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02:22PM | 06/16/08
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I need a manual and replacement parts


12:07PM | 07/01/08
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I just asked the same question yesterday. I got a great response from mr Sam W. Keenon. I could send you the info but I feel he deserves the credit. His email is

He sent me the info the same day I asked. If he doesn't respond; repost with your email address and I'll send you the info. Tell him that Ray Turner thanks him again.

500 bufflo bpvbs14 bands


12:09PM | 07/01/08
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sorry wrong picture
501 bpvbs14


01:21PM | 08/19/08
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Anyone out there know where to get parts?

Mine has the table trunnions that are broken (underneath),the ones that you can loosen and tilt the table.....they do look a little cheesy made out of pot metal,but is something available?

I know this is an old saw(1983)

Thanks to any responses.



06:31AM | 10/27/08
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I have the entire manual for the Buffalo 14" bandsaw including parts list. I too need the trunion brackets (broken pot metal) Any sources available? If you still need a copy of the manual, I can scan it and send it or post it (14 pgs.)

I found a place on the internet called The Saw Center that sells trunions, but not sure if it would work- also a bit pricey ($34.50 a pair) Interested to hear anything more.


05:01AM | 11/25/08
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I bought my hubby this at an auction and need the manual. Can you send me a .pdf? I REALLY appreciate it!




06:41AM | 01/03/09
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This picture seems to be what I have in the way of an old bandsaw. Do you know the length of the blade, for when I need to replace it?


06:43AM | 01/03/09
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Did you ever get a copy of the manual for this bandsaw? If so, I would be interested in knowing the blade length, in order to replace my own blade, since I have the saw in the picture. Thanks.


08:40AM | 02/02/09
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I've had good luck with replacement parts for my BP-VBS-14 bandsaw by ordering from Harbor Freight tools -much cheaper than other sources! If you click on one of their bandsaws, download the pdf for their 14" model, and then find the part you need from the exploded diagrams. I replaced the trunions, the blade guides and the upper wheel bracket that you use to tighten the blade tension. I did have to file it a bit to make it fit.


07:14AM | 03/28/09
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I saw that you have the manual and would be very greatful if you could send a copy to me at the email listed below. I need it to be able to get a part number so I can replace a part.




05:32AM | 04/14/09
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Could you send me a copy ? Thanks !!


06:01AM | 06/09/09
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I need a part for this bandsaw and would really appreciate a copy of the manual for the parts list. Thanks, Karen


07:55AM | 06/13/09
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If you get a chance, I would like a copy of the manual also!


04:56PM | 06/13/09
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I requested a copy of the manual from each person that had previously asked for a copy and have heard nothing in a week and a half, but I'll certainly send you one if I get a copy. Karen


09:56PM | 08/17/09
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I would like a copy of the manual also. I have been looking for parts for this bandsaw also.

thank you,



05:05AM | 12/13/09
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Could you send a copy of the manual to One of the pot metal parts on my band saw just snapped and I really hope to replace it. It's the part that allows you to adjust the blade tracking on the upper wheel.



12:49PM | 12/13/09
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I didn't get any info from anyone after I asked each for a copy of the manual. My Dad broke a white metal part similar to the part you described.

Since this is an inexpensive foreign made bandsaw from the 70's, we were not able to find any parts, partslist or manual anywhere. Fortunately, my brother is a tool and die maker and he made a piece that worked. I suggest looking for a replacement bandsaw on Craigslist, that was going to be my next step. I was surprised how many were available that were good quality for a reasonable price. Good Luck, Karen


06:14AM | 03/09/10
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I'm looking for a manual for anyone that has a copy they can email me. I just bought this bandsaw from some guy who's father passe away and he didn't know much about the bandsaw. I need to replace the blade and a couple of parts and not sure where to start. I just joined this forum/website. Thanks,



09:23AM | 03/31/10
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Sorry, no one has sent me a manual since my original posting.


10:05AM | 05/17/10
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If you still need a manual for the saw send me your e-mail address and I will send a copy to you.

Sam W. Keenon


05:46PM | 06/02/10
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They are 93 inch, Available at any Lowe's


06:06PM | 06/02/10
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I have a manual and I will send you a copy if you are still in need. May I also suggest you look at this site, it is the current 14 inch model and looks like a dead ringer for the VBS-14

Let me know either way.
707 manual


02:51PM | 07/31/10
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I need the operation/owners manual badly as I know NOTHING about band saws and need to learn to replace the blade and such. Thank you, please send to Also, how does this machine work as far as performance, anyone have any good feedback about them?


06:30PM | 09/14/10
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I would like a manual if you have it... Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



03:23PM | 02/20/12
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hello i have just gotten a buffalo brand bp-vbs-14 band saw. i am looking for a manual. can anyone help? please e mail me. thank you


09:09PM | 05/13/12
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My name is Bob and I came across an old 2008 posting about the Buffalo Band Saw. You said you have the manual and parts list. I would greatly appreciat it if you could send a copy to me.


11:24PM | 07/23/13
Is it too late to get a, copy of the manual?
What is the blade size?



11:25PM | 07/23/13
Is it too late to get a, copy of the manual?
What is the blade size?


lil Mario

11:10PM | 09/08/14
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I am looking for a tension mechanism for the saw that is shown on the owners manual that was posted by Potiphar 06-02-2010. I have that same owners manual and saw.


04:28PM | 12/06/14
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lil Mario, If your part requirement matches the part as shown in the Harbor Freight & Tool 14" bandsaw manual (pdf available @ ) then you can probably use that part. Several people have indicated that they got parts for these Buffalo saws from that source and they worked, in some cases requiring some "adjustment". The saw appears to be a functionally exact replica of the old Buffalo saw (probably IS the same, made by a Chinese company)

I am having the entire blade alignment function (top & bottom) re-manufactured by a Sparks Industrial Services in the state of Washington because of the fact that all the base supports are made out of pot metal and I want something that is more functional for this tool. If you want to explore that option for your part need, contact Robb Sparks at


02:47PM | 02/25/15
You all might want to contact:
Iturra Design
Jacksonville 904-642-2802
Mr. Iturra has a catalog available for the asking however he does not have a website therefore you need to break down and actually call and ask for a catalog. By the way the catalog could be described as a manual on repair and operation of bandsaws it is that complete.


09:27AM | 02/02/16
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I have been trying to rebuild a '83 Buffalo 41 inch bandsaw. When I search for buffalo parts I get delta parts which seem to work. I bought some 14 in bandsaw tires which were too thin but fit. So I cut "tires" out of a large inner tube and put them under the bought tires and that worked. I also bought a blade guide that came with some phenolic cool blocks that wasn't a perfect fit but worked.
NOW, I need the plastic blade guard that the back side of the blade runs through. I have seen a bunch of parts but this is never listed on any website I have looked at. ANYBODY know where I can get one?


09:31AM | 02/02/16
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Regarding last post that should be 14 inch band saw of course.


06:34PM | 11/08/18
How long is the blade?


08:04PM | 03/31/19
@ cf.bryant41: blade guide that came with some phenolic cool blocks that wasn't a perfect fit but worked. What brand and where can I find one? I need a whole new upper blade guide assembly for my saw.


08:11PM | 03/31/19
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@ cf.bryant41

sorry, I forgot to login before posting questions about your parts...

What brand and where can I find one? I need a whole new upper blade guide assembly for my saw.



07:29PM | 05/02/19
Does any have a copy of the manual they can send to


10:30AM | 12/10/19
Hi dickmaenle my name is jose and if you look in to delta bandsaw parts mostly of them fit buffalo, i also got a buffalo a neighbor gave me and the trunions where broken, so i replaced with delta fits perfectly


07:51PM | 12/28/19
Can I please get an operating Manuel for my 1983 Buffalo 14 inch vertical bandsaw.


07:54PM | 12/28/19
Can I please have a manual for my 1983 buffalo 14 inch vertical bandsaw


09:18PM | 03/22/20
Blade length is 93 1/2 inch


04:47PM | 05/19/20
I just bought this band saw and am needing the manual to replace some parts. If someone could send me it I would appreciate it. Where are people getting replacement parts from also?



08:24PM | 05/20/20
anyone have a copy of the manual


02:55PM | 06/23/20
I need a push button switch type YR-3M
Thanks for your help
Pat Coffey


11:34AM | 02/01/21
I am looking for the Manual; However if someone can just tell me the part number, that is fine too. I am looking for The Tenson Knob and Top Wheel for this band saw.


07:38PM | 08/03/21
Need Manual Very bad if anyone could plz send me a copy


04:00PM | 08/26/21
Can I plz get a copy I have looked everywhere


12:54AM | 11/29/21
I have a Buffalo model# BP-VBS-14 ser.# 882879 Band saw. I need a owners manual and a parts list if you have a copy. Could you send me a email copy? I would be so grateful.


02:37PM | 04/29/22
Hi I have a Buffalo Vbs-14 bandsaw and I really need a owners manual for it so I can order some parts. Can you help me? My e-mail is Thank you. Tim Hill

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