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10:42AM | 05/23/05
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I am putting down a 20' by 20' patio in my back yard with the 12" by 12" red brick squares. I am finding it almost impossible to lay the bricks down so they look level. They are lined up fine however if you look across from a little bit of a distance they look wavy. It seems that if I fix two another two need fixing and so on. Any help with how to put a patio down with minimal waves would be great. Thank you


06:16PM | 05/23/05
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Are you using a level?


02:40AM | 05/24/05
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I am using it more now than before and I ended up pulling up and re-setting about 10 bricks. I guess I have to use the level on every brick and it will just take a while. I think maybe I was trying to rush it?


06:04PM | 05/27/05
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Hi philandviki,

I would suggest that you focus on one half of the project at a time. Used 2x4's to form up a 10x20 section. Set the tops of the boards to your bottom of brick grade. Then stake them in place. fill in the area with the sand that you have decided to use, then screed the sand with a 2x6x12 compact the area with a rented mechanical compactor, add more sand, and screed it again. Compact onece mopre and add one more layer of sand and screed. Now lay your pavers on the finished grade, always working in front of you so that you arent disturbing the sand. Once youve laid the area out, add onto your form on the other side. do the screeding and compacting that we talked about, then lay out your pavers with exception to the middle row(where the form board is. Pull up all of your forms, and use a hand tamper and a small square trowel to adjust the sand base where you have left a row out. Then lay that row. I believe this is the best way to handle the job at your stage of the game.

George Nicula

Brickways, LLC

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