10:04AM | 06/07/10
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Before you make a decision, you should consider the serious flaws of Trex decking. I can show you photos that will make you weep. In 2007 I installed a very extensive Trex deck (deep red color). Within 6 months I had black mold covering the entire surface. (I previously had a wooden deck that never had mold problems.) This deck gets so hot in the sun that we cannot walk barefoot on it. We have to lay runners for the dog to get from the yard to the patio door! The mold is very difficult to remove and it looks disgusting. We tried the Corte-Clean Composite Deck Cleaner (recommended by Trex as a eco-friendly, non bleach product). It is extremely labor intensive and it must be done every few months. The floor of the deck is now light red streaked with white (and specks of mold) while the rails remain deeper red. You don't even want to lean against the top of the rail or set your beverage on it because of the scary mold. If my contractor had spoken the truth about Trex, I would have replaced my deck with another wood one. Staining a wooden deck once a year no longer seems like such a burden.
1877 trex deck mold probl


03:46PM | 06/08/10
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I'll gladly wade into the problems with Trex decking. See the attached photo that should open eyes regarding the rotting that takes place. My 1700 SF deck is 4 years old, and 10% of it is now worthless. I expect the rest of it will follow shortly. Having read a lot of the postings regarding the problems folks have had, I now completely understand why wood has to be the material of choice. It has a few centuries of historical usage, and I'm inclined to return to something that is at least predictable.
1879 trex decking problem


04:17PM | 07/08/10
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There is a current lawsuit in CA for mold and mildew issues (black spots). Please contact

Also, for the flaking and warping issues, Trex acknowledged there was an issue. The link to the classa action lawsuit is

Keep up the fight, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope this information helps.


10:28PM | 11/12/11
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Hi, I've created the following website to showcase issues consumers like yourselves are having with Trex decks. Please stop by and share your stories and photos.


11:59PM | 02/02/12
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I have not seen such a bad mold infestation as you before. I am pretty sure that you should not attempt to remove it yourself. Now I know not to use Trex too. Thanks for the post! I would recommend you call a mold removal company for such circumstances.


11:07AM | 03/13/13
Our trex deck is covered in mold also. It is 3 years old this year. We have cleaned it every year according to the trex guidelines and it seems to just get worse every year. Wish we would have never purchased it!!

Dee Dee Davila

10:24PM | 03/14/13
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20130313 120954

Dee Dee Davila

10:29PM | 03/14/13
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Mold and more three years old 20k worth of materials on DECKING Alone
20130312 185310


12:12PM | 04/13/13
I thought thta the mold was just a isolated promble. How last week when I was at Home Deport turning to find a product to clean my deck.I was informed that there is a promble with molding on the trex decking materials. I'm really angry. I spent lots of money for my deck. My deck has mold, white spots ,and fadind.


09:30PM | 04/30/13
What part of the country do you live in?


01:44AM | 05/14/13
Sorry about all the problems. But I thank you for the info. Was going to by Choicedek and read the nightmares, and then read about Trex here ... I guess it is going to be wood decking and a good stain and seal to protect it.


06:40PM | 05/15/13
Currently wrestling with Trex "specialists" about white spotting on my mother's Trex benches and railings. She replaced her 1980 wooden ones in October 2007 with Trex Accent in Winchester Gray. Looked great, weathered nicely until this year, when virtually every horizontal and vertical surface developed white spots. Unlike other posters here there's no sign of black mold. I washed off a year's worth of pollen and dirt with the officially recommended mild dish detergent, medium-soft bristle brush, and water from the garden hose with one of those extra pressure nozzles on it. Hardly a power wash by any stretch of the imagination.

After waiting through 3 Customer Service calls I was referred to a so-called Specialist, who at least gave me an e-mail address to send the photos to (I had taken some with my cell phone). Despite his assurances that I would hear from someone promptly it's been 24 hrs. and no response, not even a courtesy email to let me know who had received mine and was working on it.

The white spots disappear when the Trex is wet but reappear when it dries. You can't feel them as being any different from the rest of the surface with your finger or fingernail. They don't seem to be ON the Trex so much as part of it. Still waiting to find out if we can power wash this Trex Accent or not; online advice is conflicting and none of the techs I spoke with yesterday could figure it out without "more research".

Meanwhile, the same year my mother had her Trex Accent built, we had our deck railing tops replaced with Evergrain. None of the contractors I interviewed for the job would touch Trex, and the Evergrain is still performing as advertised. A light wash once or twice a year (by hand & brush or garden hose & brush) cleans it up nicely, the color fade was no more or less than advertised, and there's been none of the cupping and warping in the hot CA sun that we had with the wooden rail tops. Absolutely NO mold, moss, or anything of that nature even underneath. Both our Evergrain and my mother's Trex are under oak trees, so if the white spotting was caused by tree resin it should have turned up by now on our Evergrain in CA.

Photo shows a portion of my mother's bench.
Photo 5


09:02PM | 05/15/13
This decking is HORRIBLE. I don't even know how they can stay in business and continue to sell the product as it is not a sound or quality product. They do not offer much of anything in the way of of mitigating the wrong they have created. A reputable and ethical company would have a conscience and try to maintain public relations by rectifying the issue as well as offering to replace decks created out of their severe negligence. By the company offering a pittance to those of us that spent a great deal of money on their product in good faith that they would stand behind their product, they have failed us all both ethically and financially. They should be banned from all home maintenance stores, a total RECALL should be made and they should be forced to make right their wrongs.


08:12AM | 05/20/13
We just put our deck in and it already has small black spots. I can't believe I didn't read the reviews before investing in this.....


01:59PM | 05/20/13
My new deck ended up with a few spots where caulk got into the grooves. There is also a misting of overspray in a few spaces. Fired the painters & need to remedy the situation.


02:27PM | 05/25/13
I have had Trex for 8 years and only had to clean it once. NO MOULD OR MATERIAL FLAWS. I live in the southeast maybe it is the area of the country or framing material causing the problem, I used pressure treated wood for the framing. YES it does get hot but the no labor or staining every two years sure beats labor.


06:56PM | 05/29/13
I built a Trex deck in 2007 using the accents in saddle. Within 6 months the deck was covered in black mould that was impossible to remove. I was assured by Trex rep that it was not mould it was just pollens well the pollens would never come off no mater what I tried. I finally resorted to pressure washing it to remove most of the staining along with most of the accents texture. This product is complete junk and should be removed from store shelves


08:52PM | 06/03/13
Well that settles way am I buying Trex for my deck. Thank you all for the feedback.


08:36PM | 06/04/13
anybody know how to remover stucco slops off new decking? it's white colored stucco and dark brown trex. been on the deck boards about 3 months in the ca. sun and just does not want to come off. please , any suggestions? we have about 1600 sq. feet of it; big problem


08:39PM | 06/04/13
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anybody know how to remover stucco slops off new decking? it's white colored stucco and dark brown trex. been on the deck boards about 3 months in the ca. sun and just does not want to come off. please , any suggestions? we have about 1600 sq. feet of it; big problem


02:38PM | 06/06/13
I live in Oregon and the block spotting appeared after only 1 year. I've tried bleach & mild cleaning products but they don't do much to help. The deck looks cleaner, but the spots still persist. What cleaning products work best? This is a new home with a 10 year warranty. Has anyone successfully gotten coverage under that warranty?
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