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11:42AM | 11/09/04
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I bought traverse rods and there are no instructions on how to mount the brackets and the rods. The brackest are in 3 packages with screws. The rod and strings are in tact. Is there some place to get instructions on how to put the brackets and rod together? It is a right pull and a left pull that I bought. Thanks


02:46AM | 11/19/04
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I've installed a couple different brand traverse rods and they all came with directions. Overtime I've taken them down and stored them and guess what the directions are lost when I want to use again. So I've learned to go to one of the mfg. web pages. They usually have instructions under Q&A or product information. Try Kirsch or Levlor. You also can go to some of the different home improvement store web sites. They usually have how to's.


07:21AM | 12/27/04
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If you haven't hung your rods yet, post a message. I make and install custom window treatments and can tell you how to install your rods, or I can fax you instructions from a professional installers guide.



01:05PM | 06/13/09
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Yes please send instructions. Mine do not have any. Thanks


06:35PM | 03/14/10
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Yes, please send instructions. Seems easy if the layout of the brackets was given, mine didn't have any either.


06:34PM | 03/15/10
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The instructions would be great. What I am needing is how to thread the cord.

Thank you,


doug seibert

01:51AM | 03/16/10
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"......measure Once.....cut Twice....

throw that one away and cut a new one...."


07:03AM | 08/04/11
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Step 1
Measure for width:
If you have a two-way draw traverse rod—
Lay your drapery panels flat. Measure from
last pleat on one drapery panel to last pleat
on the other drapery panel. Subtract 5” for
center overlap. Flat fabric on ends forms
drapery return (this is the portion that will go
back to the wall). .

If you have a one-way draw traverse rod—
Lay drapery panel flat. Measure from first to
last pleat on drapery panel. Flat fabric on
one end forms drapery return. (this is the
portion that will go back to the wall).

Step 2
Measure for height
Two-way and one-way draw. Measure
drapery length. Decide where bottom hem
is to be ( allow 1” clearance if floor length.
Measure up from this point to top of panel.
Subtract 3/8” and mark for top bracket screw

Step 3
Put up Brackets And Supports
Attach your brackets and supports to the
wall with supplied screws. Use hollow wall
anchors if wall studs are not in desired

Wall mount—Position brackets according to
height and width measurements. Use two
brackets for two-way draw. Use one bracket
and supports for one-way draw.
If supports are included with two-way rod,
position at equal intervals. With one-way,
position supports as shown in diagram.
Ceiling mount. Position according to width
measurement. Put screws through holes in
top of pulley housing and support clip

Step 4
Push rod into brackets.
Put top of traverse rod into curved tip of
support and roll into position. Lock by
turning cam with screwdriver. On inside
(smaller) rod section, turn clockwise. One
outside (larger) section, turn

Step 5
Center Master Slides---- Two way draw Rod
If you want to change the cord to the left
side, merely pull the cord down between the
pulley wheels. Pull cord to move right hand
master to end of rod. Hold cords taut and
slide left hand master to left end. Reach
behind rod and loop cord under “ locking”
finger on left hand master slide.
Step 6
Attach cord Tension Pulley
With supplied screws or hollow wall
anchors, attach pulley to sill, wall or floor
directly below cord opening in rod.
If using pulley, pull stem up until hole shows;
slip in nail. Pull cord loop through opening
at bottom of pulley cover. Take up slack in
cord by pulling on right knotted end ( in back
of right master slide). Re-knot and cut off
excess cord. Remove nail. Pulley head can
be turned if cord is twisted.

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