11:53AM | 04/12/09
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Ok, I'm one of the many people with a Trex problem. What are we to do?

I just purchased a home with Trex decking. The decking is coming apart. When you walk on it, it flakes off, and especially if your try to clean it with a pressure washer.

This deck was installed in 2006. I live in Northern California.


Becky Dittemore


08:27PM | 05/08/09
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I am also a trex deck owner. Had contractor build deck in 2006 and noticed after the summer of 2008 that some of the boards looked odd - discolored and blistered. After the winter (very mild - not much rain) I noticed that the boards were actually decaying - just flaking off like cardboard. I contacted Trex and they had me fill out a claims form which I did and they sent out an adjuster to inspect the deck. She recommended that the whole deck be replaced in her report. Now waiting to hear from Trex as to how they are going to resolve the issue. They say they will replace the material but I must pay for the labor which will be $2500 or more. My contractor said that the year he built my deck he built 3 others and all of them experienced the same issues. One person replaced their's after only 18 months and now they are replacing it again. Trex is supposed to be paying for the labor also.

I feel like I was taken in by the Trex guarantee on their product being maintenance free and warrantied for 25 years. I can't afford to replace the deck every 2-3 years and pay $2500 or more each time for labor even if the materials are free. Now I wished I would have used redwood. Had a redwood deck before and it lasted 22 years. Would rather seal and preserve a wood deck every 2-3 years for a couple hundred!

Count me in if you put together a class action suit. This is rediculous!


07:58AM | 05/09/09
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Thank you for confirming my suspicions. I will be sending my information to Trex hopefully this week. I have no idea what they will come up with for me. I am not the original owner, and I don't have all the information they need, such as: #s off the boards, where purchased, and many others.

B. Dittemroe

Becky Dittemore


12:24PM | 06/28/09
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I had the usual problems(rotting, discoloration, warping, etc.) on my deck built in spring 2005- problems began within 2 years. after researching these problems on the internet, i have decided to join a class action lawsuit against the SOBS. Trex settled a similar lawsuit for the exact same problem by setting up a $45 million fund to pays for repairs 5-6 years ago, but they obviously didn't correct the manufacturing defect, nor change their deceptive advertising claims. it's high time their feet were held to the fire for remedial work as well as punitive damages for not getting the message the first time.


07:12PM | 08/05/09
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I'm so disheartened to see these emails about Trex adn particularly as to how they seem to be responding. We put a Trex deck in just going on two years now and 90% of the boards are crumbling/rotting. No mold to speak of, just flaking off. It was costly to build this deck,and maybe we should consider all pooling together to file a class action lawsuit against them. I'm not settling for them only paying materials. They need to pay to have the deck replaced. I'm calling them tomorrow to see what they are going to do about this. Any more information from anyone who has had success getting their deck replaced is welcomed.


06:43PM | 08/23/09
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Just received Notice of Class Action, Proposed Settlement and Fairness Hearing from Trex. If you didn't receive notification, Call 1-866-241-4396 or visit


06:02PM | 08/24/09
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I had a Trex Winchester Grey deck installed by a licensed contractor in September of 2005. Beginning last year I also started to experience cracking flaking over approximately 5% of the deck surface. I had my contractor look at it and he confirmed that the material was likely defective.

I didn't file a claim with Trex at the time. Their claim requirements were onerous. This year the damage has spread to about 10% of the deck and the older damaged areas are getting much worse.

I received the notice of the class action suit yesterday. I read it carefully and am troubled.

It basically says that they, at their sole discretion, will replace any boards currently damaged, will pay up to $225 for labor and that this settlement releases them from any further claims.


1)My damage has gone from 5% to 10% of the deck in a year and there are indications that it will be 20% next year. Given that my material was delivered in a sealed factory lot, I have every reason to believe that the balance of my decking (an extruded plastic product) will be bad eventually. If I opt into the settlement I appear to be releasing them from any future claims if, as is likely, the balance of the deck goes bad. This seems like a bad idea.

2)Internet research seems to suggest that Trex has a history of blaming improper instillation for their problems. This tactic is impossible for a layman to counter as Trex is the sole authority to judge improper instillation. This effectively dilutes blame.

3)$225 for labor? A sad joke.

At the moment I am leaning towards opting out of the settlement and going to small claims court. I spoke to my contractor today and he gave me a quote of $8500 total to replace the deck surface. Our small claims court limit is $7500 and I'd take a small loss rather than leave it to Trex.

Also I'm having a lot of difficulty finding the final opt out date.

I am not too concerned about losing in court. I am concerned that if I win in court that they will go bankrupt prior to my perfecting my claim.

Any comments or suggestions?


11:10AM | 01/15/10
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I just receive a settlement from Trex for my deck. I would say 10 to 20% of my boards were flaking. I had no receipts or proof of purchase, but did have an end tag which I photographed and sent to them with photos of the deck along with the claim form which I downloaded from the internet. Within a few weeks an inspector showed up to inspect the damage and submitted a report. A couple weeks later I received a letter from Trex offering me total replacement of the deck materials and 18 cents per lineal foot for labor. Admittedly, the labor payment is a joke, but they are shipping me more material than needed to place the entire deck. Much better than expected.

The process appears daunting, but was remarkably easy.

I hope this helps.


11:14AM | 02/08/10
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Hi, can you tell me how to get a trex claim form? I searched google but can't find anything. Do you have a phone number for the company. I have a huge deck and it is crumbling. Thank you


06:16PM | 03/31/10
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I found these 2 lawsuits and contacted both.

Everyone needs to start sending letters to:

Board of Directors

Trex Company, Inc.

160 Exeter Drive

Winchester, VA 22603-8605
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