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04:57PM | 06/10/05
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My Dad gave me his old table saw a few years ago. It is just sitting in my garage. Someone told me it is old and could be worth some money. Can someone tell me were to find out? It has everything including dado blades. It is operational. I bought a new saw two years ago, so it is just taking up space.

Thanks for your help!


11:08PM | 06/09/09
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I have the exact Craftsman model table saw. It has been passed down to me by my father from his father. It is in great working condition except for the fact that I cannot find a nut for the arbor to tighten down the blade (ASE or metric, left or right turning). I am considering finding a machine shop to re-thread the arbor bolt to a size that I can easily acquire should the bolt ever be lost again.

You were the only result I found to my queries concerning this saw. The saw has a metal plate with the model number engraved on it, but no date. I'm curious to know if you happened to find out any information concerning this model table saw. I would love to know more if in fact you gained any further knowledge.

I'm would also like to know if your saw has a motor outside of the table saw housing with a serpentine belt turning the arbor shaft? Or perhaps this was something my father had rigged at one time.

Would love to receive a response from you. I registered to this site just so I could chat with you about this machine.

Thanks for any help.

Jon Peek


11:13PM | 06/09/09
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I noticed that you posted your message four years ago. What astonished me about the posted date of your message and my reply are EXACTLY four years apart to the date of June 10th.

Hope that's a good omen.

Reply if you can to original message.


Jon Peek

Houston, TX

doug seibert

01:45AM | 06/10/09
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OldWoodWorkingMachines has the PDF of the original manual Online.......

NO date of manufacture......

"......measure Once.....cut Twice....

throw that one away and cut a new one...."


12:28PM | 02/08/13
FYI -- I have inherited my father's Craftsman/Sears saw (103.22161), too! You all had asked a couple of questions:

1) You had asked for the date -- as near as I can figure, he bought it around 1960 +/-.

2) The belt driven motor is an original feature -- mine has that too.

In theory, Sears still sells replacement parts so hopefully I can get a fresh one, although my father probably didn't use the saw since 1962 and the belt that is on there now is "ok", but it will probably break as soon as I turn the darn thing on.

Good luck with yours!

Marty in Washington, DC


07:36PM | 08/10/16
a manual for this table saw can be found at:


02:25PM | 11/01/18
This saw was actually manufactured in 1954 I have the same one and it sits on a metal frame table with clamps the motor sits on the frame below it with clamps


10:33AM | 02/14/19
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I have a 103.22161 model craftsman table saw I bought in a garage sale. It was a bit rusty so my son and I made it a project to sand and paint it a nice old Ford style blue which looks beautiful. It is also in working condition and is a base model without much extras (I bought the miter gauge on amazon and it doesn't have an extended workspace. I was curious because you had mentioned yours came with dado stack blades and I was wondering what their specs were so I could grab one at some point. Is there a place to even buy 1/2 bore blades anymore? I have had little luck. Also if you know of any parts like a blade guard that fits, could you let me know? Thanks.


11:33PM | 11/05/19
Anybody knows what it may be worth. I have one my dad left me and it is just sitting taking up room.


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