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07:30PM | 05/03/04
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I saw your posting and figured my search was over, but it appears i'm in the same boat as you. I too am looking for a "trim" kit for fasco products. I have a Light/Heat Lamp/Fan (B674W) and an exhaust fan (B664).

The stickers in both of these fixtures indicate Fasco and the model numbers I mentioned above, but I'm beginning to think that FASCO is just the motor manufacturer and that possibly one of the other companies (Broan, Panasonic, NuTone, etc)is the unit mfg.


These units are in a house that my parents recently purchased. Neither unit had the trim, I unfortunately assumed that it would be "no big deal" to find the parts. We of course have already skim coated and painted the entire house, so I would really prefer not to have to completely change both units - because as my luck goes the exiting rough openings/units will be much bigger or smaller in comparison to anything I buy.

If anyone can help me - I would appreciate it.



09:15AM | 05/04/05
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I had the same problem. I needed a replacement plastic lens for a ceiling light/fan and all I had to go on was FASCO.

Correct, they make the motor. The unit is produced by Marley. When I called Marley at 800-452-4179 I got another number. I guess it was a distributer, but I finally ordered the part. Call 800-654-3545.


02:32PM | 10/26/05
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A big thank you to bobnlee for the Carroll Parts Company phone number (800-654-3545)! I was able to find a replacement control switch for a 31 year old Fasco bath heater and exhaust fan! Wasn't cheap, but at least I don't have to replace the odd sized exhaust fan which would have required a lot of drywall and plaster work on a swirled plaster ceiling.


10:13AM | 12/19/07
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Just want to say Carroll Parts is still stocking parts for these fans. I needed a lens cover for model A667 and they were in stock.

Great job Carroll Parts and


10:21AM | 01/16/09
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yes just ordered some today, great customer service!


08:17AM | 02/05/09
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I need a fan grill also. Do you have the phone # where you ordered yours?


09:58AM | 02/06/09
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I need a grill for a fasco ceiling fan. The only number I can find is one on the grill which is 8683-8111.

Where did you order your part from?


05:32AM | 02/11/09
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i saw the older postings and called marley because the carol # was not phone # is 800-452-4179

happy hunting!


05:43AM | 02/11/09
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sorry that is the marley #, i just called back and another marley cust svcs rep gave me the carroll phone # and it is the same as above 800-654-3545 but when you call it says your call cannot be completed!! ??? i'm doing some more digging, i'll let you know!


05:54AM | 02/11/09
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05:56AM | 02/11/09
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i just got ahold of them and they had what i needed; fasco was bought out by marley and carroll parts co does the replacement parts and distribution for marley

thanks for the previous posters help, i would have never found them!


06:36AM | 08/24/09
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Called today for the Fasco Model # 648 - I ordered a motor replacement (CFM 45) and a cover.

You have to call to order. The online search does not return "Fasco"

Carroll Parts



11:18AM | 08/29/09
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Thank you for the information regarding Carroll parts. This will save me a lot of "Attic Time".


06:47PM | 01/02/13
Do you have heater for bathroom vent, made by Spartan. Model S 694-A
Serial no. 102680


01:05PM | 03/10/13
Amazon seems to carry Braun parts that fit also. They have an 8x7 lens with a photo to let you see if it matches, for example.


09:37PM | 04/30/13
I need a new cover to go over a Fasco fan that was installed in 1977. Do you have those in stock. The main thing I need is the plastic hollow screw that holds it in place. The old one is worn out. Do you have those perhaps?? I have attached a picture.
Imagejpeg 2%20%281%29


09:40PM | 04/30/13
My email is if you can tell me where to get a new cover or hollow screw for this fan cover. I have attached a picture.
Imagejpeg 2%20%281%29


11:34PM | 06/11/13
I need the same "hollow screw (or replacement cover) described and pictured by keithed above. Anyone know where I can find it? Many thanks, if so! Email =


11:21PM | 06/16/13
Need a light lens for a fasco mod#693 bathroom fan
6 3/4" × 8" ser# 102234


08:39AM | 06/25/13
I am looking for a lens cover from a 30 year old bath fan Aubrey Mfg Model 7002 could anybody help me where to find it


03:47PM | 07/13/13
I am looking for a complete Fasco Model #656 bathroom exhaust unit. This unit is probably 45 years old.


12:12PM | 09/25/13
Thanks for directing us to Carroll. They had the vent fan cover for our 30 year old Fasco bath fan and it"s on the way. As long as the fan is working, we hope to not have to replace since it means attic time and floor removal. this quick project has already gone way over time allotment!


05:17PM | 02/07/14
I too needed a lens for my 20 year old fasco fan/light. Carroll Parts in Kansas City had the part in stock. No need to replace the old fan assembly when i needed only a lens.Carroll Parts definitely did me a solid! A+ service and knowledge.


11:53AM | 07/29/14
You should to proper way to handle it and correct way inside the angle,exhaust fan which would have required a lot of drywall and plaster work on a swirled plastic.


01:54PM | 08/04/14


02:01PM | 08/04/14
did anyone find this hollow screw for the fasco vent???
Imagejpeg 2 %281%29


08:48AM | 08/14/14
I need a replacement cover and screw for Fasco Bathroom Exhaust Fan Model #765. The cover does not fit tight to ceiling, and I am hesitant to try to tighten for fear of having to deal with a bigger issue. Please advise if available and price. Thank you


04:27PM | 08/25/14
Would like to acquire two (2) hollow screws for Fasco bath exhaust fan.


08:40AM | 09/17/14
Did anyone find a screw for Fasco fan Model # 765 as I requested in BV0005343 on 8/14. The cover is ok,but the the screw is cracked...don't want to replace the whole fan so hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction. please replay to


10:08AM | 09/17/14
For a ceiling light/fan and all I had to go on was FASCO.but few problems regarding motor inner part of the coil.


08:10PM | 11/20/14
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I am trying to purchase a heating element for a Fasco Industries bath exhaust fan/heater/light?


05:09PM | 07/24/15
Did you ever find a Fasco replacement cover? I need one as well and hoped you could direct me to a supplier. I tried Carroll, they said they couldn't get them anymore. Please reply to


12:30PM | 09/21/15
I ordered two covers for a Fasco bathroom fan today. You have to call them. 3225 Roanoke Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 753-3545. I ordered one, then called back to get an extra as we have two of these fans in the house. They were great to deal with, looked it up quickly and it is shipping tonight. Our grate fell down in the middle of the night (what a racket) and broke into many pieces. The person looking for the screw, I'm not sure they sell it alone, but the whole cover was about $10.00, get one as the plastic deteriorates over time anyway.


12:35PM | 01/29/16


04:28PM | 03/23/16
Model 794 series A


10:40PM | 04/12/16
I am looking for guts and trim cover for a Fasco 655 bath fan. When I called Carroll they told me that they didn't have parts. They also said that they didn't recognize the number. Can any one PLEASE help me.


12:00AM | 10/17/16
My Fasco bathroom exhaust/light #659 had a short to the nightlight. I've taken care of the exposed wires but the unit will not work. My breaker did not blow so I would like to know if there is a reset button on the unit.


05:34PM | 07/20/18
I need a motor for my Fasco Inds bathroom ceiling exhaust
motel # 647
ser # 451348
120 volts 55amps
motor #101 1089


06:50PM | 11/25/18
I’m in need of a lens for a Fasco Industries Mod- 659 exhaust/Heat fan. For a house I’m repairing for a 92 year old veteran


05:18PM | 01/09/19
I am searching for a replacement lens cover for a Fasco 659. Carroll Parts in KC says they can't help. I'll gladly buy a good used one, to avoid having to replace the entire unit, which works fine. Anyone with one to sell, please contact me, if that's allowed. Mikepattn -at- gmail - dot- com


01:00PM | 01/10/19
Thanks so much for this thread -- I've searched all over the internet for fasco parts, you were the only place I found the info I needed. Spent less than 2 minutes on the phone with Carroll, ordered the replacement cover for my 768 exhaust fan, received the correct part in 2 days. Great resource!


03:09PM | 07/29/20
If you are just looking to improve the looks (yellowed frame and lens cover), I was able to use the Broan Nutone LED upgrade FG600. It took just a few minutes more than the 5 minutes advertised because I cut the electrical connector and spliced the original FASCO plug connector in it's place. Looks 100% improved!


03:00PM | 09/06/20
I am searching for the replacement motor part for a Fasco Industries Model 765 bathroom exhaust fan.., and cannot find one. Help!


09:10PM | 05/20/21
I have an old Fasco bathroom exhaust fan. Model 647 series 918993. I need a replacement motor, fan, & mostly the hollow screw that holds the cover. I bought a replacement motor & fan, but it spins backwards! I have searched for months. Please help?


09:10PM | 05/20/21
Pics attached


12:46PM | 06/25/21
I was just able to order a fan grill and lens from Carroll Parts for a Fasco bathroom fan/light combo model A664. Thanks for this thread!

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