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04:15PM | 04/28/10
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Well I think I have read every one or these posts and it makes me scared to put on a composite deck. One thing that everyone was leaving out is the type of decking/model (earthwoo, floorizon, etc, etc.) I have been looking at Timber Tech XLM series also Trex Transcend series. Or at least I have narrowed it down to these two. I have 8 brands I have been trying to choose from. Has anyone used these products with success? These are more of a PVC type product which I think should be alot better than the older style composites. My problem is I live in a real wooded area and have lots of debris falling out of the trees all the time and it is shaded alot. However I am tired of cleaning and sealing my 22 yr old cedar deck and being I have some rotted joist I thought I would just replace the whole thing and go to a composite type deck. No deck is without care just like there is no perfect gutter system that doesn't allow debris in. I guess you have to ask which is the easiest to take care of. If anyone has had a real good experience with a given material I would love to hear from them. I want to get started this next month but have some real concerns. I guess if worst comes to worst I will just put another cedar deck on. Thanks for all your posts it was great info.


07:27AM | 04/30/10
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I am the Director of Marketing for Fiberon Decking products. Using a capped PVC or composite gives you better stain, fade and scratch resistance. You can clean off a Sharpie permanent marker with a goof-off wipe on Fiberon's Outdoor Flooring PVC Decking or Horizon composite Decking due to their surface coatings. Because there are no organics on the surface with the capped products, you will have better mold resistance. But you still need to clean off the pollen and debris off twice a year.

The wood/plastic composites brought the no staining/painting attribute to decking. Now with the capped products, you get easier cleaning, plus the other attributes mentioned above that keep your deck looking good for decades.

In my opinion, the capped products are the premium products in alternative decking.
1842 pvc decking


05:46AM | 06/15/10
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I first would request that any posts on Timbertech start off with the family/type of product and the date of installation. There is a big difference in quality and I suspect, problems between the family of products offered by TT.

I just installed the Earthwood, Walnut decking along with the black radiance rail system - (still in process of the install).

After reading all of the posts on mildew...and there were a lot of them, I still haven't seen information specific to Earthwood/walnut.

Most everything I read on Earthwood has been positive. Some mildew but manageable.

The biggest problem I have seen so far is how sensitive the Walnut surface is to scratching. I have instructed the contractors to be diligent and careful so as to not scratch the surface...very hard to do in the midst of installation.

The walnut, hidden fastener decking looks great...along with the black radiance rail system and post lighting.

Anyone have specific information on the Earthwood line and what to do about the scratching.

TT's comment is that the scratching will fade over an 8 to 10 week timeframe...or one can use Minwax, Dark Walnut to mask major scratches. Strange that TT touts the Earthwood line as the best looking wood finish product on the market and did not manufacture a better scratch resistance surface.

Any thoughts?


08:30AM | 06/22/10
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Do you have any photos of your project you could send?

My wife and I are deciding between the TT Earthwood walnut or Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern.

Vintage Lantern is a darker brown than the walnut; the Trex coating does seem thicker than the TT, but the TT goes all the way around, while the Trex just covers half the board.

Was the TT hidden fastner system a lot more than visible screws for your project?



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