up. Im super lethargic


12:32PM | 05/02/19
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Cedar and many of the other aromatics are in fact slightly toxic. Or I should say they contain chemicals which are toxic to humans, especially in the presence of heat, which decouples the oils from their host (the wood)


09:21PM | 07/13/19


03:57AM | 02/28/20
Yeah, it's toxic. Cost me a trip to the emergency room -- couldn't breathe after milling some cedar and then cleaning up all the dust -- the problem is exacerbated because sawing doesn't create "sawdust" but turns the stuff into a fine powder. Always wear a mask and cut cedar in a well-ventilated area.


03:00PM | 03/26/20
Just cut cedar with oil paint on it using planars orbitals and a chop saw. My head feels like it's going to explode. Cedar is garbage for carpenters


03:24PM | 06/27/20
Bath surface repair in Orekhovo-Zuyevo


04:38AM | 06/30/20
Updating enamel with acrylic in Kolomna


05:02AM | 07/09/20
Two days ago I swept up a bunch of fine, powdered, cedar dust. Now I'm home from work with acute bronchitis


01:55AM | 11/10/20
I cook some herbs for tee bay accident there was a pees of cedar tree is that OK I drink 2 cups ?


02:11AM | 11/23/20
Thanks for the info.
Random info but many of the aromatic compounds found in vegetation are created as poison to defend the trees against insects etc. Peat forests in the tropics are famous for not being decomposed by insects and detrivores because the water is so full of the oils etc that almost everything in there dies. I think the cedar is similar to this and in small concentrations is probably not terrible for humans but is worse with more exposure especially with dust. Using a good quality mask is definitely the best


02:14AM | 11/23/20
Of course excluding flowers that smell nice to attract birds and insects (those aromatics are still generally bad in high concentrations on your skin)


03:05AM | 04/19/21
I just sanded down a cedar block and feel awful.. new to woodworking and didn't know. appreciate the info

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