05:11AM | 10/09/10
Member Since: 05/01/10
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Well the runaround is happening now.

I e-mailed Timbertech customer service and got an e-mail telling me they'll send me a warranty packet. I said no since we had been through that before and they have our complete file on hand.

So then they said contact the service rep we dealt with the first time our Mountain Cedar deck went white.

I did and included pictures - three weeks later - no response. Do you think they are now avoiding the problem all together? I do .....

Anyone else have issue with their customer service?


07:11AM | 10/13/10
Member Since: 09/14/10
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After paying a small fortune for my PVC deck I don't think applying a cleaner 8 months in is the answer.Do you have an interest in this product and how long does it last?


07:18AM | 10/13/10
Member Since: 09/14/10
6 lifetime posts
I got back labor costs from TT.You need to pursue it further.


05:25PM | 10/26/10
Member Since: 08/27/10
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after contacting timbertech, I did get a prompt and straight forward response from them. The have put it in writting that they will replace me deck (material and labor).

They said that the new product has been tested and would be available in Jan 2011.

I will keep you posted. I hope that I don't have to do this a third time!


05:56PM | 10/26/10
Member Since: 09/04/10
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I also contacted Timbertech--they are also replacing our decking material plus labor......will keep you posted


05:58AM | 10/27/10
Member Since: 10/26/10
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I am also having a problem with our Timbertech deck turning white. The deck is only 5 months old and looks 10 plus years old. I contacted Timbertech and they are sending someone out to clean it with Deckmax also. The Timbertech rep assured me if we are not satisfied they will replace the deck. I told rep I will let them clean it once but if the white marks come back again I want a new deck.


04:14PM | 10/27/10
Member Since: 07/29/10
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I was contacted by warranty specialist. They would cover materials, but less than half the cost of labor to replace my deck. I shouldn't have to pay $2600 towards labor (difference) to replace the deck. It wasn't the fault of my contractor or mine that TimberTech sold us defective decking material. The specialist said the warranty only covers material costs and not labor and that they are doing us a favor to pay for part of the labor. I regret ever using their product. Future buyers beware!


06:59PM | 10/27/10
Member Since: 09/14/10
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What is the name of the new product TT is offering you. They have told me that there are 2 new colors out now Rustic Bark and Harvest Bronze with 100% confidence it won't happen again. Is this BS or does anyone else have info? (Going on my third XLM deck)


02:13PM | 10/30/10
Member Since: 09/19/10
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Who are you kidding!?! This is your THIRD deck?!? I don't know, but I'd start legal action...I don't know why all these people who are writing all the previous complaints are taking legal action either...I only wish I'd known what kind of deck my contractor was going to use, and I'd had the sense to RESEARCH this company and all the complaints prior to ours being built. We have been going around and around, sending photos, getting calls saying we would "hear from them" soon, since MARCH of this year!! It's now NOVEMBER....and all they have sent us are THREE CATALOGS and letters as though we are new customers. I am truly going to contact a lawyer this month...I'm tired of it all, and I don't want to go thru another summer not being able to use the backyard.


09:07AM | 11/02/10
Member Since: 11/01/10
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Hello, I'm a TimberTech Customer Response Specialist. I am reaching out to you in response to your blog posting. It is my understanding that you are working with our warranty and claims department regarding your decking issues. TimberTech cares about its customers and wants to ensure that at anytime in our workings together you experience TimberTech providing the highest level of customer service possible. I would very much like to follow up with you regarding where your current issues stand. Please call me at (937) 655-5677 so I can learn more about your particular situation.


10:39AM | 11/02/10
Member Since: 06/27/10
5 lifetime posts
I think the point of this blog is that we've tried the customer service route, and we have not been helped to our satisfaction.

If Timbertech truly cared about customer satisfaction, they would pull all of the defective XLM off the shelves and stop selling this inferior product. I find it infuriating that TT was aware of the problems with XLM one year prior to the issues with our deck (as evidenced by this blog), and yet they KEPT SELLLING THE XLM.

I don't buy your commitment to customers.


11:18AM | 11/05/10
Member Since: 08/21/10
2 lifetime posts
are people getting full reimbursement for labor or a percentage... if not full how is this being determined?


05:13PM | 11/08/10
Member Since: 11/07/10
3 lifetime posts
Has Timbertech agreed to wait and replace your decking with the new product? I just received a letter for replacement of defective Desert bronze XLM but I hesitate to take shipment now if a new product is to be released in early 2011. I have already replaced a defective lot of XLM decking and this is my second go around.


07:05PM | 11/08/10
Member Since: 08/27/10
5 lifetime posts
Desert Bronze is suppose to be the tested replacement. they told me to wait until Jan for the new batch which is suppose to have been tested. I am waiting. Believe me I am only going to change it Once. There is going to be hell to pay the 2nd time.


05:15AM | 11/15/10
Member Since: 05/01/10
28 lifetime posts
I haven't checked on here in awhile and now I see some posts that Desert Bronze XLM was also defective? In what way and what is the company doing for customers that bought this.

This is our second replacement if we go that route. They replaced Mountain Cedar that was also defective.

Now Desert Bronze is turning white too and their customer service rep says they will come out and use a cleaner on it.

Anyone had them clean it? Any other tips would be appreciated.


12:30PM | 11/15/10
Member Since: 11/07/10
3 lifetime posts
I too will be getting my 3rd XLM deck. Sent in another warranty claim and got the letter saying they agree to replace the deck again. I had read about a new product launch scheduled for early 2011. Spoke with Timbertech this morning. The replacement for Desert Bronze will be called Harvest Bronze. They couldn't tell me what changes they've made to the product but assured me it will be 100% better. They have a new supplier. I asked to have in writing a guarantee that I can wait for the new product and have it installed in early spring. I hope and pray that this will be the final XLM replacement.


02:16PM | 03/26/11
Member Since: 04/17/09
2 lifetime posts
I installed my first batch of Mountain Cedar XLM in the summary of 2008. By April of 2009, I had filed a warranty claim which Timbertech honored. Material only since I did the labor myself. They did send me a check for the SS screws I used. The installed the replacement material during the summer of 2009. I just now saw that this batch has now faded or turned white in many spots. I would put up with a little fading but this is far beyond that. I'll file another warranty claim and ask that they supply something else or explain to a judge why they can't.


01:42PM | 05/02/11
Member Since: 05/02/11
9 lifetime posts
My Timber Tech XLM was installed in Spring 2009 - Last Fall the white steaks began appearing. By this Spring it was very visible. I contacted Timber Tech, and they promptly responded, and sent me the Deck Max product.

I applied it yesterday, and the deck immediately appears better than new. My concern from other posts is that this "fix" lasts only a few weeks. Does anyone have long term experience with Deck Max ?

If it truly is a long term solution it really is a miracle.


01:33PM | 05/12/11
Member Since: 05/12/11
2 lifetime posts
This is my deck rail after 1 year. The deck itself is also getting lighter but is probably from a different production run.
I thought did enough research before having TT XLM installed but unfortunately did not discover this forum until today.

I can't believe this has been going on since 2008 and they haven't resolved the problem.

A class action suit is in order. Any lawyers out there willing to take it on?



11:19AM | 05/13/11
Member Since: 05/01/10
28 lifetime posts
Timbertech sent Deckmax in to clean the top surface of deck. ( Desert Bronze, and our second deck.) They replaced first deck Mountain Cedar because that went bad.

After cleaning this year on the Desert Bronze, it looked good for two weeks BUT now it appears that we're getting the scorched look, big black streaks that look like mold.

Contractor for Deckmax said that his stuff didn't cause this because there was no scorching before he applied cleaner. It's that the product is bad.

Will contact Timbertech again but am so frustrated because I don't want to use Timbertech again. Maybe if they offer, just take a settlement and put up another brand.

Any suggestions?
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