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06:52PM | 05/09/08
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I am concerned about my house. I have 3 windows leaking (I have a 1 story house and all 3 windows hang at the same level on the same wall). The water is coming in the TOP of all 3 windows. Below the windows we had to dig a swale b/c the slope of our yard was angled towards the house. We couldn't afford to reslope, so we were given the idea to build a swale. The contractor didn't put in a French Drain (something we just heard about) and now, we have bulging all along that back wall just above the vents (where the floors meet the crawl space). What do I do about the leaks and the bulging??? WIll it cost me a fortune??? And what kind of person does this work? I don't know who to call....

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12:47PM | 05/11/08
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if you see water coming in at TOP of all 3 bsmt windows then most-likely, on the outside of these windows you`ll have 1 or more openings at-along-around the TOP of these bsmt windows,find ALL openings and repair them correctly. There may also be an exterior opening(S) somewhere between the TOP of these windows going UP, look closely.

Sloping the soil away from house does NOT repair ANY EXTERIOR opening(s) into home. Yes, it might divert some-SURFACE water away, won`t keep ALL water away from entire DEPTH of bsmt wall,crawl-walls etc.

'IF' you have a bulging basement wall at-along-just under-near ground level then the possibilities of the 'CAUSE' include(crawl meets house/bsmt wall)...

1) the crawl space wall(s) are leaning-pushing against-towards the house/bsmt wall

2) if you have a porch w/crawl underneath (means you have a concrete FLOOR at ground level),the FLOOR could drop-settle a little towards the bsmt wall and push/lean against top of it,cause wall to bulge/bow.

3) roots from trees can also push against a wall, cause movement.

4) lateral soil pressure

You mention this bulging is at-near where floor meets crawl(near vents-top of wall i assume) so its more likely #1 and/or #2. Roots(subsurface) are always a possibility, would needs some exterior and interior pic`s to try and help a lil more.

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