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08:09AM | 09/22/07
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Has anyone determined if a class action lawsuit has been filed against CorrectDeck. They seem to have abandoned customers who bought the original product with all the problems. I for one bought it because it was advertised as low maintenance. They have obviously had considerable problems hence the introduction of the CX material to replace the problem product. Information on a classaction would be appreciated as I would certainly join it.



10:19AM | 11/05/07
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i would like to know if anyone has had any legal advice to how to proceed?


04:39AM | 02/07/08
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there was a successful lawsiut against Trex for the exact same mold problem in NJ. I have not been able to find the results though. I would like to pursue this.


06:44PM | 02/07/08
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From what I have read Trex settled a class action suite filed by the law offices of Marc B Kramer PC. Has anyone contacted an attourney and if they have has a class action suite been filed?



06:59AM | 03/01/08
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I would also be very interested in participating in a class-action lawsuit. The mold problem is very bad. When the CorrectDeck rep came to my house, they informed me that they knew that the mold was an issue and that because of that, they had a engineered a new product and the tag line was "we broke the 'mold' with this new product". This indicates to me that they knew they had a problem but never revealed it to potential customers. To those who claim that we should expect to clean the decks, I agree, however, the issue of mold is far beyond the issue of cleaning the normal dirt that will accumulate in an outdoor environment.

The bottomline is that CorectDeck knew this was an issue and did not disclose it to potential customers.

So, if anyone has any info re the mlwsuit, please let us know.



01:09PM | 03/11/08
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Same problem here, have a 3yr old 1,000 sqft 2-tiered deck that looks like hell. Not sure how it is for other colors, but the "natural cedar" look we went for is a disaster...dark spots all over the place. Went through two annual cleaning cycles (as manufacturer recommended) but it made virtually no difference. Ready to rip it all up myself but want to check out, and probably join in on, any ongoing litigation already underway.

Anyone hear of anything??


03:21PM | 03/11/08
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I don't seem to have the time or energy required to pursue a lawsuit or class action lawsuit. Maybe when I have to apply the armor all deck cleaner in a couple of weeks again which I will have to reapply in 6 week intervals throughout the summer it will motivate me to contact a lawyer to begin litigation. Only timer will tell. I wish someone else would get the ball rolling because it really is consumer fraud at it's best.


04:42PM | 03/11/08
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have you seen the website for lieff cabraser, heimann, & bernstein? they are looking for people who have had problems with correctdeck and ask for input. a member felt this was a solicitation, however, i believe there is no reason not to email them your experience. if enough persons do, maybe somnething will happen. it is better than what is happening now, which is nothing as far as i have heard to date. thanks for listening and good luck.


05:37AM | 04/24/08
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We are also interested in participating in a class action suit for the unacceptable mold problem.

Who is managing this process on behalf of the interested parties?


05:38AM | 04/24/08
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Yes, visited and sent a request to the lawfirm. Will follow up with phone call. Does anyone else have any leads to resolution?


07:08AM | 05/02/08
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the law firm of lieff, cabraser, heinmann, bernstein is currently investigating this case to see if a class action suit is appropriate. they have already communicated with me several times following my inquiry, and have come to my home to take samples of my deck mold. they seem very professional. you can reach them at good luck.


05:08AM | 07/19/08
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I have been trying to get the same issues resolved, i have a 70' x 15' mahogany signature series with the matching rails, it is the worst product i have ever seen or used. I have to clean it three times a year or more with the product they recomend and it is fading so badly that the mahogany is now almost all white, they are not willing to reslove the issue and tell me that the fading and mildew is normal, they offered to give me a free gallon of stain, and for me to stain the deck myself. I would be very interested in the law suit as i am presently seeking to hire my own. attorney.


07:19AM | 08/08/08
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I E-mailed Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein as suggested concerning potential class action lawsuit--hope others join in to make it happen.

Installed Correct Deck and Stairway at a great expense lulled by the prospect of low maintenance. Instead the mildew stains make me long for the wood deck I tore down. The cleaners (lot of work) offer only 1-2 weeks' relief before stains return. My deck and stairs look diseased!!


05:02AM | 08/15/08
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I am also interested in a law suit against correct deck. The company has been very little help to me with my reoccuring mold problem and I am sick of looking at my polka-dotted deck!


12:05PM | 04/16/09
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We have an Unbelievable problem

with our Correct Deck that was installed 2007. We were out cleaning it a once

again I was furious inside that we have

to do this. I called the company, sent

photos and as someone else mentioned he

told me about every reason for the mold other than the defective product we ended up with..Then for two years has

sent us the cleaning solutions free.

If the labor came with it I think I could accept that.. The cleaning is bad for the environment, has faded the color

and made the deck rougher.. If there is

a way to sign onto a class action we

are up for it.. We just cannot believe

we have this problem with our dreams

for a beautiful Maintenance Free Correct Deck. The Company needs to

be held accountable for this..

They knew there was a problem, but the

builder nor the Company who sold the

product will do anything either. They

told me to go back to Correct Deck.

Why would they send us free cleaner

if it wasn't their faulty product. Friends bought it a few months later

and they have beautiful decking as we

thought we would have. The problem

had been fixed by then..

Furious in Windham, NH.


05:02AM | 05/24/09
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Hi, just came across your post re. Correct Deck. I have appr 2,000 sq ft of it & can't get rid of the mold. I used Armor All EZ deck cleaner. Correct Decl sent me "deck defender mold inhibitor" & "Corte Clean" (N/C), all to no avail. If you could please update me; any class action suit, etc. Thanks, Jim


05:25AM | 05/24/09
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I've got the same exact complaints you do:

appr 2,000 sq ft of MFMD (maintenance free moldy decking) from correct deck.

"free" add'l cleaning products from them: Corte Clean deck cleaner & Deck Defender mold inhibitor

What a joke! They've got a license to steal. Any updates, lawsuits,etc?

Thanks, Jim


07:06AM | 05/24/09
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Hasn't anyone ever heard of some good cedar deckboards - they age wonderfully and of course you don't have all those mold problems.


08:46AM | 05/24/09
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We sent information to Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann &Bernstein regarding the mentioned class action. We were sent

requests for information and we sent

photos etc. and a cronological

history of the cleanings, the products

sent to us by Correct Deck.. Hoping

for some resolution.

Document all cleanings with photos

and contact the Firm mentioned and

join into the class action if you can.

I have never felt so cheated with a

product that we felt recommended by

the builder would be a wonderful Deck.

The Builder claims no responsibility.

We paid him to build the deck and

he told me to just pick the color and

I thought I was getting a great deck

but as I mentioned before It has been

a cleaning disaster for us and the

color is gone and now I believe any

finish that was on it is worn away

by the cleanings.. We are both in

our mid 60's and cannot keep this

cleaning up.. We have a huge deck and

it is difficult for us to deal with

this cleaning. I'm still furious

iside.. Seems we consumers have no



02:09PM | 05/24/09
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Just a quick reply. Did email law firm & faxed a new letter to The Great Supplier of Mold. Want to start new documentation. Same symptoms, right down to our age. Paid 4x what tradional wood mat'l costs because of bad back & subsequent qurgeries. GUES WHAT: Correct Deck is higher maintenance than any other deck I've owned (this is my 4th house).


11:08AM | 06/30/09
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I have also sent a request to LCHB asking if a "class" action law siut has been opened against correct deck-Waiting on reply. We have cleaned our deck many times with the same results the "MOLD keeps coming back-- Enough is enough-



02:36PM | 06/30/09
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Just spent $1350 to get the not so Correct Deck cleaned ~ powerwash with Moldex deck cleaner, applied the deck protector. The Deck still looked disgusting, so took the advise of one of the forum friends and painted the deck ~ hope it lasts. E-mailed the law firm and have not heard from them. In the past they had asked me for the pictures of the deck and I have e-mailed that.


12:53PM | 07/01/09
Hi my name is Susan B. and i also have a mold and milew problem.. Someone asked about the Trex Lawsuit, from what i understand, Att: Marc B. Kramer handled the lawsuit against Trex and ""Won"" I called this office and waiting for a return call. Also called Lieff-Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein's office 2 days ago and still waiting for a call back. I was told they are collecting infor., regarding this issue. I am sick over this mildew issue, and plan on taking some legal action. Will need all the help i can get. Please call me at 508-595-3613.

thank you, susan


03:35PM | 07/02/09
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same problem as everybody else. my painter that came for my trim that needed painting said the only way to get rid of mold is to KILL it w/ bleach & water. Mold is a living thing. He suggested 50/50 water & bleach solution. Problem is you have to keep @ it in areas that the mold comes back.Of couse you'll bleach things that you don't want lighter. I haven't tried it, to busy trying Corte Clean. It's similiar to bleach, but not sure if anything works. These mfg'rs should be held accountable for stealing our money & giving us mold in return..Good luck


06:45AM | 07/06/09
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I have also contacted Lieff calbrasser over a year ago. There has not been any response for four months. If you sign a release to pay for only the cost of the new decking materials, then you can not have any legal action agaist them. They have agreed to pay for the material cost only, no tear off, no screws, no disposal, no reinstallation, but you have to sign their release.


07:44AM | 07/06/09
When you mention release form, is this from Correct Deck or the Lawyers office. What a rip off Correct Deck is, they want nothing to do with any complaints i call them with. I have been dealing with Sonya in Biddeford Maine were the Correct Deck came from.


12:41PM | 07/06/09
Hello Again,

This is Susan B again, i heard of 2 great products that might be the answer to get rid of this mold. Has anyone tried or heard of Foster 40-51 Mold Resistant Clear Coat, and or

Anti Growth Concentrate. Have tried Moldex and does not work. I use Jomax and bleach to clean it which comes out nicely, but cannot find something to stop the mold from coming back. Before i try either product mentioned above, would like some feedback.

Please let me know if you have tried either or.

Enclosed is my e-mail.

thank you,


04:25PM | 07/15/09
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Same mold, same experience, same blow off from CorrectDeck.Does anyone know how we can do a huge blog? I'm not computer savvy, but we need to constantly let the public know whta garbage they sell..Jim


08:59AM | 07/17/09
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I have been bolgging and talking about this product for two years......... Well I just recieved a letter from Correct Deck stating that they were bought by another company and that they were going chapter 11, I am no lawyer but I guess that all of us who have purchased Correct deck and have been complaining all these years , are S.Out.Of.Luck, the lawsuits and the coplaining have done nothing .the new owners are BMCA- Building Materials of America in other words they changed there corporate name so they can avoid the thousands of lawsuits ..... If anyone has any suggestions please let us know


09:43AM | 07/17/09
Hello Mike,

i have also tried everything.... Chapter 11???? - So this clears them of all the issues the consumers have with Correct Deck..... What a Rip Off this has been... Well i have tried a new process in cleaning the deck, i just got done with the whole process again of cleaning the deck. Now i added an Anti Grow Concentrate, and then added some moldicide packets from Home Depot to the Moldex. 2 Coats... I have the gray decking, but it now has shadows of light green, but the rain and water is now bubbling off the deck... Its only been 2 weeks but hopefully this will last longer than 6 weeks... I cannot give up after all the money i spent on this ""Defective Product Correct Deck"" still don't know how they can get away with this..... Have you tried any different products....



02:30PM | 07/17/09
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well, they changed their costumes but they're still the same theives. If i recall a consumer on this bolg lived in Me. & tried to contact BBB or Consumer Affairs. Maybe they could make an addendum stating that these theives just changed they're name!


05:53AM | 08/03/09
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How did you get them to come to your house and take samples? I live in Wood-Ridge, NJ.


05:04AM | 08/10/09
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I contacted the people that sell Fosters. They said that it is not usable outdoors..:(


06:41AM | 08/10/09
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Do you have a contact number for Fosters that you can give me so I can call them too?

Thank you for your response.


06:44AM | 08/10/09
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I bleached my whole deck. It all came back within 2 weeks.


11:55AM | 11/03/09



07:50AM | 09/16/10
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I've had my correct deck since 2002. It looks terrible. The white chaulky dust it emits when you sweep it is unexceptable. I,ve spent hundreds of $ to clean it. Working in the hot sun on a non windy day, covering all my plants boardering the deck,wearing protective clothing, mask, boots, eye protection etc. Inhaling all these chemicals. I paid $20,000. for our old deck to be removed for this correct deck. What a big mistake and disappointment. i have left my name and # with a paralegal at Lieff Cabraser Heimann and bernstein.


10:13AM | 06/05/13
I have the new deck with the mold treatment for over 5 years and have no issues. However my facia boards are not treated and have major mold issues.
Any suggestions? Thinking about covering it with Azek.


10:19PM | 04/21/15
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349170 - I am interested in what you used to keep the mildew off your Correctdeck. I am at my wits end. The deck is hideous this spring and I am a female in my upper 70's and not interested in spending my summer keeping up this inferior product. When we installed this decking, we got the same run-around from the company that everyone else has mentioned and even bought the expensive cleaning kit the first year with no success. Any help will be much appreciated


04:58PM | 07/08/15
I don't know if I should admit this, but I worked for Correctdeck from 2002 to 2004. At the time there were about 60 or so composite deck manufacturers producing product with new companies emerging almost weekly (or so it seemed). At the time Trex was the market leader. As the story goes, someone tried to apply deck stain to Trex but it didn't hold up. Trex could not be maintained it the traditional sense. Somehow that got misconstrued as "maintenance free". When first introduced, Trex tried to market its green benefits. Consumers were generally not impressed. They certainly were not inclined to spend $ on a product made from other peoples' garbage. Green failed to connect with the market whereas, maintenance free launched the industry.

So, a couple of points. No one at Correct Deck ever purposely attempted to mislead or deceive customers. By 2004, there was some indication that mold was a potential concern, but it appeared to be geographical in nature no worse than competitive brands. The evolution of the CX product had little to do with the mold issue. Rather, the goal was to make a better product in order to grow market share and the business.

Second, I'm not looking to blame customers but consider the times. The idea of maintenance free is a fantasy,unfortunately it resonated with too many people who chose to spend 4x more for a product rather than invest 4 hours annually to stain an average sized deck. In summary, there was no attempt to mislead customers. Rather, the industry was growing so fast
systemic issues were not recognized until millions of feet were installed.

William Colby

12:54PM | 09/08/15
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Colby Contractors is in the process of trying to correct a deck and railing system purchased with a lifetime warranty. The deck is 5 years old. It is so swollen and damaged by weather Hammond Lumber has been by and stated it needs to be replaced with the warranty. The deck is 60% wood and 40% poly PDC free, 5354710-CXNER-688. I am currently in the process of replacing with Hammond Lumber material. This situation needs to be addressed for the honest paying customers such as myself. Please keep me posted on any class action suits so we can get on board.


08:57PM | 05/07/16
I'm in the same boat , I purchased the correct deck in 2004, it looks awful. The decking is starting to deteriorate , I'm in if this lawsuit goes thru


08:40AM | 06/26/19
Same issues with my Correct Decking- swollen and moldy this was installed in 2010 and was brought to my builders attention in 2011. He dismissed my concerns and I was unaware of the history and bankruptcy of Correct Dect until 2018 when I needed to replace a section and it was brought to my attention. Has there been any recourse on this faulty material? I have 4 porches/decks which have this material applied.


08:42AM | 06/26/19
Same issues with my Correct Decking- swollen and moldy this was installed in 2010 and was brought to my builders attention in 2011. He dismissed my concerns and I was unaware of the history and bankruptcy of Correct Dect until 2018 when I needed to replace a section and it was brought to my attention. Has there been any recourse on this faulty material? I have 4 porches/decks which have this material applied.


02:38PM | 08/14/19
We are looking for the same info.
Any luck?


06:57AM | 09/13/19
We are in Australia . Purchased correct deck in 2008. Have a huge deck which I have been disappointed with within months of installation. No help from business we bought it from. Keep telling me we should have sealed it. We have a small amount of mould as it is a drier climate here. Our biggest problem is the disintegration. Cannot walk on it in bare feet ad you get fine splinters. Can sweep up 1 tablespoon of fine material off 1 square foot!! So I don't sweep it anymore. We rely on rainwater tanks for all our water so now worry about contamination of the tank right beside deck.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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