09:01PM | 04/18/05
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I build a few decks a year and the comment about composite decks 'so much about little to no maintenance' seemed absurd.

All composite decks require some maintenance. The maintenance requires you to keep it clean. Spray it with a hose when it’s dirty. Shovel the snow off it. This is work that anyone can do in less than 30 minutes.

If you have a wood deck, the maintenance is quite a bit more. You need to power wash it, sand it, stain/seal it nearly every year.

This is a huge difference.


08:59AM | 09/03/05
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After reading an article in Handyman Magazine on Correctdeck, I decided to have my sundeck replaced with this product. I am so pleased with this product that I would highly recommend it. I chose the gray (they offer 4 different colors). It does show some discoloration from wet, rotting leaves but keeping it swept prevents this along with hosing it down once in a while. My dog runs and jumps around on it all the time and her nails never scratch it like on wood.


09:03AM | 10/14/05
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We installed our deck built with CorrectDeck composite material after much research, during the summer of 2004. We sought something that would be maintenance-free or require little maintenance. Our previous deck made with pressure treated wood needed yearly maintenance and after 20 years needed to be replaced, however never had a mold problem. Intially we were very satisfied with the CorrectDeck, both cosmetically and functionally. However, after several months, large spots of black mold began to appear. Cleaning with a bleach solution appeared to solve the problem, however the mold seemed to reappear fairly quickly. We then followed directions by the CorrectDeck representative to clean and coat the deck with Deck Defender 2 Mildew Resistant Spray Coating. Cleaning and treating our 400 sq. ft. deck and 50 sq. ft. porch took 5-6 hours. After this treatment, we swept the deck regularly as recommended to keep off leaves and other organic material. The results lasted several months and now the problem has recurred. After speaking with their representative again, CorrectDeck is now sending us additional bottles of Deck Defender as well as providing a product called Composite Deck Cleaner & Enhancer by Expert Chemical. CorrectDeck claims no responsibility for the mold problem, stating that the product is not advertised as mold free. When I pointed out the claims that the company makes about low or no maintenance, I was told that cleaning to treat mold is not considered to be "maintenance." Parts of the deck are now so heavily covered with mold that it appears as if the boards are painted black!


11:16AM | 10/15/05
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I'm not a correct deck rep, but I found this interesting, and if you have a moisture ridden nothern type exposure this may be a option.

To cap it:


CorrectDeck CX with SafeGuard™

CorrectDeck CX™ is an entirely new process and a new decking technology. The “CX” stands for “co-extrusion,” which applies a protective antimicrobial coating called SafeGuard™ to each deck plank.

Alter Eagle Construction & Design | Construction & Design | | Decks, California outdoor living | | Molding and finishing | | Crown tutorial


05:09AM | 04/15/06
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My experiences with CorrectDeck decking product. I am sorry this posting may be a bit long, but I want everyone hear this that may consider this product. My advice is - DON'T!! I have just read a number of posts here from other users and I am NOT surprised in what I am reading. I purchased 30 16' CorrectDeck boards in November of 2003. I was hoping to apply it soon after I got it, but my work schedule didn't allow it so I stored the decking in my garage (up off the floor and covered) for the winter. When I had received the boards they were "banded" together. When I was putting the boards in the garage later that day, I noticed they were wet, and the instruction sheets provided by CorrectDeck that were stuck between the boards had also gotten wet and stuck to the boards. The area around the paper and underneath was black. I cleaned them off with a cloth (the black didn't really come off) dried them off and stacked them, supported off the floor with 2X4 blocking.

The following spring I put the boards on the deck. Within 3 or 4 days of exposure, the board’s color bled out leaving a blotchy gray-black/orange look (I purchased the cedar color). I installed the boards anyway thinking that the surface needed to be cleaned (silly me) and all would be OK. I also had miscalculated the number of boards I needed and purchased the remaining boards from a different (new local dealer) lumberyard. The difference in the boards was night and day! The color was richer, and after many weeks of exposure, retained their color. I contacted CorrectDeck directly regarding this matter rather than discuss it with the dealer I purchased it from. It took me a few months to even get an answer as to what was going to be done. After much emailing and arguing, CorrectDeck through their distributor promised replacement boards and $1000 to compensate me for the labor to pull them of the deck and install the new ones.

Don't get too excited. I didn't get the boards till the following year, and the $1000 never materialized! So now I have a deck with boards needing to be replaced, and I am questioning if I want to do the work and put this material back on – only to have it look terrible anyway. This has been an extremely disappointing situation, and I am hoping there IS a class action suit against this company. I know I am willing to testify to the issues this product has. I see that CorrectDeck is touting a NEW product with a process to prevent this issue. The issue that so many of you folks that have purchased this product, and were told it was a lack on your part of upkeep and maintenance.

If anyone is interested, I will be glad to let you see my deck first hand. I have pictures I can send, or you can even stop by my home (I am in upstate NY) to see what the decking looks like.

Is anyone looking to purchase some CorrectDeck boards cheap?? I have 50 of them I would love to get rid of!

BTW The railing kits that I also purchased don’t look much better. Of the 16 4X4 posts that I purchased 13 of them were more crooked than some of the wood I have purchased in the past!


04:15PM | 04/16/06
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Wow! I'm really sorry for your experience and hope that things work out for you. I'm still very happy with my deck however, I did get the color in gray. I also did not use the correct deck railing. My contractor felt there was a better product out there (I can't remember who made it) and showed me why. I went with that product in white and the contrast is really nice. Good luck to you.


03:56PM | 06/12/06
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Try using Corte Clean. It's safer and more effective than Expert Chemical. That product has a 35 day shelf life, is not safe for the environment and is nothing more than chlorine bleach.

Ryan Else

Corte Clean


05:11PM | 06/14/06
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Some manufacturers are still recommending using chlorine bleach or wood deck cleaners containing oxalic acid on their composite materials to remove mold and other staining problems. This is like running diesel fuel in your gas powered vehicle. Eventually you will destroy your composite with these type of cleaning instructions.

Some manufacturers go one step worse, they recomend mixing chlorine bleach with other chemicals. This is extremely dangerous & violates numerous EPA Federal Laws

OSHA does not recommend that you use CHLORINE BLEACH on porous surfaces such as composite decking.

Corte-Clean @ is spacifically developed to clean composite materials and is recommended by Trex and other quality composite manufacturers.

Corte-Clean was developed spacifically for all composite materials. When you use Corte-Clean, the mold takes up to 5 times longer before it comes back. It is environmentally friendly and will not fade colored decks like chlorine bleach.

The reason that mold grows back so fast when you use chlorine bleach is because all it does is remove the spotting. It does not get the mold "root." It actually waters it (store bought chlorine bleach is about 95% water) and makes the problem worse and come back twice as bad.

Check out the Corte-Clean web site and enjoy your composite deck!!!!!

Ryan Else

Corte Clean


06:01PM | 06/23/06
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Why is it then when they do warranty work for cleaning TREX sends a different product out that is then mixed with bleach and not Corte Clean?
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