12:42PM | 05/08/14
We moved into our house nine years ago with new Trex. We are now on our second installation. Trex provided us with materials since it was flaking and was no longer the saddle color. Of course, we had to pay for installation AGAIN. The people are rude from Trex, the Rich Doss Trucking company that they provided could not come up with stock after making an appointment after five weeks. PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor and do not buy Trex. It is only good old nature made wood for me!


04:51PM | 07/22/14
I tried this stuff and it worked pretty well, Spray and Clean Deck Cleaner


01:04AM | 08/07/14
I have built 70 homes in Arizona with Trex the oldest was built in 2006 we have not had one dime of problems with anyone of them


05:48PM | 08/08/14
I installed 500 sf of Trex Accents Saddle composite decking for a client in April of 2013. Within 6 months it started to mildew. The client cleaned the deck with the Trex recommended deck cleaner and it stayed clean for about a week. Then the mildew stains returned.

I contacted my supplier who put me in touch with their Trex rep. The rep walked me through the process of making a claim. We sent all of the paperwork, sent them samples of the material we used, took photos...they flat out denied the claim.

I will NEVER use Trex products again.


03:56PM | 11/18/14
A trex deck I had installed approx. 7 years ago at my mothers home in Washington state has not only discolored, molded, warped,and peeled, it is disentegrating into sawdust. In total, this deck cost me $20,000.00!! Trex is offering to replace the materials! and give me .18 per foot towards the cost of construction. Me living out of state, (in California) my mother passing away in Nov of 2010 has put me into a position of traveling back and forth, checking on the status of this deck. Sooooo now I have to pay to have this deck removed, and this deck replaced due to their faulty product. I am out $20,000.00 no matter which way I go. Advice??
Downsized 0905141024a


04:28PM | 03/28/15
Has anyone painted there composite deck and what product did you use


11:08AM | 05/01/15
Our 12 x 24 ft. deck started molding within a year-it took 21/2 yrs of persistence but our Lowes got involved and I did get a refund for just the boards- no labor refund or railing refund-but a little was better than nothing. Dealing with Trex was a joke-they could have cared less about anything-I would never recommend trex to anyone. Our deck is 6 yrs old and we just put another coat of stain on-our 3rd time-to cover the spots that show up again. So much for no/low maintenance that convinced us to get this in the beginning. I am sad for all who have the same problems-but please be persistant and keep bugging Trex, your contractor, or store you bought it from-it may help in the end.


11:12AM | 05/01/15
Sherwin Williams has a deck stain for composite and they were the most helpful-but it will probly have to be done every couple hrs if you have mold showing-


11:21AM | 05/01/15
Sherwin Williams has a deck stain for composite and they were the most helpful-but it will probly have to be done every couple hrs if you have mold showing-


06:34PM | 05/01/15
I got really lucky that the contractor I found on actually told me about this tendency that Trex has before I bought it. He saved me a lot of headache!


02:54PM | 05/18/15
You haven't seen mold on A TREX decking until you have seen mine, 1200 square foot of decking pretty much have to be replaced and TREX will not take responsibility. The only thing they can tell me is to replace the deck with their new boards. Do they think I'm going to get screwed twice?


11:40PM | 08/25/15
We had three decks made with trex just over six years ago and they now look a total mess. It looks nothing like the original color, and doesn't resemble wood at all. The top of the handrails are growing a green hairy substance that looks like grass, intermingled with black patches. We are so disappointed with this product. I filled in a claim a couple of weeks ago with photos. Joseph Trink the file manager called me today and said there doesn't appear to be an issue with flaking, so Goodbye and have a nice day!!!! Is there any chance we can file another law suit. We bought this product because of its low maintenance promise and now left with the expense of replacing them.


01:44PM | 08/26/15
Is mold still an issue with Trex? Does all composite decking have their problems? We are just days away from building a new deck, when I came upon this site. I fear doing it with composite material now.


05:42PM | 10/23/15
Member Since: 01/21/09
7 lifetime posts
Bleach is horrible for composite decks (and the environment). The previous posts about it and oxalic acid are pretty accurate. I am a chemist and work with composite decks. You may create a worse problem than you had and possibly ruin your expensive deck if you use bleach or acids. Look for a non bleach cleaner. There are also treatments to help protect the deck from mold/mildew and other stains (dont use a coating/paint or you will be in for a lot of work every couple years). We love a product called resist mist for composite decks ( Works for several years and recommended by some big deck manufacturers for remove mold, mildew stains from a composite deck. The images in this post are exactly what the product was designed to help eliminate. Like one of the previous members, we are working to create awareness that bleach is bad for composite decks and docks.


02:33PM | 10/29/15
I wish we knew about this stuff years ago... We are here in sunny Florida and the mold on our deck was absolutely out of control! After a last ditch effort, we contacted a company, Rhino Hide, that Trex recommended. They have a non-bleach cleaner and a protectant to prevent mold from coming back. This stuff literally saved us from replacing the whole deck. I'm not sure if it will help with the chipping but it worked miracles for our mold problem...
Best of luck to you all.


01:05AM | 04/10/16
BV005253, it so apparently obvious to all that you either work for or have an interest in the Trex products. I have been a general contractor in California for 20+ years and it is a known and ongoing joke in the industry that Trex is crap. No contractor I know installs this stuff. So stop lying and helping this company intrap more victims


03:43PM | 04/24/16
We have Trex decking that is 12 years old now and we wish we never bought it. It is faded, covered in some kind of white solid "stuff" underneath the deck, and it has swollen which in turn has caused all the pressure treated joyces to rot. This product gets so hot in the Summer that you can burn the bottom of your feet and it smells like burning plastic.


05:51PM | 09/24/16
I finally gave up and used a combination of bleach and bathroom cleaner sprayed on and then cleaned within 5 minutes using a power washer. The results are perfect. There is no fade on the surface and I finally got ride of all the black mold that I could not get ride off just power washing for the last three years. My deck is partially covered by a portico and faces east but is also shaded by some tall trees so I don't get a lot of long direct light. Live in North NJ. I found this solution the best> I also have a boat and mold and mildew cannot be removed with out the use of a bleach based product even on vinyl interiors


05:22AM | 06/19/17
Initially started with mildew and black mold. I wasn't able to clean it completely and the deck looked like the color was bleached out. In addition, the deck has a orange colored fungus looking growth. it seems like it is growing from within. It not removed immediately and if allowed to dry, you need a putty knife to scrape it off. I ended up painting the deck in hopes to seal the surface. In part it worked, but wherever I missed like areas by the deck screw, the fungus will grow. I contacted Trex and filed a warranty claim. Now I'm waiting to hear from them.


01:15PM | 07/28/18
Can you paint or stain Trex composite decking that has a lot of black mole.
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