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08:20AM | 11/30/01
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Anyone have any experience with these systems? How effective are they? From the descriptions at both the Radio Shack and X10 web sites, the capablilities vs. price seem to be pretty reasonable. Any negatives?

Thanks for any insight.


07:49AM | 12/03/01
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I've used some of them, including the programmable timer unit. They work fine and do not seem to affect any other equipment. For awhile, I was controlling my water heater with it and also some tiny heating units that affect the house thermostats, allowing you to change the temp during the day when you're not home.
This was all useful to me because my electric provider used to offer discounts for usage during off-peak hours. The equipment quickly paid for itself and was relilable. Now I only use the small equipment switches for remote control of lights, etc.
The computer-controlled unit's software was based on old-level DOS, which I no longer have. There's probably an update for Windows but I haven't bothered to get it.
The timer seemed to lose a couple of minutes a month, so had to be reset now and then.

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09:32AM | 02/20/02
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I viewed one of these last night on the telly. It seems to be acceptable except for one item. Any person walking pass the entrance to your home finding the scanner posted to the gate may decide he/she may have a better need than you.
Suggest hiding this unit better than out in plain sight.


09:30AM | 01/05/03
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They are pretty good for the money. We install them. But the only problem I find is that unless you install them yourself, it costs just as much to have someone come out and do it.

Also check out (i think) they have better rocker light switches. The X-10 version are cheap and dont hold up.

And the last thing is remember if you get the camaras, even though they are wireless the still need to have power!! So they have to be near an outlet or run a long line form the transformer.



01:36PM | 01/15/03
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They're junk. They're built in china using substandard components. The setup is pretty simple but it's not a real security system.

Pick up an Ademco Lynx wireless panel from a local security system vendor or buy it online from Not much harder to install but is a real security panel (actually it's rebranded and sold by ADT too). You don't have to add monitoring if you don't need it, but have the option to later on.

It's a little more pricey, but you get what you pay for.


02:06AM | 11/03/12
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Hi there. I also used that system before but I've found something which is more effective and gave in everything I need. Head up to this link my friend..

Good Luck.

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