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05:35PM | 03/30/04
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My 15+ yr. old redwood patio furniture has a type of "spring" grid that needs replacement. The cushions sit on top of the grid. Anyone know where they can be purchased?


01:19PM | 06/21/04
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I too am looking for the springs and metal strips for my old redwood furniture. I would sure appreciate it if you can tell me if you have found these and where to get them from.

I have a nice old lounge and summer is here!



Please email me directly:


12:01PM | 04/26/08
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My furniture is almost 40 years ago and perfect - except for the metal slats and springs.

I have been able to find the springs at a hardware store, but cannot find the metal slats.

Have you had any luck in all this time?




11:18AM | 05/27/08
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Look up metal fabricators in your yellow pages, find one that will do small orders in stainless steel. Take them samples of the orginal.

Most of the small shops will love the business.

Good luck!


08:11AM | 04/01/13
Does anyone know where to purchase these style of chair. I've had them for years and have dozens of wood screws in them to keep them going. But can't find replacements. Love em.



11:00AM | 07/19/13
You can find this material at concrete supply stores. It comes in 500' rolls and is used in the construction trade by almost every company I know of. It is called "banding", and is used to hold lumber together. It is very hard and you may need a punch to make the holes in each end. It also does not rust. I'm sure you could also just go to a construction site and ask for 30'.


02:29PM | 05/26/14
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Not sure where to find springs or metal slats but I need the cushions. Anyone have an idea on finding them? I cannot seem to find the ons that are heavy enough to be comfortable.


11:14AM | 06/02/14
This company used to make the type of redwood chaise lounges you are talking about and still stock repair parts. They also have a large cushion supply. Make sure to tell them you are looking for cushions that are sitting on top of springs.


08:35PM | 03/24/15
Are these spring backings still available?


03:59PM | 09/04/16
I have a collection of parts and intact seating pieces that I am preparing to sell.


09:00PM | 06/24/17
Looking for name of this screw for redwood chair... need about 15


02:24AM | 05/20/18
These are a little wider but worked for my set I have. Home Depot


08:27PM | 08/21/18
I used carburetor springs found at my local auto store


03:10PM | 06/09/19
lowes has the springs in various lengths


01:56PM | 06/16/19
Here you go!!! KAUFMAN, a patio parts supplier in Farmington, NY!! THEY SAVED MY GRANDPARENTS' REDWOOD OUTDOOR SET!!! They know it ALL!!! CALL! 631-465-0694, new digs at 1290 Broadhollow Road, Farmington, NY 11735. Can't say enough about them!! Thank you, Ed!!
All my best,
Deborah Earle


02:00PM | 06/16/19
Shameless plug for very helpful folk! Will post pics once I have the set rehabbed! I'm overjoyed to have found these folk!


09:39PM | 07/12/19
Please send your. New 2019 catalog on all springs and parts for all. Types of. Redwood patio furniture and a price list . Please send it to Frank Wheeler. 3516. Mcshaneway. Baltimore Maryland. 21222


06:52PM | 06/20/20
Im thinking perferated galvanized steel plumbers tape sold in inexpensive rolls may make a decent slat for the springs. Fold each end over to double, or triple, the thickness of end holes to fortify the spring tension.

Ajax springs sells springs and spring assortments for cots and chairs.

Happy lounging


06:02PM | 10/11/20
I need the pins to hold the springs.Amazon has the springs.


02:58PM | 07/27/21
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I found the springs and plan on using plumbing strap for cot like support but I need more of the clevis pins with the flattened end and large head?

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