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12:28PM | 08/30/05
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My Depth Adjustment Ring is frozen & will not raise or lower the collet, etc. How can I unfreeze it? Thanks.


07:52PM | 01/07/06
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Take it back.

I had the same problem out of box.

The one I had would turn but it was way too hard.


11:21AM | 12/26/06
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I bought both of my routers new the same day, after about twenty minutes of use in my Crastsman router table, using a Craftsman 6.5 h.p. shop vac, both my routers got stuck. I attempted to use strap wrenches to break one loose with nothing good happening. I went to sears and raised hell until I got a list of numbers to call. Sears sent it to a repair shop, and the repair person used a 36" pipewrench on the adjusting ring until he broke the motor housing (which freed up the adjuster) They wanted to charge me $69.58 for the repair, I refused and took it home. The Sears Store manager (LaCrosse,WI)finally agreed to return my money. (with receipts)

That model line has been discontinued. Saw dust in the treads of the adjuster caused the problem. I took the first one apart, but when you get to the last three parts; the aluminum base, Plastic motor housing and adjusting ring, I couldn't find a way to get it apart any farther. There is a pin under the left handle that prevents the motor housing from rotating in the base, but couldn't drill it out without messing up the aluminum base portion.

Sears has had to have had thousands of complaints on this problem. I knew I couldn't have had the only two that locked up., I think Sears needs to own up to this issue and post a 100% refund recall.


09:54AM | 01/11/09
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I also have this router and the adjustment collar has been frozen up for some time. Today I tore it apart and was able to find a way to fix it.


1) Take the black plastic plate off the bottom of the router.

2) From the bottom of the router, take out the 3 screws that look like they hold the fan guard in. These are at the base of the motor. You will find that these 3 screws actually hold the entire armature in! Remove the armature.

3) Remove the 3 or 4 screws on the top of the router holding the motor cover on.

4) Remove the 4 screws around the top of the motor housing in order to remove the field coils of the motor. Remove the field coils.

5) Remove the handles so that you can get the cord out of the way.

You should be down to the black plastic motor housing, adjustment collar, and aluminum base now.

6) Mount the base in a vise.

7) You will find a small notch in the red adjustment collar. The notch will be below the rubber grip- it's a small notch, but it should be there.

8) Using a large flat screwdriver and a hammer- hit the notch causing the adjustment ring to turn in a clockwise direction. NOTE- this will tear up the plastic adjustment ring a little bit. But a small blemish in the plastic is worth being able to use the router again, IMHO.

9) With a bit of luck, you should be able to get the motor housing to rise up. Once it stops, you can pull up on the housing while turning the adjustment ring and get the housing all the way out.

Note, I used LOTS of WD-40 during this process. I also haven't really figured a way to cause this problem to not happen again, but at least I was able to free it up.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


08:58PM | 12/29/12
I had the same problem, had hardly used the router at all. Took it part completely but still could not get it fixed, Sears was no help at all. I just threw it out and resolved not to go back to Sears.


08:13PM | 01/15/14
Here I am, 2-5 years later, with the same infuriating problem--85% through a book case project. Wasted an afternoon disassembling the router, with no luck. At least now I know I'm not the only one wrestling with this piece of junk. (I'm guessing I've had 5 hours of use with it.) 'Guess I'll follow the advice of the 12/29/12 post: throw it out.

What ever happened to the vaunted Sears "lifetime guarantee" for tools?


01:14AM | 10/06/14
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05:13PM | 05/12/18
I know this is an old thread, but I have my fathers 315.25070 router that I needed to use "Freehand" instead of on my table where I have my dewalt plunge mounted. When I could not get the adjustment to work well, I found if you remove the two small screws that hold on the round cover over the adjuster,then remove the screw that goes IN from the coarse adjustment side (watch for the nut to fall off the micro adjustment side) Pull out the adjuster/gear and now the router should lift up from the frame. If it doesn't then it is corroded between the frame and the router body (mine wasnt) . Maybe this will help someone.


02:42PM | 05/26/18
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08:39PM | 05/26/18
Try baby powder on ring...


01:13AM | 08/08/18
From few days my router is not working wifi connection has been lost due to weather and also my apple iPad stopped working and showing some application error I tried calling Apple application support They Helped me a lot to solve this issue.


12:15PM | 09/19/18


12:16PM | 09/19/18


05:48AM | 01/02/19
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nice post.


05:49AM | 01/02/19
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12:30AM | 10/21/19
It's NOT dust or dirt inside. These are notorious for not being adjustable straight outta the box. The black plastic housing on the motor is a few thousandths too large & bind up too easily. The only solution is to 'turn down' the diameter of that motor housing w/ sandpaper. Long tedious process but does 'fix' the problem w/ these routers so they work like they should. A couple of hours & works like new or it 's supposed to.


02:53PM | 03/14/20
I have found several post else where, recommended heating ring with heat gun. That worked! Now i am stuck, i can not get it turn without turning the motor. Base wont come off, can't get it turn back down without motor spinning. HELP! LOL


07:49PM | 05/16/20
Prior to finding this tread ~ I tried everything to break the adjusting ring loose from the housing and failed ~ it was locked like it was welded. I also found there’s no parts available any longer for this model. I decided to cut my losses and throw the DAMN thing in the garbage where it belongs. Btw.. it was used about 3 times :-(((.


07:50PM | 05/16/20
Prior to finding this tread ~ I tried everything to break the adjusting ring loose from the housing and failed ~ it was locked like it was welded. I also found there’s no parts available any longer for this model. I decided to cut my losses and throw the DAMN thing in the garbage where it belongs. Btw.. it was used about 3 times :-(((.


06:14PM | 08/01/20
Does anyone have a 1/4 inch collet for the above router that I can buy.
Ed Oliver


06:19PM | 08/01/20
Does anyone have a 1/4 inch collet that I can buy for a sears router.
315.269210 part no 982890-002. I can't seem to find one anywhere. The router works fine. I have a 1/2 collet but all my bits are 1/4 inch.


10:33AM | 09/18/20
This plastic adjusting ring is just about the worse piece of junk I've ever worked with!


08:35PM | 10/23/20
thanks for all the above advice....
still trying to un lock this piece of work...
will try from the bottom up,

in the meanwhile, i have the Craftsman router table. the three screws don't seem to align from the base to the table. What am i not seeing?

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