06:12PM | 05/20/08
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Just wanted to update everyone with information I got from the people at Correctdeck about cleaning and getting the mold off.

I was told to clean it with Corte clean and if that didn't work, use Behr multi surface Cleaner to remove the mold. If you don't know, the Behr Multipurpose cleaner contains (SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE) which is Bleach.

The Corte clean didn't get the entire mold up, so I went to the Behr cleaner and hand scrubbed the whole deck to remove the mold. It did a good job, but instead of having a Mahogany deck, I have a bleached very whitish deck!! (Hard to explain the color, I just wasn't happy)

So I called up correctdeck last week and told them about getting the mold off and that my deck was very faded. They told me to power wash the deck, let it dry and then get some Behr Plus Stain and stain the deck! I was like what? They said that was the only way to get some of the color back. They said nothing about sealing it.

So I orderd a small 1/2 pint of Mahogany deck finish, took it to Sherwin Williams and got a gallon of Stain to match and applied it to the deck. Unfortunately I had to get a second gallon to apply a second coat. Believe it or not, it actually looks good, is it going to last? We will find out! Am I happy that I still have to clean it 2-3 times a year, and stain it every 1-2 years? NO! I should have just got wood for a lot cheaper price. So if anyone is interested in getting your deck clean, and looking good, you can wash it, and stain it!

I have a small deck around 16X16 and the cost was around $140 in supplies and a few days for dry time! This may not help anyone, just some ideas if anyone is interested.


07:34AM | 05/24/08
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Just noticed your posting Linda and not sure how old it is, but if youve read any of the other info on this website DON'T do it!!! The product is crap! We spent timeless hours and money(12,ooo) to build a three tier deck ourselves to save money, and we are VERY DISSAPOINTED to say the least. We thought we would be getting a beautiful low maintenance deck and spent the EXTRA cash to get it and it looks terrible! Black spots everywhere that wont go away! We should have just done Cedar or something else. What a shame that we had to spend so much time and money and get burned this way by a VERY Pricy INFERIOR PRODUCT!!!!GOOD LUCK!


08:26AM | 05/24/08
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INSTALLED 2004 & 2005


05:42AM | 06/04/08
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so I don't think it's just one batch.

We have tried to get the manufacturer to resolve the problem, but they refuse to do anything.

The CorrectDeck rep that posted here says that mold is everywhere and just happens to get on the decking material, but I use siding that doesn't ever grow mold because it contains no organic compounds. (Cheap siding grows mold because it uses cheap fillers such as clay, and you can see samples of mold growing on them in many neighborhoods across the country).

I have found CorrectDeck to be unresponsive to my complaints and I will not recommend their product to any more customers.


11:19AM | 06/09/08
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How is the CX product with the mildew inhibiters performing verses the original CorrectDeck product? Does it still mildew? Does it fade as bad as the original? Is it cooler underfoot? How much maintainence has been required? Does anyone have any experience with the new product or colors? Need info...


03:18PM | 06/22/08
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Has anyone received word back from the attorney? I still find it very hard to grasp why nothing is being done about this inferior product. A step on my deck has now started to crack and the deck is only years old! I think it is outrageous that nothing has been done about this especially when complaints have been made from all over the United States!!!


10:27AM | 06/23/08
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I agree but I just got tired of fighting. I had my deck cleaned and stained with the new "Special Stain" for these kind of decks. Why are they making this stain, because everyone who spent money for these carefree decks was screwed. I hope someone who can fight takes this up but I'm not holding my breath.



01:56PM | 06/23/08
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I am still waiting to fill out the questonaire, so, no, have not heard back (obviously). I am waiting to get copies of our receipts from the supplier we purchased it from so that I have accurate info to provide. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!



01:48PM | 06/24/08
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CWTaylor...did the stain that you used hold up so far? I find it hard to believe that there isn't a product (whether stain or something else) that can be used to seal the pours to keep the mold from starting to begin with. I am encouraged by the thought of stain, but haven't tried it as I don't want to waste more money if it's not going to inhibit the mold any better then the mold inhibitors (the latest one shows signs of mold after 3 weeks of application). Thanks.
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