06:02AM | 11/28/05
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I do not know if this is the place that may be able to help locate the part that is bad on my Craftsman drill press.

Craftsman Drill Press - Model 137219090

Motor 8F15A20204

The motor start/run condenser/capacitor is bad and the part diagram for the motor did not list one that can be replaced! It is somewhat sad if I have to replace the motor just to fix the run capacitor, for with shipping it will cost allmost as much as I gave for the drill press!

When the capacitor blew, it obliterated the size or value, so I cannot get a replacement at the local motor shop, so is there some way that a replacement capacitor value/size can be determined so that I might buy one locally?

Thanks for any help that I can get!

Glen E. Carroll SR

[email protected]


06:13AM | 12/01/05
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Update on the drill press condenser/capacitor that was bad.

Called the six or seven S***s parts stores in a 50 miles radius to try to get some information on the condenser/capacitor that was needed! All but one said that they did not have one; the motor would have to be “junked” out by their “Technician” and a new motor installed at around $120.00! One parts man in Clearwater said to give him a little time and he would research the motor number and get back to me. He called back in about 30 minutes, gave the part number, and cost ($4.15) and that it could be ordered!

It is a shame that not all the people that were called were as helpful as the parts man in Clearwater, FL was. This is just my rant for the day, thanks


08:45PM | 04/07/07
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I've got the same press and the cap just died yesterday. Could you post the part number for the cap?



08:01AM | 08/18/07
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I have a craftsman drill press that appreas to have the same problem as the one mentioned with a bad capacitor. The info I could read off the component reads as 16mf +10 - 5 %

Maybe this will help get the partnumber you are looking for...because I need it, too! The capacitor it self does not show anyother markings other than this.


05:08AM | 08/19/07
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Sorry that I did not post the part number for the capacitor after I found it, so will post it now if anyone is still interested. The S***s part number is OR90168, cost was $4.14 + shipping. Hope this helps.


05:26AM | 04/02/15
Capacitor markings read: CBB60 SH, 16uF (microFarads) +/-10%, 250V AC.C, 50/60 HZ, -25C-85C, Po, Ningbo Halida 2002.03.
There is also a code: E193081.
I obtained a non-working drill press which hummed when powered on but did not turn. The capacitor is in a metal case with 2 small screws on the side of the motor. Separate the black plastic halves taped around the capacitor, mine had a bulge from a leak, so had to pry it off. Cut wires at crimp capped fasteners. discharge capacitor (just in case) using insulated metal tool like rubber handled screwdriver touching both wire ends, test with ammeter, should go to 0 then creep upwards, mine stayed at 0 ohms. Google search CBB60, 16uF capacitor to find replacements available via eBay/Amazon,local shop, $8-25 range, as of 4/2015. Hope it works when I order/install.


11:52PM | 04/10/15
I bought closest matching cap from online catalog, they will ship to your local store for pickup, #12N969, Dayton brand, 21-25 MFD (instead of 16MFD, closest they carry), 220-250V, crimp onto wires some 1/4" insulated crimp-on quick disconnects to attach to posts on capacitor, may have to bend disconnect 90° then electric tape over them and on adjacent inside of capacitor cover on motor, motor works like a charm. I bought two, so if a possible centrifugal switch issue burnt out the old cap, I will address it prior to installing next cap. ~ $6.50 for the cap, 2-3 hours of googling online motor diagnostics and capacitor sources, many of which are available on Amazon and eBay.


05:10PM | 04/06/16
Craftsman Drill Press 12 in. Not working. Checked voltage to the motor, good. No humming from the motor. How do I check the capacitor? It looks ok and no burned smell. How do I check the motor windings? The motor shaft turns freely. The light come on when the switch is turned on. Motor just not working.
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