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09:05AM | 05/28/04
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I recently picked up a used craftsman 10in table saw, 113.298031. But it does not have a motor. I have access to many motors through my work, however, I need some specs on the motor, ie HP, etc, I was wondering if anyone could look on your saw’s motor tag or manual and give me the specs.

FYI. Sea****s has a replacement motor. However they want $190. Shoot, I told them that on the craftsman website, I can get a brand new table saw, complete with motor for $140. Double shoot, $199 I can get the deluxe model with roller casters and vacuum system! What are they thinking?


08:48AM | 05/30/04
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Well I did a little research and ran into a dead end on the ***** web site. They just say Motor unavailable (P/N 62618). I have had two ***** 10" tablesaws first one for 30+ years and now have a new one. Both saws had motors rated for 115/230 Volts 3450RPM. The Pulley on the motor is 2" dia. (You might want to measure the diameter of the pulley on the blade end and compute the RPM ratio so that you don't exceed the max blade RPM). As for the HP rating on the motor The first saw I had was equipped with a 1 1/2 HP motor and wasn't really up to the task if I was doing serious ripping. My new one has a 3 HP motor and works great. Anyhow the HP rating can pretty much be what you want in the range of about 1-3 HP. If you opt, I would, for the 3 HP motor just be sure the circuit you plan on plugging into can handle the load. Also be sure the motor base will fit on the saws motor mounting base. (I have configured the motor to run off a dedicated 230 Volt circuit. wiring diagram is on the motor housing).

Hope the above is of help.



06:33AM | 06/07/04
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Thank you. I went back to the guy I bought the table from and he had the motor.

Everything you said was right and if I hadn't of gotten the old motor I could have gotten a new one based on your info. It is a 1 horse so I will see if it fits my needs. I suppose I can always upgrade to the 3 horse knowing what I know now.

Just incase someone else finds this thread I will type in the motor specs for 113.298031.

MODEL: 113.12171 CAT: 1217 HP:1

RMP 3450 HZ:60 PHASE: 1 Volts: 115


S.F.A: 14 CODE: K AMB: 40C FRAME: G56Z


MFG MODEL: KS55FN-1047 MFG NO: 9793


Thanks for the resourse.



05:59PM | 06/14/04
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all craftsman tools that have a 113 code are made by Emerson Electric. their technical support No. is 1-800 474-3443 they often have parts that ***** no longer stock because the same parts are interchangeable with Ridged parts. example. I bought a craftsman miter gauge clamp for table saw at a yard sale, it was an exact copy of the one that ********** had in stock except the grip is red on Ridged and black on Craftsman. also Ridged parts are cheaper than those from ***** parts.



05:06PM | 08/04/07
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I have an small old table saw model number 113.19053 and I can't find any information on it. Does anyone know of a website that might have some information?



04:47PM | 08/06/07
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Try the old woodworking machines

(owwm ) website.


03:50PM | 08/08/07
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Thanks for the response! I will check that website out.


05:46AM | 10/20/07
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here is a link to a motor listed on eBay 4 ur saw. Check it out.


09:19PM | 01/09/09
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I have the exact table saw you mentioned in your post (113.298031). I bought this saw 29 years ago brand new. I have all the specs from my motor (original) that you would need. The saw is in its original condition except that I re-painted the table extenions, installed a dust collection port and a Delta T-2 self-squaring fence (which I really love). You may email me at: to obtain all the info you need to know from my motor.




09:56AM | 01/12/09
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my father has this table saw. I can remember being a little girl helping him make things in his shed. (Really more playing in the saw dust) He is needing the number of the capacitor to make his 1hp motor work again. It got all rusty from sitting around and not being used. He is wanting to get it working again so that he can build his grand-daughter a bed and toy box. If someone could help me out please. My email is:

Thank You


12:32PM | 01/12/09
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BRAND: MALLORY USA, 216-259MFD 110VAC, C10-109234B-170, 60 CYCLE, 235-8010K-01



04:21PM | 01/13/09
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I have owned this table saw for 30 years. I recently have been overhauling it and discovered the motor would not start. I pulled the capacitor and here is the information you have requested..

Capacitor manufacturer..Mallory

216-259 Mfd, 110VAC



$8.35 at the electronics parts store

Not sure what the long numbers were. I went to the parts counter at the local electrical supply house and gave them the manufacturer and the 216-259 Mfd (Micro Farads, measure of capacitance) and they gave me the part. Hope this helps


08:42AM | 12/01/09
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I have a craftsman table saw,part#113.298030.It has no pulleys.Does anyone Know What dia.they are supposed to be? Iknow that the shaft sizes are 5/8",and the motor rpm is 3450.but need pulley sizes for proper ratio.Anybody anywhere know?

Thanx, Sdav

doug seibert

10:12AM | 12/01/09
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The exploded view/parts list can be found by searching at:

Shows pulley(s) #44 twice.......2 1/2" diameter....

replacement/substitution still available from Sears Parts Direct

"......measure Once.....cut Twice....

throw that one away and cut a new one...."


09:29PM | 08/03/10
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Today I bought from craaiglist an electric motor (1 HP, 110 V, 3450 RPM with two shafts). I plan to make out of it a buffing machine. The seller told me that the motor runs at 3450 RPM. When the motor arrived to my house, I've checked the label on it. The label was severely damaged. I could not read anything except the manufacturer ( CRAFTSMAN) and the model 113.12171).

So, I googled "craftsman 113.12171" and found the post, posted back in 2004 by gentleman JFOSTER.

Among other things he said:

Just in case someone else finds this thread I will type in the motor specs for 113.298031.

His prophecy became reality today. HE MADE MY DAY.

Mr. JFOSTER, if you read this, rest assured, I AM REALLY THANKFUL for the motor data, you typed into the internet collective knowledge base.

Thanks again


P.S. I joined this forum just to be able to post this message


04:50PM | 11/12/20
so im repairing some damaged wiring on said motor i have everything figured out except where the bluish green wire goes , dont believe its a ground


11:17AM | 02/08/22
Hello all I have a S**** 10” table saw Model 130.298031 the pulley on the motor side has broken. Tried Sears
Arts they are discontinued. Any thoughts as to where I could go or reach out for help

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