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08:31PM | 11/03/03
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I have a professional series Craftsman 14.4V cordless drill. It is practilly in like new condition however, the batteries aren't working. They worked fine up until a few weeks ago when both started showing up as "soft start" on the charger. I've hardly used either battery. They have had less than 25 recharges. S E A R S says either the batteries or charger is bad. I hate to discard a perfectly good drill because the batteries aren't working. The replacements are as expensive as a new drill. Does anyone know how I can recondition the batteris or how I can test the charger to see if its bad? I forgot to mention that I've had the drill since the summer of 98. Its spent most of its life in the case.


05:54PM | 08/12/04
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I have the same issue as the one you posted. Did you ever figure out what the problem was?


09:31PM | 06/22/07
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i also have the same drill it comes with flash lite attachment i used it less than yours i would say around the 7th 0r 8th charge i started getting the same message on my charger it seems that everyone who has this drill we all have the same issue so what are we gonna do about this if we band together against craftsman and or sears i cant find the battery the charger or the drill but i can find older models that came out before this one for replacement parts why u think cant find a way to get directly to craftsmen always get steered back to sears

any info or ideas greatly appreciated you can call me

203 980 0110 riccio interiors


10:11AM | 10/23/07
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I went to sears website... cant purchase a replacement batt. for the 14.4V model # 114240 drill... or the batt #1311443.. sear cant match the # for a replacement.. Its the batteries I have two of them.. I also own an older 14.4V drill the batt IS NOT interchangeable.. I just got off the phone with sears parts.. I have owned mine for 18 months,,, batt last about 5 to 10 minutes after using them. this happen within a year of my purchase. SEARS need to recalled these batt and pro-rate their comsumers.


10:13PM | 04/23/08
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I had the same problem with mine. It seems that they go into this state when they have been stored for a long time. What I did was to connect a positive and negative to the battery ( 2 wires held in place with a rubber band, and recharge them with a 12v portable jump battery, then when they hit around 12.5v I stuck them into there charger and the red fast charge lite came on and they recharged the rest of the way, battery's seem to be back to normal. Hope this helps.


02:40PM | 05/30/08
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Can you elaborate on using car jump starter? I would like to try this, but don't want to blow anything up. Did you use full jump power (seems dangerous), or a lower amp charging rate, say 1 or 2 amps?


08:43AM | 11/02/08
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I've had 3 14.4v's and they don't last long. The first one I exchanged for a new one at the store($54.00) and it turned out to be the professional series which won't fit in the charger. They fix in the drill. They wouldn't take it back. Eventually the other 2 gave up,slow charging only and the charge never ends. The last straw was the charger giving out. I think I'll try the jump charge idea when I get around to it. I'll be back with an update..TFC...


05:23AM | 11/08/08
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my pro 14v drill conked batteries(2) after fewer than 100 recharges. new batteries (1) cost more than the whole kit with 2 did originally. bought 24v hammerdrill around same time and its batteries are doing fine despite running brutally-hot many times(use for drilling with hole-saws door-locks 2-1/8" holes and 4" holes in cast iron) But I am sadly disappointed and PO'd that the pro batteries were never available on the shelf and the whole slide-style battery was discontinued because I assumed they would be hanging in the battery section with the regular Diehard batteries for cordless for $30-40 with some premium for Pro maybe $50. Instead, told $85 each special order no return. For a $170 I can buy brand-name lithium-ion drill. What do I need Sears for?


07:46PM | 01/07/09
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I have a Craftsman 16.8 Professional drill that I used quite a bit and then let it sit for a while. I got the soft charge error. I used a small convertor that I had made years ago, it runs off ac but converts to dc. I'm not sure of the exact voltage but I can check that. Anyways I hit both batteries for my 16.8 drill and they both charged after that and it works like a champ now. I read somewhere else that these bateries develop some kind of crystal which prevents them from charging. When they are hit with a small dc charge the crystsls are destroyed and they will recharge again. It worked for me. I just checked the dc voltage and it is 16.5! The convertor I made is adjustable from zero to 16.5, I just went from zero to 16.5 a few times and then the batteries took a full charge.


06:49AM | 11/08/09
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Try the attached link to for the battery and charger - Battery under $40 and charger under $15. Hope this helps.!search.action?productGroup=N%2FA&partNumber=1917598P


11:58AM | 11/10/09
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That link is for "Safety Goggles" but thanks anyway. It reminded me that I need to get the charger. Not sure that I want to (I now have an 18v set-up) but the small 14.4v circular saw is better then the 18v one. TFC...


12:16PM | 11/17/09
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It seems like too many people have had bad experiences with the charging stand of the craftsman cordless drill including myself (doesn't matter what model). Not sure it's because their quality is poor or is it done on purpose so that they can sell their products more. No matter what the reason is, I'm going to boycott and stop buying all the craftsman cordless drill products from now on and also propagate it to my friends an families. It really sucks. Do you all agree?


08:24PM | 03/19/14
Hi, to revive an old 14.4 you can also use your car's battery charger. There are 4 contact point in the battery, 3 on the short sides and one on the long side of the battery. Please connect your black side of the charger to the one on the long side of the battery, then spark contact the red to the opposite one. Your car charge can be in the 30 or so start amps, do it only for about 10 seconds, then place it on your regular battery charger and you should see the red light on indicating that the battery is charging if it still doesn't wait about 30 mins and retry. Thanks,


10:56AM | 05/10/15
I had the same issue I found replacement batteries....the charger seems to be fine, light goes from red to yellow/green....but the drill still isn't working


10:13AM | 08/09/19
I've used this drill with the original 2 14.4 batteries for over 25 years, leaving one on the charger while the other one is being used in the drill. Has been the best most reliable drill I ever used!


11:16AM | 09/06/19
How long should you leave the battery charger attached if it's a trickle charger?

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