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11:44AM | 07/11/03
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I have a Hampton Bay Dusk to Dawn outside light SKU#240336. I simply changed the burned out lightbulb. Now it only turns on with the switch. Please tell--why won't it turn itself on anymore!???


11:14AM | 08/19/03
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I don't know if this will help you. But I had some lights for exterior use that were motion sensored. But I could also flip the switch real fast , off and on again, and the lights would funtion as a regular light. I could turn it off and on. When I flipped the switch real fast again it would go back into motion mode.

It may be possible your photo eye light has the same feature.

Let me know what you find out.


06:24AM | 12/07/03
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I also have a Hampton Bat Dusk to Dawn coach light model #240 336 and the same thing happened to me. I changed a bulb and now the photo sensor does not work. Any ideas?


02:25PM | 10/31/05
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Has anyone found a way to fix this? I'm on my second set of three. All of them stopped working after the bulbs were replaced. They are the correct replacement bulbs. I still have the boxes so I can return them with no problem but it's a pain that rather than replacing the bulbs I have to replace the whole fixture. I say I can return them with no problem since I was told by two people at Home Depot (which owns the Hampton Bay brand name) to keep the boxes so when this happens they'll take them back.


01:27PM | 01/22/06
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Yeah, I replaced a bulb, and it burned out a few weeks later; I replaced it again, and it stayed on all day. When I got home, I changed wattages on the bulb and shined a flashlight at the photovoltaic cell to see if it turned off, and it was GLOWING ORANGE. I couldn't believe it at first, but it looked like a cigarette that was being dragged on, and the plastic melted. I ran for the switch and took it down. I'll call Hampton Bay and/or bring it to Home Depot and see what happens.


02:05PM | 01/22/06
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I've now owned 10 of these and have only had 1 which worked after a changed lightbulb. Right now I have 2 that no longer turn off automatically and 1 that is still working. I'm trying to find another photosensitive light fixture I like the look of. Once I find one that I like I'll be getting rid of these. They're not really worth the hassle or the insurance claim if one manages to burn my house down.

I had one melt which Home Depot offered a refund for with no hassle. I expect when you take that to the store you won't have a problem.


03:40PM | 09/22/06
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I own three of these lights and all of the sensors failed after the first bulb replacement. I took them all back and am now on my second set of three. Only one of these is now currently working. The best way to fix this problem is for everyone to take back their lights and ask for a refund. Home Depot will eventually get the picture that they have a quality issue here.

Interestingly, Home Depot now sells replacement photocell switches for Hampton Bay - Bar code: 0 46335 83481 for $7.90. Hmmm. Are they just trying to get another $8 bucks from us or is there a problem here. I picked one up - they're made in China so I'm not holding my breathe.


03:49PM | 11/29/06
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The dusk dawn and motion sensors stopped working after changing light bulbs. Also eating lights up very quickly.


11:21PM | 12/31/06
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When a lamp blows it can offten short circuit therefore if the switching component be it a relay or triac is not big enough to substain the extra load will become damaged. usually welded together making the new lamp stay on. Also switching filament lamps on and off regually shortens the lamp life so lamps on PIR detectors don't last that long. Acetek electrical manufacture a dusk to dawn to fit into outside lights its call Cyclops 232 and is used in the outdoor signage industry because it is reliable. you maybe able to fit this to your outside lights.
524 the answer to your p


04:10AM | 01/02/07
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WOW! I thought I was the only one!

This is freaky.

I purchased two in July, and after the bulbs blew the first time, the sensor stopped working.

I called Hampton Bay and let them know (800-749-3267), and they told me I needed replacement sensors.

I questioned and said, "Isn't it strange that they stopped working when the bulb blew out?". They thought it was coincidence.

Anyway, they sent me a $20 gift card to buy replacement sensors.

I didn't.

I just kept the lights going 24/7, changing the bulbs every so often.

Now, it's December and they stopped working altogether. Both within a week of each other.

I purchased two new ones - and while removing the old ones noticed that the sensors were BURNT! Fried! Melted!

I plan on mailing them back to Hampton Bay, or just taking them in to Home Depot (which may or may not do anything).

It can't be coincidental that others have had the same issue. Blown bulb - sensor dies - burns up.

Then stops working if you keep using it.


04:55AM | 01/05/07
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I put up the new ones I bought last week, and already one of the sensors stopped working. Didn't even work for 7 days!

What junk!


05:29PM | 06/06/07
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I'm glad I stumbled upon this borad while shopping for new lights to replace the ones I bought at Lowes. The Hampton Bay model you've all talked about was the only one I could find locally. I'll keep looking online for something a little more reliable. Anyone have any suggestions?


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07:09AM | 12/24/14
it seems the Hampton Bay brand is garbage as my new kitchen ceiling light with 2 circular bulbs lasted about 2 yrs? where the previous ceiling light fixture lasted 10 (came with the house)


03:48PM | 03/21/15
I have a wall mounted dusk to dawn enclosed security light.
My dad bought it back in da 90's from a door to door guy.
They had a guy install them!

The one in front of the house faded out last week.
The one in back stopped 10 yrs ago.

My problem is removal.
The two Phillips screw's don't do it!
Thank God for that!
But now, I can't check the bulbs!

How do you remove them?
There's a quarter size metal circle at the plastic base opening.

What do I have to do?

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09:07AM | 05/31/16
I have a 70 watt metal halite {AL 70 MH} dust to dawn light. It tries to come on but in just a second it goes off abd keeps repeating this, I replaced the sensor to no avail. How do I find out the problem ? is it the sensor or is it the light bulb.??



05:47PM | 05/31/16
Probably the bulb.


05:00PM | 02/02/20
That sounds like the ballast. Typical symtom at end of life.


02:43PM | 10/06/21
I have a 24v, 50w dusk to dawn sensor light post that has functioned properly for the past 20 years except for the last 2 months. I have went through 4 bulbs (which explode) after working for 4days or longer. I have changed the sensor and the transformer. If the wire that is buried underground was broke, I don't think the light would ever come on. What's my problem?

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