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01:01PM | 09/20/04
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I bought a new cord several yrs ago to convert my air compressor from 120v to 220v. I never got around to it and have lost the directions on how to rewire the compressor.

I just looked at how the 120v cord is wired to the compressor. Both cords have a black, white and green wire. On the 120v wire the black and white are connected to the LINE side of the control and the green is to ground. I was thinking to use it as 220v I would uninstall the old cord and install the new one by connecting both black and green wires from the cord to the LINE side of the compressor and the white to where the green wire was connected on the 120v cord.

The model number for the compressor is 919.152294.

Am I correct or not?

Thanks, Smitty


12:17PM | 10/02/04
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CAUTION! Changing the wiring on an electric motor even WITH the instructions should not be done without a good knowledge of electricity. WITHOUT the instructions, go to an electrician or a motor shop. Changing from 120v to 220v varies from motor to motor and involves moving internal jumper wires AND/OR connecting the power wires to DIFFERENT contact points. If done incorrectly, the motor may be ruined at best. At worst, YOU may be injured. A motor can be wired incorrectly and still run BUT be improperly grounded. This poses a DANGER to anyone touching the equipment. If you are not ABSOLUTELY SURE of what you are doing, find someone qualified to do the work.


07:55AM | 10/03/04
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Some motors have the correct wiring information on the motor data plate. THERE WILL BE WIRING CHANGES IN THE MOTOR'S CONNECTION BOX. If in doubt at all about the correct wiring configuration take the motor to a motor shop or motor rewinding facility for their help!!!


08:44PM | 10/05/04
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green is protective ground. (grounded at breaker box)

white is neutral (grounded at breaker box)

black is hot line 1 (110 v) (connected to the hot line thru the circuit breaker in the breaker box)

on multi line power cables:

red is hot line 2

blue is hot line 3

normal 110 wiring uses white black and green wire colors (single phase)

normal 220 volt uses white black red and green wire colors ( 2 phase)

3 phase wiring uses white black red blue and green wire colors

there are some exceptions to this in that some 3 phase wired delta connection does not use the white wire, while white is used in 3 phase wired wye connections. 3 phase wiring is used almost exclusively in motors.

2 ophase is used in motors and 220 volt appliances such as stoves, ovens, and cook tops.

1 phase is used in normal house wiring for TV clocks toasters microwaves lights etc.


Your proposed connection will be a dead short of the circuit and will trip the breaker of blow fuses in the box.



10:49AM | 10/06/04
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I found the wiring diagram on the side of the motor when I installed the new plug cord.

I switched the brown and white wires per the motors diagram and it works just fine.

Thanks to all.


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