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07:27AM | 08/08/03
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I'm a 13 year old kid. I was supposed to mow the lawn for my dad and I accidently put gas in the oil fill tank. How do I fix this problem so it works again? What kind of oil do I put back in the tank? The lawn mower is a new Craftsman 6.5 horsepower. Please help!


08:42AM | 08/08/03
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Empty the gas out the best you can and then refill with oil that you buy from any hardware store or auto parts store.
I use the same oil that I put into my car.
Ask the folks there what they would put into a lawn mower engine.


05:48AM | 08/13/03
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Empty the gas out. Normally you use sae30 oil. Some machines use 10w30.


12:14PM | 08/20/03
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Like everyone said.... Empty the gas the best you can (safely, in an open area... meaning "alot of air circulation"). Leave filler cap open overnight to dry out any gasoline you might have left in the oil tank. Fill with what is recommended by Craftsman (Give ***** a call... they can help!), cross your fingers and start your engine!


06:42PM | 08/28/03
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There is a drain plug,don't JUST drain the gas out,yes do this by removing the oil drain plug most likely located under neath the deck (where the blade is at)then replace fill with oil,and drain again this way the oil that you refill with has the less likely chance of having gas in it.
You could do this a 2nd time too.
By the way did you start it like this when you did this?
I am curious,also how ****ed was He?
I am a dad and was just contimplating at what I would do to my son.
Good luck.


07:30PM | 08/29/03
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p issed


06:00PM | 08/31/03
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I'm betting that Dad doesn't know yet, but his has noiticed that derek has a newfound interst in mechanics and is happy about it.

Listen Derek, as long as you get the gas drained out before filling the oil again, it'll be OK, Just don't overfill the oil. These newer engines are a little confusing if you don't look carefully at the fill tops. They were desined to be easier to fill but it looks like sometimes too easy.

Want a good laugh on somebody else?

A local here bought an old VW station wagon. The wife went to town with it the next day and had to buy gas.
Now she didn't know that the gas tank in those old beasts is in the front, under the hood and the engine is in the back.

She opened the back hatch and filed the engine with gas in the oil spout. Was moderately surprised that it didn't take much but her hubby had been bragging that these old VWs didn't use much gas...

Anyway, things got exciting when she tried to start it up. The fire department was rtight up the road though so they took care of it pretty quickly.


06:29PM | 09/08/17
I poured gas all over my lawn mower what do I do?


02:12AM | 03/23/20
Light a match throw on top. should clear up the gas quickly.

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