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08:27PM | 05/08/09
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I am also a trex deck owner. Had contractor build deck in 2006 and noticed after the summer of 2008 that some of the boards looked odd - discolored and blistered. After the winter (very mild - not much rain) I noticed that the boards were actually decaying - just flaking off like cardboard. I contacted Trex and they had me fill out a claims form which I did and they sent out an adjuster to inspect the deck. She recommended that the whole deck be replaced in her report. Now waiting to hear from Trex as to how they are going to resolve the issue. They say they will replace the material but I must pay for the labor which will be $2500 or more. My contractor said that the year he built my deck he built 3 others and all of them experienced the same issues. One person replaced their's after only 18 months and now they are replacing it again. Trex is supposed to be paying for the labor also.

I feel like I was taken in by the Trex guarantee on their product being maintenance free and warrantied for 25 years. I can't afford to replace the deck every 2-3 years and pay $2500 or more each time for labor even if the materials are free. Now I wished I would have used redwood. Had a redwood deck before and it lasted 22 years. Would rather seal and preserve a wood deck every 2-3 years for a couple hundred!

Count me in if you put together a class action suit. This is rediculous!


07:58AM | 05/09/09
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Thank you for confirming my suspicions. I will be sending my information to Trex hopefully this week. I have no idea what they will come up with for me. I am not the original owner, and I don't have all the information they need, such as: #s off the boards, where purchased, and many others.

B. Dittemroe

Becky Dittemore


12:24PM | 06/28/09
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I had the usual problems(rotting, discoloration, warping, etc.) on my deck built in spring 2005- problems began within 2 years. after researching these problems on the internet, i have decided to join a class action lawsuit against the SOBS. Trex settled a similar lawsuit for the exact same problem by setting up a $45 million fund to pays for repairs 5-6 years ago, but they obviously didn't correct the manufacturing defect, nor change their deceptive advertising claims. it's high time their feet were held to the fire for remedial work as well as punitive damages for not getting the message the first time.


07:12PM | 08/05/09
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I'm so disheartened to see these emails about Trex adn particularly as to how they seem to be responding. We put a Trex deck in just going on two years now and 90% of the boards are crumbling/rotting. No mold to speak of, just flaking off. It was costly to build this deck,and maybe we should consider all pooling together to file a class action lawsuit against them. I'm not settling for them only paying materials. They need to pay to have the deck replaced. I'm calling them tomorrow to see what they are going to do about this. Any more information from anyone who has had success getting their deck replaced is welcomed.


06:43PM | 08/23/09
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Just received Notice of Class Action, Proposed Settlement and Fairness Hearing from Trex. If you didn't receive notification, Call 1-866-241-4396 or visit


06:02PM | 08/24/09
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I had a Trex Winchester Grey deck installed by a licensed contractor in September of 2005. Beginning last year I also started to experience cracking flaking over approximately 5% of the deck surface. I had my contractor look at it and he confirmed that the material was likely defective.

I didn't file a claim with Trex at the time. Their claim requirements were onerous. This year the damage has spread to about 10% of the deck and the older damaged areas are getting much worse.

I received the notice of the class action suit yesterday. I read it carefully and am troubled.

It basically says that they, at their sole discretion, will replace any boards currently damaged, will pay up to $225 for labor and that this settlement releases them from any further claims.


1)My damage has gone from 5% to 10% of the deck in a year and there are indications that it will be 20% next year. Given that my material was delivered in a sealed factory lot, I have every reason to believe that the balance of my decking (an extruded plastic product) will be bad eventually. If I opt into the settlement I appear to be releasing them from any future claims if, as is likely, the balance of the deck goes bad. This seems like a bad idea.

2)Internet research seems to suggest that Trex has a history of blaming improper instillation for their problems. This tactic is impossible for a layman to counter as Trex is the sole authority to judge improper instillation. This effectively dilutes blame.

3)$225 for labor? A sad joke.

At the moment I am leaning towards opting out of the settlement and going to small claims court. I spoke to my contractor today and he gave me a quote of $8500 total to replace the deck surface. Our small claims court limit is $7500 and I'd take a small loss rather than leave it to Trex.

Also I'm having a lot of difficulty finding the final opt out date.

I am not too concerned about losing in court. I am concerned that if I win in court that they will go bankrupt prior to my perfecting my claim.

Any comments or suggestions?


11:10AM | 01/15/10
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I just receive a settlement from Trex for my deck. I would say 10 to 20% of my boards were flaking. I had no receipts or proof of purchase, but did have an end tag which I photographed and sent to them with photos of the deck along with the claim form which I downloaded from the internet. Within a few weeks an inspector showed up to inspect the damage and submitted a report. A couple weeks later I received a letter from Trex offering me total replacement of the deck materials and 18 cents per lineal foot for labor. Admittedly, the labor payment is a joke, but they are shipping me more material than needed to place the entire deck. Much better than expected.

The process appears daunting, but was remarkably easy.

I hope this helps.


11:14AM | 02/08/10
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Hi, can you tell me how to get a trex claim form? I searched google but can't find anything. Do you have a phone number for the company. I have a huge deck and it is crumbling. Thank you


06:16PM | 03/31/10
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I found these 2 lawsuits and contacted both.

Everyone needs to start sending letters to:

Board of Directors

Trex Company, Inc.

160 Exeter Drive

Winchester, VA 22603-8605


06:24PM | 03/31/10
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Hers's the URL:

I received my new deck boards yesterday. Good luck.


06:28PM | 03/31/10
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Thanks for the info. The form you posted is for flaking. My issue is mold and lots of it.


12:23PM | 09/26/10
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I hosed down my trex deck to wash some bird crap on the deck and it starting coming apart and turning to pulp! I just logged into today to see if anyone else suffered this problem and I am AMAZED and shocked that I am not alone. Like everyone else, I put trex in for its longer term guarantee and yes I will gladly be part of a class action lawsuit. I took plenty of pictures but I am not sure I have a receipt. It is obvious that it is trex.

Sign me up!!!


07:25PM | 09/26/10
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Any luck with small claims court? I agree that the settlement is a joke!


10:11PM | 09/27/10
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My husband and I are not sure what to do - are contacting lawyers. I do not know what the hell the Trex inspector looked at (clearly he did not INSPECT our deck) because the settlement was about $300 plus $4 for screws (THANK YOU TREX!). what are people doing ? My deck looks terrible, a number of boards COMPLETELY SHREDDED and look like the inside of Butterfinger, the rest discolored with patches of crumbling/wearing away...


10:18PM | 09/27/10
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I would really like to know what you find with a lawyer as I am not sure I want to participate in the Class Action. 18 cents per lineal foot...they have to be kidding. I paid $20.00 per square foot for labor and materials. I checked back with Trex and that is what they said. 18 cents. Who agreed to this settlement?

My contractor told me he put in a trex deck for a client in 2005 and in 2008 it was flaking and Trex paid for repair and replacement...all if it...


10:28PM | 09/27/10
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I live on the Central Coast of California. Where are you located? Just curious about finding a method to get their attention. I truly believe they should pay for repair and replacement. I don't even like the idea of putting trex back on my deck. I have no assurance that it won't happen again. What about this 25 year warranty? I know that I selected trex which was more expensive that other alternatives for its longity and this failed the test miserably! I feel totaly duped.


10:31PM | 09/27/10
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We filed a claim and received our settlement letter 9after inspection, etc). It was a measly amount - so we have not 'accepted' I am not having luck with attys yet but we are continuing our search. I do not know why this is not in the press all over the place. It is a shame. the inspector noted NONE of the smaller divets/deteriorated spots - only the 4-5 fully crumbled boards. They seemed to imply we could just keep replacing a few at a time then re-file more claims but that is a terrible solution. Plus no labor costs for demo/rebuild...I am also looking for advice from anyone who can offer


10:34PM | 09/27/10
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We paid more after a remodel where we tore down our old redwood deck and chose trex b/c of the 25 yr claims, etc...We feel really taken - especially because we are hearing of other decking companies who have faced similar bad batches are completely taking care of their customers. I am not sure why the Lumber co who sold me the Trex should not be helping us?? Trex needs some really bad press. I was also considering calling a consumer group or news group.


11:32AM | 09/28/10
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I to have jumped through Trex's hoops and was told to clean it with special cleaner, etc. I still have mold and mildew issues.

This is a current class action suit. please contact

Adrian Garcia | Paralegal Assistant

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP

1918 Eighth Avenue, Suite 3300 - Seattle, WA 98101

Direct: (206) 268-9336 |

Everyone needs to bombard the board of directors by sending letters to:

Board of Directors

Trex Company, Inc.

160 Exeter Drive

Winchester, VA 22603-8605


05:32PM | 09/28/10
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Thanks for keeping me "us" informed on the latest as it appears the current class action lawsuit was settled in March 2010. The settlement is a farce and so is the 25 year warrantly limitations on closer inspection.

I have not proceeded in filling out the form that Trex has on-line and will check with the current and outstanding lawsuits that are pending?

Again, really appreciate a gang mentality right now.


07:33AM | 09/29/10
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Has anyone contacted theri local consumer watch groups? Bay Area People - I am considering contacting the 7 on Your Side Guy - Michael Finney. ALSO - what about pressing the RETAILERS?? If I purchased a defective product from Home Depot, I would return the product to THEM and hit them up to replace. It seems as if the Lumber Co's who sold the Trex should be held accountable? I purchased from Ashby Luber in East Bay (SF Area). Anyone else?


07:35AM | 09/29/10
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I spoke to Adrianne at length in April or May ?? and they are "done" with the trex since the claim has been settled.


10:32AM | 09/29/10
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My husband chose to settle with Trex because our deck was getting dangerous. It was flaking and falling apart. We sent in our recipt with pictures and a claim form. Trex offered to pay for all our materials but not for the labor. At this point we just wanted it fixed so we took the settlement and bought new boards. Home Deopt wouldn't do anything for us. Not even return our phone calls. We bought our new deck boards at Lowes and used a different brand.


12:24PM | 09/29/10
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I am filling out the form today or tomorrow. My contracter found the receipt in his attic and I need for him to come by and give me a rough estimate regarding labor. I am thinking of removing the trex planks myself to reduce the labor cost? break a nail :). How long did it take between filing the claim and getting the money? Also, what kind of product did you buy instead?

Thanks for the update. This has been extremely helpful.
1997 settlement


02:36PM | 09/30/10
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Hi... would love to talk with Trex customers for a report on building products I am currently working on. Is anyone out there willing to talk with me about their deck experiences? If so, please send me your contact info ( Thanks. -Cheryl


07:22PM | 06/03/13
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04:34PM | 06/26/13
As a builder in on the Maine coast I have had nothing but issues with 3 decks that I built the early 2000's. Nothing upsets me as much as having clients ask about a defective product that they have spent $ 1,000's on based Trex's promises that I passed on.

I am tired of being a guinea pig for the decking industry. What's next , finger jointing ? Get it right !


08:53PM | 07/06/13
the trex decking is falling apart . How can this happen when ,its suppose to last 25 years


10:06AM | 07/27/13
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I have been reading everyone's posts. I had no idea so many people were having trouble with their decking. We live in N.Central Montana and our decks are covered, however, the elements reach the ends of the decking, and mine too are deteriorating like the "inside of a butterfinger". My decking was purchased in 05/06 Winchester Gray. I just printed off a claim form for Surface Flaking Litigation. I am hopeful that Trex will compensate me, like someone said the reason we purchased this product is because of Trex stating that their product would last 25 years. LOL Here's a question...if they replace will it be with the same POOR product?


11:39AM | 08/01/13
I had Trex decking installed in 2006. A new second story deck with staircase. I bought a light brown wood grain product. It now is pink, flaking, has a black mold growing all over it (despite being in a sunny location) and loos horrible. I would never buy this product again. The settlement is a joke. They do not cover the cost of removal or disposal. It cannot be recycled. My redwood deck looks 100 times better and cost 30% less.


06:59PM | 09/16/13
I also purchased Trex product in 2004 and I installed it to the manufacturers recommendations and had to go through the pictures and having someone come out because it was flaking away. They replaced the material and now it is falling apart again. I am a Cabinet Maker by trade so I know I installed it right, and there is not one 90 degree cut its all angles. When replacing the materials all the special fasteners they sold me were all rusted and snapping off. I'm not satisfied at all.


01:49PM | 09/17/13
We built our home for retirement with Trex figuring it would outlast us. We had problems and were told to file a claim and with the first class actin suit. They offered to replace the boards but did not pay for labor. So $8,000 later we had replacement and we thought this is over. Now we have mold and staining. The product they recommend for cleaning was not recommended when we contacted them for a recommendation. They recommended hot water and soap. 1400 sq ft later on hands and knees it was cleaner but mold not gone. Tried the product they recommended and it bleached the color from a test section. Aren't we blessed? So now we have a choice with a new settlement that is minor or to excuse ourselves. Trex must have very, very skilled legal counsel because the consumer is certainly not being considered. RAPE BY ANY OTHER TITLE STILL MEANS ONE IS GETTING SCREWED. I wonder if anyone out there knows if a stain or any other product will protect what is left and even a color. Thank you


08:31PM | 09/30/13
I don't care about being anonymous what can we do about this they misrepresented their product. Email me a@


11:01AM | 10/21/13
two years ago we had their new and improved Trex deck installed, Gravel path, it is now coming apart and trex will not respond. Not sure what to do. the lumber store said this would not happen.


11:52PM | 10/21/13
Bought the new Trex product called Transcend. We spent a lot of money and it looked really nice when they finished. Less than a year later it is falling apart. Surface is disentigrating. Trex person came out and called in normal weathering! How can it be weathering when bits come off the when I sweep it. They don't seem care. Talking to our lawyer.


11:35AM | 11/04/13
I wish I had read these posts before I settled for replacement of a portion of my dock decking. The product was installed in 2005 and began deteriorating after about 18 months. After contortions with their claim process, they sent a check for materials only and then only the bad boards. Well now,2 years later, the entire dock is deteriorating. I will never use this product again; would have been better off with wood and the maintenance.
Bob, from Virginia


09:46PM | 11/25/13
Wow... looking like I'm no the only one dealing with this. I have 685 ft. of Trex Winchester Grey decking on three decks that were built in 2005. About half of the decking on our back deck and the stairs are flaking so we submitted a claim to Trex which included pictures and original receipts thanks to Milwaukie Lumber for finding and supplying me with receipts . They sent a response in lest then two weeks and I'm no even sure they had someone inspect. The response says they will ship out a full replacement for the entire lot that I purchased and provide m with a check for $254 for labor.
My question is has anyone had any luck getting them to do a refund for the product vs. sending me out more junk? Also, $254 for labor is a joke and I really don't want to spend the money on labor just to have issues again in the near future.
feel free to contact me directly if you have any info that could help. athomeval (at)


04:59PM | 02/21/14
Has Trex really corrected thier decking problems?? I'm in the process of building a new deck and after going to a lumber yard; they said, I would be better off buying a 100% PVC product. if I don't go with wood. Thanks Frank


02:59PM | 06/13/14
I just received my TREX offer letter in the mail. The offer is to cover the cost of the boards and $13.00 extra.(I presume for labor.) A custom designed and built deck and the labor to replace faulty material is worth $13? TREX and the lawyers are really making out well off the backs of the people. I feel sorry for people in corporations that can live like that.


06:04PM | 09/13/14
We had 2 Trex decks (top and bottom decks) installed in 2006. I had no idea so many others were having problems. When I contacted Trex about 3 years ago, I just got the runaround. They said it was not installed according to the directions, so it is deteriorating. What does installation have to do with deterioration? I guess the 25-year guarentee is just a joke.
Since many of the postings are from dates prior to 2014, is there anyone out there with an update to the claims that have been made recently? Glad to provide my email:


07:28PM | 10/11/14
We are literally having a contractor come in 2 days to tear out our existing wood deck, and we were going to install Trex. Thanks to all who posted, because we are going to go with a redwood deck instead. Even if Trex has completely fixed their problems with the decking, I will not help their bottom line when Trex treats customers so cavalierly and badly. All other composite decks seem to have some problems also (including Timber Tek, which is a PVC deck). So back to good old redwood. Again, our thanks and best wishes to all in your claims / suits against Trex.


08:33PM | 08/26/15
Has anyone experienced severe itching on legs from walking on TREX decking? J thomas


11:23PM | 06/01/16
I just bought a house and was not worried about trex because I hav a trex deck at my current house and it is perfect. So that with the 25 yr. warranty, I said great, a trex deck!... then after a while I see the 2x2 vertical boards flaking and as I look closer I see some boards have already been replaced! Non disclosure issue with my realtor! who happens to be the wife of the general contractor who built the house! Issues are piling up here. I bought this house because it was only a couple yrs. old...landscape was zip and little maintenance... This house has an 80 ft. long deck lifted 10 ft. off the ground. Now I worry... .


10:03AM | 06/03/16
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Thats really nice.


10:52AM | 10/25/17
It was the worse decision I made to use tree decking. It has swelled up and pushed my corner trim board loose from the house and it mildew worse than treated decking boards.I had mine installed in 2007 that I bought from lowes. I complained to them about my problems and was told I would have to live with it. They never informed me about a class action lawsuit. I have my reciepts. Is it to late to get any help?


10:53AM | 10/25/17
It was the worse decision I made to use tree decking. It has swelled up and pushed my corner trim board loose from the house and it mildew worse than treated decking boards.I had mine installed in 2007 that I bought from lowes. I complained to them about my problems and was told I would have to live with it. They never informed me about a class action lawsuit. I have my reciepts. Is it to late to get any help?


09:28AM | 11/27/18
I've been installing trex since 2007 with no issues until now. After it rained in October and then froze, the butt ends have swelled up. Both at the butt ends and at the deck rim. Both factory ends and the cut ends are swelling. I have never seen this. What I have learned is that neither Home Depot or Trex will stand behind this product. Home Depot says they didn't install it so they are out of the problem, the trex rep I think is reading a script designed to disparage the installation and find reasons to NOT honor their warranty. They are saying that I used the wrong fasteners and that is what caused excess moisture to build up between the butt joints and thus cause the swelling. I would like to point out that I've seen my trex installations under two feet of snow, docks built with trex and seen trex survive heavy rains,, EXCESS MOISTURE? I think that theory doesn't hold water. I've seen trex installed with a myriad of fasteners from screws and nails to glue and other methods and have not seen trex swell like this. I've seen broken pieces of trex left out in the weather all winter that did not swell.. The main thing here is that Trex will do anything to NOT honor their warranty even when it's obvious they have a defective product.. DO NOT USE TREX!! This pic is of the early stage of swelling,, it has progressed.

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